Monday, June 19, 2006

Wounded Troop: Operation Christian Hope

I saw this touching plea for help over at Gateway Pundit's place. SSG Christian B. is having financial difficulties at this time and there is a fundraiser in the works to help this proven man of honor and valor. This man has given of himself to his country and to those wishing for freedom. Go over an read the full letter in his own words.

Here is a little excerpt of what is there.

In June of 2004 my reserve unit was called to active duty to fight the war on terror in Iraq. Like many other men my age I was excited to be involved in something bigger, something exciting. I'll admit that as we crossed the burm into Iraq from Kuwait I was terrified. In the weeks and months to come, feelings of fear soon shifted as we overcame insurgent attacks and adjusted to the fast paced lifestyle of being in a combat zone. Air assault missions became the new excitement for the platoon as we joined with Special Forces units in the area to root out the local insurgency. Village raids would be conducted in the shadows of the night, routinely called "snatch and grabs".


Here I am: broken, tired, and weak. How could I leave my new wife so soon? What have I done to her? My mind raced as I lay, my lungs and vocal chords strained, yet unwilling to cease their desperate cry. I began to pray. Outloud I frantically begged Jesus to forgive me of my sins one last time, to take away the unbearable pain that consumed my being. Over and over I cried out, hoping to be set free from my body..... I'm getting tired. The thought of falling asleep captivates me, everything else slipping away. Only the slaps of the men close to me bring me back to reality. It was obvious that I am hurt bad, really bad. I was almost starting to believe our medic - "everything is ok, it's not that big of a deal" until someone from another unit came up and blurted out "Holy Shit!"

Go over and lend a helping hand. With the times that we live in, this ought never to have happened. That is to say, that our heros of this land should never be the object of such a plea to help. However, since the times are as they are, remember each one of them and always lend a helping hand.



At 6/19/2006 9:36 PM, Blogger HonestAbe said...

I think this is a case where we should post as an alliance on this. I will post on this tomorrow.

By the way, Hersteree is actually 3 women, so they all have to agree before they would join us. But the writer you commented on is Cassandra and she joined up with me to post on Histeree Now. She appreciates your compliment and she posted today.


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