Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Immigration and National Security

Today as I was processing some of the news and reading some other articles, I came upon some headlines. These headlines found in the World Net Daily make the comparison of ancient Rome and its fall and how our elected officials are timid and weak due to fears of being called racists.

Western civilization faces a threat on par with the barbarian invasions that destroyed the western Roman Empire in the 5th century, warns one of Britain's most senior military strategists.


Parry, head of the development, concepts and doctrine center at Britain's Ministry of Defense, delivered the warnings at a conference last week of senior officers and industry experts.


Lawmakers in Britain have made ancient Rome a serious subject of discussion this year, the London paper noted, including a book and television series by parliamentary deputy Boris Johnson drawing parallels between the European Union and the Roman Empire.
Various regions of Europe, Parry said, are threatened by factors such as radical Islam, agricultural decline, booming youth populations, water shortages and rising sea levels.
He believes that from 2012 to 2018 the current global power structure likely will crumble as a result of "irregular activity" such as terrorism, organized crime and "white companies" of mercenaries burgeoning in lawless areas.

Is this not also the same fate the US is presented with as well. With our porous borders and unhampered illegal immigration it's easy to condemn the US to this fate. These statements seem to be in line with what has been predicted and is currently happening in Europe today. According to a Times UK article titled Migrant Ghettos Anger Germany local schools are in dire straights due to the unruliness of its pupils. Many of whom have ties to Islamic cultures of Turkey and the Arabic world. What the article fails to say, is that many of the hoodlums are actually Muslims. In the recent news, a poll was reported to show that Germans on becoming less and less tolerant of the immigrants (and Muslims in particular). The piece did have a very strong point to make and that is: " In France, Nicolas Sarkozy, the interior minister, last week invited those who were 'uncomfortable' living there 'not to feel uncomfortable about leaving'". I agree with this statement. After all, I too, am an immigrant. I am expected to assimilate into my surrounding culture, yet I still keep my distinct "Americanism" about me. The fact remains that unchecked, unsupervised, and unhampered migration into ones country causes havoc. A Yale Global Online essay sets forth three causes for anti-immigration sentiments. They are: "first, the total number of immigrants; second, the pace at which they come; and third, a sense of economic insecurity in the local population". They tell us further on in their explanation with more details such as "One out of every 35 persons on is a migrant - international immigration is a fact growing. " and "'Some would argue that there is a threshold in Europe, say, around 10 percent of the population. And above that threshold, intolerance gets out of control. But more important than the total size of the population is the rate of increase and under what conditions, how fast it has happened"'. They tell us further on in their explanation with more details such as: "One out of every 35 persons on is a migrant - international immigration is a fact growing. " and "'Some would argue that there is a threshold in Europe, say, around 10 percent of the population. And above that threshold, intolerance gets out of control. But more important than the total size of the population is the rate of increase and under what conditions, how fast it has happened"'. Once again this does not tell us, the readers, what the percentage is, or what the major ethno-religous group is. Nonetheless, it is a worthy piece of information. Now the Airforce Magazine Online gives us a better perspective of the coming future in a article dated July of 2005. This clearly states the much of Europe's problems are due to the sharp increase of immigrants. Not just any immigrant mind you, but the Muslim one. This is particular alarming; considering even the most tolerant of nations, such as the Netherlands are seeing a massive upheaval of anti-immigrant groups. Author Peter Grier does an excellent portrayal without too much biasedness in relaying to us that one reason for the population boom in Europe is in fact the immigration. He said:

What is important, say analysts, is not so much the raw population totals but
rather the demographic trends. Over the last 30 years, European's Muslim
population has more than doubled, and its growth rate continues to accelerate.
Current projections hold that the number of Muslims living in Europe might
double again by 2015.

One major reason: immigration. Upward of 900,000 legal
immigrants enter Europe each year; most of them are Muslim. The same is true of
for­eigners immigrating illegally into Europe, estimated to number 500,000
per year.
Immigration is only one factor in the emergence of Islamic Europe,
however. In Muslim communities already there, high birth rates are the norm.

The statements later that should catch your interest the most is the reference to "internal Jihad". That is, that it is represented by those acts of destruction caused by the terrorists. This was proven on European soil more than once. In fact it was in 1996 that Spain sought out to find Muslim "radicals" (let's be honest ... Terrorists) on its soil. It is plain to see that the Islamic problem had not started with just 9-11. Now this brings us back to the second article I named earlier about the elected ones being timid and weak. California's ex-governor Pete Wilson said, "I think a great many Republicans have been intimidated, and I, frankly, am quite disappointed". Well I will go one more step in saying that all of the government has turned into a virgin steer. Where are these people's cajones? This man at least sees that it is properfor those expecting to/and migrate/migrating to the United States follow the rules of process. He is showing, for the majority of congressmen/women, they are just becoming "appeasers" to those breaking the law and endagering the national security. OK everyone that wishes to be light-handed and turn a blind eye away from our open borders..... Place a big scarlet letter "A" on your bosom for APPEASER. Perhaps you should read what Ayaan Hirsi Ali had to say about free flowing immigration and especially the Islamic kind in an interview with the Times UK.

