Friday, June 23, 2006

Ché, The Latin American Opinion.

Today as I was hard at work in my studies of Castellano, the topic of Ché Guevera came up in class. As a result, the ideology of liberalism. As I have stated many times in my other blogs (in other locations in this virtual world), Latin America contrary to popular belief is more conservative than what most "Yanquis", Americans think.

The exercise we were discussing was the verb form of thePreteríto. In this, the example was a poem by Augusto Monterroso about "The Black Sheep" (La Oveja Negra). I shall not recite the work as it really has no bearing on this blog entry's discussion. However during the course of the class, we were asked by the professor about the "Black Sheep" of our respective countries. To give you the dynamics of the class the break down is: Japanesese (2 young male adults), 1 Austrian (female young adult), Brazilians (2 young male adults), 1 Brit (young adult female), 1 American (myself, 30 something redneck), and our professor 40+ female Argentine. Now to set the record straight, the US is, as a rule the most conservative country in this list concerning most matters. Given the ages of those present in today's class, one would think there would have been quite a lively conversation and differing opinions. However this was not the case. In fact those that had expressed their thoughts all were agreeing with each other. The only ones whom had not voiced themselves were the Japanese, for they knew not of the subject in question (Ché).

Sadly, we all have come to the same conclusion about many in today's society, regardless of the location, when it comes to the knowledge about Ché, they do not understand this man. That is those that profess their love and adoration to him .... in all honesty do not know this man's deeds. They know not of who he is or was, much less what he had stood for. All they know is that he is somewhat related to "REVOLUTION". What this revolution was about they know not. Mind you the majority of these folks are all in their late teens and early to mid twenties. Guillermina (bless her heart) my ever so patient linguistics master, and I are the elders of this group, therefore having a much different view on life than the other participants. Yet to my surprise, and delightful it was, those of the younger generation from the countries of the more left leaning governments are becoming more and more conservative. Yes my fellow parasites on this rock, there is a flame flickering its light of hope upon the future.

I thought that I was going to get blasted when I said that when Ché's adventures started out they were honorable. This in relation to his humanitarian medical aide in other countries. Yet later in his career of exploration in the world's wonders of civilization, he truned into a power hungry leech on the world. I even referred to him as "Hijo de *%$&" in class. Excluding the vulger word of course as I had here. No one objected to this assertation of the pest known as Ché. In fact they added to this statement by recounting how people all over only look to him as a "Pop Icon". That and only destructive movements use his image as an expression of dissent, such as the anarchists.

So fear not people, although I am far from my beloved United States, and living in a land chock full of Lefturds, they are a new crop of conservatives joining the current ranks of us, the older generations of the decent and moral thinking. This younger generation spanning the globe is a welcoming sign of the times that is showing the misguided generation of the hate and discontent of the left is rapidly failing in its search for new recruits. If any one person that is known to the left as an icon it's Ché. When even these yong people do not like him, then that is a good sign and productive in the correct movement against the left.

Remeber folks, just like the image says, he is dead. He got what every terrorist deserves... death! This is just one more of history's examples of how to deal with a terrorist.



At 6/24/2006 4:07 AM, Blogger Doghouse said...

Whenever I see a kid walking around on campus with one of those Che shirts on I want to walk up and slap him in the head.

I have seen a few people wearing the "Commies Aren't Cool" t-shirts, though. I had the picture on the desktop of my laptop for a while, too.


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