Saturday, July 01, 2006

Another Great Muslim Day.

Well after a tiresome day of pissiness yesterday, I went around to find some more generalized Muslim deeds today. Mind you, these are not quite as graphic as what Saddam's regime portrayed in the video clip in the previous entry was, but still some are just as nasty.

From the good folks at MEMRI comes a look at some
pinheads talking about the falseness of the holocaust perpetrated in Nazi Germany. Once more they are intent on rewriting history and bowing down to Lebanon. Well at least the Lebanese had not sold out Zakky boy. It seems that even his own baby killers were ready to do him and his cronies in before we gave him a couple 500 pound headache pills.

Looks like the middle east has its own problems with those savage "other religions" spreading their vileness amongst the good followers of Muhamhead. The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has
the story. I am sure that those foreigners are doing their best to blend in and be critical of themselves so as not to disrupt the locals, unlike those displaced individuals in Europe. I guess they need to study more at Oxford.

Shakespeare could not have written a better tragedy. The Towel heads are up to their carefully
orchestrated events of fun for all the towns people in Pakistan. This is typical of the terrorist's playbook though, here take a look. Why they are so uptight is beyond me, after all.... we are all just family.

After catching up on old times, my cousin told me about a
lively chat he had with one of our distant relatives. Sadly to say, we just don't see eye to eye.

If you read only one link today, make it the last one.


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