Ali is compelling. But if her fervour is her strength, it is also her weakness, alienating the very liberals she should court. Throughout our afternoon together, she brands those who fail to stand up to “the historical mistake of radical Islam” as “the appeasers”. And she uses “appeasers” pointedly. When she was forced to leave her flat, she reflected: “My neighbours confirm the critical view that very few Dutch were brave enough to stand up to the Nazis.” True, perhaps, but not a way to win friends.
She is surely right that “appeasers” so fear being called “racist” they would rather let Muslim women in Europe live in submission. But the modern-day Nazis are not just the Islamo-fascists. There are plenty of whites keen to attack innocent Muslims. And the “appeasers” would claim these are the people they are trying to protect. Still, if Europe is no longer big enough for Ali, we are all in trouble. It is sad that the home of the Enlightenment can no longer cope with her right to free speech.

In short, be liberal and all touchy feely types and get attacked. Be conservative and fight those that wish you and yours harm. To think this comes from someone that is fairly liberal and a former Muslim to boot. To refresh your memory, the name, Theo Van Gogh. The film director that had a knife plunged through his heart with a note attached by an adoring muslim fan. That note was also addressed to the above mentioned Lass. Now this obviously, somewhat informed lady makes a valid point ... those politically correct folks are just too leery of speaking out against this evil we face ... are afraid of being labeled a racist... and the name of the ultimate evil we face as a civilization is....... In regards to the national security and having wide-open, and uncontrolled borders; combined with lax INS officials, opens the flood gates for one major enemy to the US..... ISLAM.

My friendly readers you may be questioning as to why I lay this information out to you; yet have not really discussed how this all ties together. Good question. I pose to you this question ... Have you ever thought about the threats coming from Central and South America in the form of Islamic Terrorism? If you have not then perhaps you should.

Many people take for granted Latin America. Many view it as just some third world dung heap with a few rabble rousers. Well have you forgotten when Argentina had its own terrorist attacks? Perhaps you have not heard of them. Here is the information on them now.

March 17, 1992, the Israeli Embassy, Catholic Church and a nearby School....All destroyed. This day the victims of said blast were: 29 dead, 242 wounded, mostly natives. To this day it is the deadliest attack on any Israeli mission of diplomacy. July 18, 1994, AMIA building (Argentine Israelite Mutual Association) a seven story structure reduced to rubble in seconds. The same type of bomb that Timothy McVey used in Oklahoma City.

Many people are under the impression that it is soley the United States and other western countries that involved with the current military actions in A-stan and Iraq as being the reason for terrorism. Well then tell me, what had Argentina done to have such horror brought upon it? The answer: NOTHING. It is simply because of the radicals in the religion/cult of Islam itself that provoked the attack. You may be interested in knowing whom to blame for such a deed. His name: Imad Mugniyeh. You may remember him from more well known works as:Mugniyeh is said to have been responsible for the deaths of more Americans than any living person prior to al-Qa'ida's attack on the US on September 11, 2001. His operatives bombed the US embassy in Beirut in 1983, killing 63 people. Six months later, he directed a suicide bombing of a Marine Corps barracks in Beirut that killed 241 Americans. He is also held responsible for the torture killing of a CIA station chief in Lebanon as well as the bombing of the Israeli embassy and a Jewish community centre in Buenos Aires in the 1990s, successful attacks that took scores of lives and established his reputation as a formidable terrorist capable of executing attacks outside the Arab world.

Here you can look upon the face of death. As you can see this man has quite the career in mayhem and generalized destruction of civilization. He is wanted in several countries for his deeds, but you may wonder what his tie is to Latin America. Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. This is the common factor for this man in said region. It is the tri-country border area where there is almost non-existent, to impotent as best law enforcement/security. A region dominated by crime, mafias, drug cartels, and yes Islamic fanatics. La Cuidad Del Este (The City of The East) is the most proffitable place for such plagues of humanity to thrive. In this area you are able to find a wide array of social cancers such as: FARC (a Colombian drug terrorist group), Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and numerous other local criminal organizations. Ok, you know who is there, and that this city lay next to the tri-country border, but what is this area like in terms layout? This area is a dense jungle. A beautiful place to visit, but only with a guide to the typical tourist attractions, like the waterfalls at Iguazu. The New Yorker published a good article that will give you some more insight into the situation. In it, it states:

The sidewalks are dense with stands selling sunglasses and perfume, and with
tables of pornographic videos. Marijuana is sold openly; so are pirated CDs. The
music of Eminem came from one shop; from another, there were sounds familiar to
me from South Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley—martial Hezbollah music. I bought a
cassette recording of the speeches of Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah's


Like Hezbollah, Al Qaeda does considerable fund-raising in Ciudad del Este, investigators told me, and they named the Al Qaeda point men as Ali Nizar Dahroug and his uncle. Ali Dahroug is in jail in Ciudad del Este awaiting trial on tax-evasion charges; his uncle is a fugitive.

I suggest you read the entire article. A CNN article tell its readers much of the same thing. In fact, contrary to popular belief, the Latin American community is actively fighting against terrorism alongside the US and the rest of the civilized world.

