Sunday, June 25, 2006

Some News: Generalized Islamic Nastiness

Today's episode of the meat-chewer's blog will be based all on Islam today. Following each section shall be a short commentary from yours truly.

Osama’s former sex slave writes for TV

Kola Boof, the former sex slave of Al Qaeda leader, Osama
bin Laden, is writing for the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives.

The TV network is already trying to distance itself from the new
hire, according to reports by The show’s executive
producer Stephen Wyman says: “Yes, Kola Boof has had writing
assignments from Days of Our Lives since May. However, she does not
hold a staff position with our writing team.”

In 2003, Boof had to pull her son out of school after rumours were
spreading that bin Laden was his father. Boof claims that she was held
prisoner and was forced to have sex with bin Laden in 1996 when she was
pursuing an acting career in North Africa. She adds that he raped her
and forced her to live with him for four months at a hotel in Morocco.
She escaped to Spain and in 1998 bin Laden threatened to kill her after
reading her book of poetry, which was critical of Islam. She has also
been marked for death by the Sudanese-based National Islamic Front in
response to her writings condemning slavery in Sudan and the
ill-treatment of African women.

With the Left's oh so touchy feely sensibilities, why are they not making this a big deal. One would think with all the feminists in the left's ranks they would. One would think we would hear "We Saved This Poor Wretched Soul From The Devil's Grasp", or something like this. But nooooo, instead they choose to hide this woman instead of propping her up as one that was in the claws of death and escaped with her life. I say she has more balls that any one of those head haunchos at that network. Here she is living with death hanging over her head while they and the rest of MSM gleefully pander to the terrorists. One word fits them.... Lefturds!

Is ‘Muslim blood flowing everywhere’? — Khaled Ahmed’s Review of the Urdu press

The latest dominant trait of the Muslims is victimhood. They think they
are being persecuted and killed everywhere in the world. They want the
world to take notice of this while the Muslims as a rule feel nothing
about those outside the umma who suffer. The feeling of victimhood has
something to do with the expatriate Muslims’ inability to integrate
among host societies and their dissatisfaction with their own states.

I really have profound sense of sympathy for them. Honestly I do. They are victims. Victims of their own doing. More often than not, they kill each other more than they kill a non-muslim. They bring upon themselves more hate and discontent from their own deeds than what there has been every some sort of prejudice placed upon them. They say and do the exact opposite of whatever culture them may intend to migrate to. Then when they "feel" rejected they wonder why. Perhaps the best thing for these suffering Muslims is that they return to their backwards countries and live there where they are openly accepted for their nastiness they bring. After all, the West is civilized.

Come to Londonistan, our refuge for poor misunderstood Islamist victims

ACCORDING TO REMARKS attributed in the past few days to security
sources, no fewer than 1,200 Islamist terrorists are biding their time
within British suburbs. Yet does Britain even now fully understand the
nature of the threat it is facing, let alone have the will to deal with

The recent report by the Commons Intelligence Committee on last July’s
London bombings barely scratched the surface of the failure by the
security establishment. It failed to note, for example, Britain’s dirty
little secret: that from the 1990s, Islamist radicals had been
given free rein in Britain in a “gentlemen’s agreement” that if they
were left alone, they would not turn on the country that was so
generously nurturing them. The result was “Londonistan”, as Britain became the hub of al-Qaeda in Europe.


The problem lies in a refusal to acknowledge that Islamist extremism is rooted in religion. Instead, ministers and security officials prefer to think of it as a
protest movement against grievances such as Iraq or Palestine, or
“Islamophobia”. They simply ignore the statements and signs that show
unequivocally that the aim is to Islamicise the West.

In large measure, this is the outcome of a profound loss of cultural
nerve. The doctrines of multiculturalism and minority rights,
themselves the outcome of a systematic onslaught by the British elite
against the country’s own identity and values, have paralysed the
establishment, which accordingly shies away from criticising any
minority for fear of being labelled as bigoted.
London is but just one of the places in Eurabia that has felt and is feeling the oppression of Islam. Yet the muslims are Feeling mistreated and abused. Should we cry for them? I certianly will not! Throughout its history Islam, has not been peaceful, why should we believe it is peaceful now? Sorry, this "ole boy" didn't fall off the "tater Truck" yesterday. Onward to more dasterdly deeds by Muslims and the countries that support them.


The Swedish elite don’t come out and say that rape by foreigners is all
right. They just ignore the rapes by foreigners and in that they are
saying all is well in Sweden. However, that is not fact.
Further, the police have sided in with the Swedish elite in acting as
if there is normalcy in Sweden when in truth Muslim hoodlums are taking
over the country.
"The official explanation given by Swedish authorities to this increase
is that much of it is a ‘technical’ increase due to the fact that more
victims of rape now report this crime to the police. There is not a
hint of evidence for this explanation. On the contrary, intimidation of
people reporting any kind of crime to the police has rapidly worsened
in Sweden during the same time period.
"Threats against witnesses in Swedish court cases quadrupled between
2000 and 2003 alone. Besides, there is a lack of trust among the
general public in the efficiency of their police force. Street violence
of all kinds is soaring on a national level.
Now if this doesn't just PISS YOU OFF, than not much will. This is but just another reason why Liberalism does not work. It also adds weight to the imigration problems. What is really troublesome for me to wrap my mind around is... why the hell is the government siding with the criminals? Do I hear a call a call for vigilantism coming? I know if that was my daughter, sister, freind, wife, lover, neighbor.... whatever, I would be hunting those bastards down with a vengence. Of course this only exasperbates the general lawlessness that is increasing.


