Monday, July 03, 2006

The New Yorkie Slimes

Oh the dedication that this publication has for the fishmongers most precious utility... fish wrap of course. Due to thier lack of intgrity and common sense, even other nations have taken upon themselves to look into the financial areas of the their respective countries. Today's news hot of the presses in Argentina, are reporting that there have been intrusions into the systems used by banks.
Denuncian espionaje a cuentas de diez bancos en la Argentina
Los movimientos de cuentas de losclientes de diez bancos extranjeros y nacionales en Argentina habríansido espiados por medio de dispositivos de alta tecnología similares a los utilizados por los servicios de inteligencia de los Estados Unidos, según una investigación privada difundida ayer en Buenos Aires.
El informe no menciona el nombre de las instituciones bancarias afectadas, pero detalla que el dispositivo utilizado para dichas operaciones de espionaje fue un interceptor digital de alta tecnología llamado Applied Signal Tecnology ATS modelo 128, como el usado por la Agencia de Seguridad Nacional de los Estados Unidos.
El espionaje bancario es ilegal sin previa autorización judicial, según la legislación local. También se menciona una nota publicada días atrás por el diario estadounidense The New York Times, en el que se afirma que la Agencia de Inteligencia estadounidense espiaba operaciones bancarias internacionales como parte de la lucha contra el terrorismo. Los técnicos argentinos detectaron que desde 2002 fueron objeto de espionaje transferencias, saldos bancarios, colocaciones de dinero y distintos tipos de pagos financieros realizados mayormente vía telefónica.

I wish to proclaim my deepest gratitude to The New Yorkie Terrorist Lap-Dog Slimes for promoting such a wonderful outlook upon the American populace, domestic and abroad. You have also disrupted a tool that has saved lives and prevented the camel jockies of the world wishing you and the rest of the free world death from doing harm. Now with your lovingly breech of security, you have instigated more problems. Due to this discovery, this intrusion into the banks accounts of tens banks here in Argentina, there will be judicial proceedings. This will only have negative ramifications to the relations of the United States and Argentina. Not to mention endanger those Americans, and Britons living within its borders. Do you hear that? An international disturbance due to the lack of responsibility. Now knowing the people and country (Argentina) here as I do, I am more that confident, but rather completely positive, that the people in charge would not have looked for such traces into the bank accounts if this story had not broken. I shall attempt to keep you updated on this as time goes by.

On a related front in consderation with The New Yorkie Terrorist Lap-Dog Slimes, I bet they would not report anything that is too disturbing about
Hugo Chávez like:

Pese a que aún no se ha concretado la negociación entre el gobierno ruso y el venezolano para la compra de 24 cazas Sukhoi 30 que anunció Venezuela a mediados de junio, los dos aviones representarán el negocio pendiente.
Venezuela compró 100.000 fusiles rusos AK-103 por 54 millones de dólares, además de 15 helicópteros a Rusia --seis MI-17, ocho MI-35 y uno MI-26--.
"Son aviones de paz para todo el pueblo venezolano"

Of course they would not report a military buildup from a person that supports and funds terrorist organizations such FARC. He enjoys the company of such nations like China, and Iran, and is in idol worship of Fidel Catro. Now with the cover blown on the financial network surveilence operations, Hugo will be more careful about how and where he funnels money, thus making it more difficult for the US to monitor his actions. This dangerous influence south of the border is one not to be dismissed, yet the left do this.

Thank you Infobea for this material.


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At 7/03/2006 8:45 PM, Anonymous Laura Harkins said...

Probably for those suckers of TNYT is much more important to sell more papers than their own country's security and the rest of civilized world's security which makes them a bunch of sons of a thousand bitchies! Good post hubby :D


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