"We had intelligence that pointed to increased terrorist activity," said Miguel
Toma, who runs SIDE, the Argentine equivalent of the U.S. CIA. "It is not
unrealistic that there could be some action to prevent or to react to an attack
on Iraq. So we need to react because of the global conflict."
indications of the threat came from intelligence sources in the Middle East, who
told CNN of a new terrorist effort aimed at U.S. and Israeli interests and
coordinated by a man named Imad Mugniyeh.
The sources say Mugniyeh --
working from his bases in Iran and Hezbollah-controlled areas of Lebanon -- is
directing the activities of terrorists in South America, planning to hit U.S.
and Israeli targets if the United States attacks Iraq, or if Israel is drawn
into the conflict.

Notice that this article is dated 2002. Never the less, this still proves to true today. This shows that there terrorist cells here in Latin America. Yet our governing officials do not pay any mind to this. They feel that an "open borders amnesty" immigration policy is the way to go. They are failing the US and the rest of the free world (being as we are the leaders of such) in this duty. It is not racist to look after ones own home. They are not doing this and putting everyone at risk in the mean time. Do we want to be as the British are, looking like idiots with immigrants seeking amnesty (asylum) only to find out they are terror suspects. Hmm I don't want to be. More than 230 terror suspects free to stay in Britain

To read more on these issues follow the links.

1. Cherokee Sentinel Links between different organizations (Hamas, FARC, Hezbollah, Al-Qeada)

2. Frontpage Indepth look at Latin America and terrorism

3. Haaretz Iran's involvement to the bombings in Buenos Aires

4. The Australian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad meets with Imad Mugniyeh

5. Australia/Israel Review More Iranian ties to Imad Mugniyeh

As You can see our borders are wide open, and there are strong connections to terrorists. The question now is.... Do you feel any safer today knowing this and what our government is doing (or the lack there of) with the immigration issue?

Have a good day.



At 6/14/2006 10:37 PM, Anonymous Laura Harkins said...

You certainly did a great job on this post hubby. It sounds scary to say the least. The comparison to the Roman Empire and it's fall takes one to the reflection and to think that it makes perfect sense. Oh well, people who have faith, like myself, pray for the terrorists, islamofascists and all that crap to be defeated and finished as soon as possible. I really hope to leave to my son a much better world than this crazy one we're living in.

At 6/15/2006 12:12 AM, Blogger HonestAbe said...

Boy you put a chunk to chew on here. That carnivore name sticks well. I think I might have a link or two stashed away that I'll add here later.

Funny how the "facts" seem to get confused in the media. I'm just curious, do you think that the congress just doesn't get this threat, or do you think greed may make some turn a blind eye.

I hope it's ignorance, or like laura said, we may need to do a bunch of praying.

At 6/15/2006 8:46 AM, Blogger Carnivore said...

My view on Congress is that many are just plum greedy. whether be for the green backs, or just the power that the positions provide. Others are just blind to the threat or unwilling to see it in its ugly truth. There are (I assume) but just a handful that are wide awake and speaking out about this stuff. The worst thing is that we have had cuddy border security for ages now, and not just Bush is to blame. They have been this way since thenation was born. Now speaking as just a transplaced redneck I can see the problem and put it out to the public, even if my writing is not at times completely fluid and coherent. Why can't the media do this....of course the answer is.... no balls and they are in fact cheering fo the "away" team.

At 6/15/2006 8:55 AM, Blogger CarpiJugulum said...

Excellent posting, however I would have made the comparison of outsourseing our industrial might to the romans hireing barbarian mercs to fill the ranks of the legions.

It just isnt conjecture that our politicians are afraid of being called racists or homophobic. The pandering going on from both sides of the isle is stomache wrenching.

In the pursuit of votes, being legal and ilegal, fraudulant or not. Our politicians are no longer concerned with serving their constituants but rather for them it is what can the constituants do for them. Totally backwards from what it should be.As what Roman Senators did towards the end of the Roman empire.

History so often repeats itself. If you look to Europe in the 13 and 14 hundreds you will see mass migration of Islam and its followers into Europe. This resettlement (or to use a politically correct term ... mass migration instead of the invasion it was) was soon followed with clashes/armed conflict by Muslims against their Christian host countries. An attempt to convert the world at that time from Christianity to Islam. There is no differance from then to now.

If our elected officials do not do something about immigration now, we will fall further into the repeat history mode and yes as with Rome, fall from a leading nation to another third world conglomerate looking for its identity.

Rome allowed corruption to enter and aided in its own demise. We see this every day here as our spinless officials seek their own power base, lining thier pockets with wealth and perks. For them it is not what is best for the country but what is best for them.

Fortunately the few politicians who are standing strong on certain issues do not suffer the same fate as the Roman senators who were quietly taken away and executed. Now they are simply labled as what evefr in hopes of discrediting them.

At 6/15/2006 10:49 AM, Blogger Carnivore said...

Thanks for your inpput,
Tis always a pleasureto see that not all are blinded by the MSM and PC. You have only added more wieght to the post I made.


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