Monday, June 26, 2006

Some News, New & Old Alike.

First off the top of the list is something some soldiers say in regards to the naysayers republic of Leftinstan. The great county espousing the ideals of liberalism.

I received this comment from a former OIF troop over at my other blog at MSN in regards to the new documentation that was recently declassified. "I knew it was over there somewhere, one of the bunkers we stayed in tested positive for traces of serin gas. So we knew the stuff was moved at some point!!" Published By Mr_Sandman - 6/25/2006 5:01 AM.

This is but just one more of our heroes that have been wounded. You can not so much see his wounds in the physical manner, but mentally his is all but broken fighting to keep his life in order. He Suffers from PTSD. He is not a mind numb robot of either side but just says what he saw (mostly in poetry never in harsh details) and what his struggles are. Go over and tell "Hi!" if you get the chance.

The next piece is
talks about all the defeatism that the left spews forth in every military we undertake as a nation. This troop tells it how it was and still remains to this day how the left see things. This expert is just a teaser for you to read more.
A Marine sees what defeatists don't
By Ben Connable
"This is my third deployment with the 1st Marine Division to the Middle East. This is the third time I've heard the quavering cries of the talking heads predicting failure and calling for withdrawal."
Clearly one can see from this Marine's words that things are quite different than what the biased media says they are there. He recounts fewer losses in the initial phases that what he experienced with Desert Storm. "But war is never clean and simple. Mourning our losses quietly, the Marines drove to Baghdad, then to Tikrit, liberating the Iraqi people while losing fewer men than were lost in Desert Storm." This man's words say much in what little he write to USA Today. Got take a gander at it, for whatever I may write would only diminish his words.


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