Sunday, June 25, 2006

Is There a Link to Iran & The Terrorists in Iraq?

According to the Telegraph there certainly seems to be. However in earlier reports from the Iraqi security services, they have said that many of the "insurgents" (lets call them what they really are:Terrorists) are coming from Iran. This particular mine is a very sophisticated one that has had some expertise in its making dealing with munitions. Now tell me kind readers, does this sound like the work of a few rag tag bumbling rag-heads to you, or does it sound like they are getting support from some other established country?

The mine pictured, has been machined. That means it is a precise weapon. Its force is directed towards the vehicles that utterly destroys the amour. Now from day one, the terrorists have been using devices to take out the vehicles that the troops have been using. Many on the Left have complained that troops died due the lack of amour. Well not even this armor is being rendered almost useless due to the upgrading of such killing devices. As in every age of war-fare, thee has always been the search for better protection against ballistics. First there were shields against arrows. Then came body armor to repel these in the form of leathers and metal amour. Now we use composite material to protect the fighting men. As always, amour protection is always in the rear when compared to the forces designed to breach this amour. This is in effect what we see here.

The question remains, do we honestly believe that the terrorists do not have any ties to other nations? I say if you believe that other nations such as, Iran are not helping them in Iraq and A-stan, then you are an idiot. This is just such of an example of this. This military hardware can not be produced by the terrorists themselves. They need a workshop that is stable to make such items. Now with the flow of the willing members of the Iranian population into Iraq, and the tension between the West and Iran, could we not make an educated assumption that this is in fact a reality? It is well known and accepted that most of the terrorists that fighting and killing not only the coalition forces, but the innocent Iraqi civilians are from other countries, so why would they not bring in with them such technologically more advanced items to help them in the spread of their disease commonly referred to as Jihad?

Point being, the war against terror is not just in Iraq, but all over the globe, and it is being fueled by countries like Iran, Egypt, Syria, Saudi, Turkey...... the list goes on and on. Now I wonder if the American press will pick up on this story?


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At 6/25/2006 9:46 PM, Anonymous Laura Harkins said...

My beloved husband as ussual you've made a fabulous job with this blog. I'm afraid you're fighting against a bunch of stupid lefturds and liberals that would rather lick Osama's balls than admit you are saying the truth. I am very proud of you though. Way to go hubby!


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