Attacked by her own family, one Muslim’s decision to convert to
Christianity highlights the precarious situation of Muslims in Pakistan
who leave their faith.
Sehar Muhammad Shafi, 24, has fled her home city of Karachi with her
husband and two young daughters after being attacked and raped for
changing her faith.
With help from the Center for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement, the
Christian couple has relocated to another city. But as long as Shafi
and her family remain in Pakistan, they must hide the truth of Shafi’s
Well they are being nice to this woman. They usually just KILL those that leave the faith. Sounds more like the Mafia instead of a "peaceful religion".

EXCLUSIVE: Shall we stand up to defend our culture?

Growing up in Eastern Europe during the 1980s was an unforgettable
experience. Every day ominous voices of people on the street and a
stern man in the TV set tirelessly talked about the swift and merciless
advance of the American Culture, which – as sure as the Judgment Day
coming – was going to swallow up the Slavic traditions and transform us
into burger-loving coach potatoes listening to Michael Jackson,
watching soap operas, and discussing the latest news brought to us by
the tabloids from the nearest newsstand.

Some twenty years have passed, the Soviet Bloc broke up into newly
indepdendent states with varying degrees of rights, freedoms and
democratic development. We have indeed adopted some of the Western
traits and values, for, as it turned out, not only were they remarkably
simliar to our own ones, but they served as great means of personal
emancipation and development.


Unfortunately, the answer seems to become more and more obvious with
every passing day. Not only don’t the Western Nations – and this is
especially true of the European Union – attempt to fight the cultural
invasion facilitated by millions of Muslim immigrants that has flooded
their countries after WWII, but they actually seem to exhibit enviable
enthusiasm and willingness, when it comes to helping Islamics expand
their cultural and religious influence in the Dar Al-Harb.

Tariq Ramadan, the inventor and active pursuer of the doctrine of the
‘quiet takeover’ – according to which Islam will be established in
Europe by making it an integral part of everyday European (or, rather,
Eurabian) life – couldn’t be happier. He can relax in his cozy
professor’s chair behind the walls of the Oxford University in England
and watch how the European governments together with the mainstream
media will do his job for him.

Now if this article will not make you think about what the MSM and such groups like CAIR are doing the in US then you are without a doubt... braindead. This little essay shows just some of the dangers that being too trusting and welcoming of other cultures into your homeland can do.

As with all my links that I present in a blog entry, I strongly urge you to follow them to the source and read the full text.


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At 6/25/2006 12:53 PM, Blogger CarpiJugulum said...

Lets look at this blog. Carnivore is to polight on most of his comments. Let me set tact and niceties aside.

1)Kola Boof is not being celebrated by the leftist because she does not exprexx or sound off oin their beliefs. Instead of playing the victem forever she has taken hold of her life and decided to do what she can to improve and move foward. This the feminazis can not stand. Only if she were to play up the victem aspect would they then come to her side.

2)Sympathy for those who at the base of their nature want to put an end to western life and culutre? Come now Carnivore really. Not one of these camel hearders is really suffering under any oppression in the west where they now choose to live. From enjoying a protective privlaged status in Europasia they are slowly but surely inacting sharia law and getting away with it.
They are twisting and spinning the system to their advantage with the aid of low life ambulance chasers.

3)London will soon see a backlash from its own staunch citizenry who will be fed up with thier rights disappearing under sharia law. As a matter of fact manny in the younger generation are turning to facisim (unfortunately ) to save their western way of life.

4) Sweden has always been a country of nonaction. They have such a liberal look to things that as long as money is coming in from an overhigh tax base they will ignore murder. Rape is the same as murder as it is such a vile and low crime. There may still be a few vikings left that will stand up for the women of sweden, however there will be no help from any islamic moderate. See when a muslim commites a crime against an infidel there is no crime commited in the eyes of Islam. Only if it happens against another muslim is there a crime..

5) A prime example of no crime commited once this lady converted to Christianity she nolonger has any status in the islamic world ... there fore rape and even murdr of her for her beliefs are acceptable. Se will have to take her familiy to a far western country to escape repete offenses against her and her own.

6)Defense of their Western ways? Absloutley not untill they are under complete sharia law will they do anything about it. The hatred of America by the left is so deep in Europe that they will cut off thier noses to spite thier faces. Unfortunately under sharia law this may not be just an expression. By the time the once Christian populance of Europe realizes their mess and cries to America for help and salvation it may be to late as we may not be able to aid them as they did not put it in spanish, and our own barrios will be celebrating cinco de mayo in the hollowed halls of what once was the nations capitol Washington.

At 6/25/2006 1:09 PM, Blogger Carnivore said...

Ahh.. good to see you picked up on the intent of the blog. I had not made it too ladden with saracasm this time.

Thanks for you Commets!


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