Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thoughts on Conservatism

Conservatism. When many people hear that you are a conservative they seem to automatically have you put into a certain "box" of whom you are. This too is the same for being a liberal. Many times both groups look at those that stand in the middle as weak and spineless for not having a solid set view on issues. Well today I shall attempt to explore some of the bases of these thoughts and values. Perhaps even make some obvious desires of all beliefs as well.

***Education. This is a subject dear to all of our hearts. Without a populace that is educated than we all know the country will be in ruins in but mere a generation or two. Where the problem arises is how to deal with the education question.

A conservative thinks that yes, we do need to have schools, and that the government should have a small hand in them by providing a basic monetary donation and providing for laws governing the years by which such an education is expected for its populace. In more simpler terms, we give a set amount of the wholes taxes (a charity to society) and make laws saying that a person of set age is required to attend the school. We also expect that the teachers teach, and do not inject their own beliefs into the class room. We know that only those willing to learn will take an advantage to this, and will pursue a higher education in the future. While others will only waste this chance of bettering themselves. We accept the fact that not all people we apply themselves to learn basic tools such as reading, and writing and obtaining basic mathematical skills to count change at the local marketplace. We expect more local control and community involvement over governmental involvement. We expect that the community will hold the school accountable for its shortcomings and that money spent is not the answer to fixing all the problems.

A liberal thinks that yes, we do need to have schools, and that the governments should have a controlling hand in what they teach fully subsidized to the hilt. That all people are entitled to not only a basic level of knowledge, but also a free higher education. They do not believe that some are unwilling and unable to learn for one reason or another, but feel that all can be reached and perform with the highest standards of the day. Even if these standards must be lowered than what they used to be for a basic reading, writing and mathematical level. They feel that spending more money and initiating new programs will fix all that ails the system.

A moderate, well they lay somewhere in between and many times seem to be a convoluted mixture of both ideals. Perhaps on some issues it is the moderate with the best plan of action depending on the issues and situation at hand.

***The military.

Conservatives strive for a strong, highly advanced and powerful military that has the capability to not only to crush any opposition, but also to protect the country in the event of any attack. We will gladly spend more money on the military than what we would on social programs because we know without a strong military those forces outside and inside our borders wish to kill the country. We know that if it were not for out military than we would not have a country to worry about having social programs. We revere our soldiers for their past, present and future sacrifices to this land we love and adore. We know that it is not just the troops doing the job, but those that give of their hearts as well are one in the same. This is the reason why we hold their families in our hearts too. We know that others in the world look and depend on us to help them in times of need, this call upon us as a nation has been answered time and again and shall be in the future. We understand that the military is in the business of killing and destroying, and that this sometimes means that innocents will dies along side our beloved troops and the hated evil doers. We understand that strength many times equals peace. We a people stand up to an evil aggressor this sends a message to others that the country will not allow encroachment into its safety. We attempt a diplomatic solution first, and warn those against us, but we never play "patty cake" and wait for them to harm us or our loved ones.

The liberal sees the need for a military, but does not understand its worth in the larger picture. They feel it is more of a hindrance to peace than what it is a help. The feelings of despise are overwhelming from them to the military as a rule. They feel diplomacy is the answer to the troubles of the world and if we are to act upon each strife with this, all shall work out. They fail to see the evils for what they are, forces bound on the destruction of their view. They feel that a strong capable military only provokes sentiments of anger and discontent towards our nation, thus they have this towards the military. They fail to hold the past, present and future soldiers and those that support them in their hearts. Instead they look at them with a form of disgust. They would rather use the military as baby sitters and false puppets with their hands tied, then to let them actually do their job as a military was designed to do. They fight against the armed forces with their words, actions, and open denial of any good that the troops have done, are doing, and will do. They are unable to understand that things are destroyed and people hurt and killed when the military is doing their job, yet expect them to overcome every obstacle in a perfect "tip toeing through the tulips" form.

The moderate often times in this area will fall more towards the conservative side in regards to the military. They are more logical and knowledgeable in the understanding of what this service is about. They however, are less willing to expend as many resources on its function than what its more conservative counterparts are though. They will also be more willing to apply more baby sitting missions to the armed forces, yet hold them in the same regard in their hearts as what a conservative does.

***Taxes. The word we all love to hate.

Conservatives know that these are necessary, yet have become punitive over the numerous years. We know that less taxes on the top 2/3 of the base will improve the economy and spur the growth in the Job-market. We understand that when companies are taxed heavily that they will not invent and expand the enterprise thus reducing the amount of available jobs. We do not agree with taxing the dead. We also know that when people have more of their own money, they will use it to their own best benefit. We have faith that the individual knows how best to use their own money better than what the government does.

Liberals feel that those on top 2/3 are not taxed enough and that they are oppressors of the bottom tax brackets. They feel that all the "rich" should pay more than anyone else because they "stole" the money in the first place. They feel that only government knows how best to use the money, therefore not allowing the individual to have the say in how to spend it. Their action from their beliefs tells the populace that you are too ignorant to handle your own money, so we will manage it for you. They view large companies and businesses as vile serpents waiting to strike at the poor and need to be punished.

The moderate, they are somewhere in between and I really cannot say where they stand on this; as a rule (in my lifetime) they have bounced back and forth to much to lay an accurate point of where they stand.

***Social Programs.

The conservative knows that these are important supports them... to a point. We know that they are needed for the wellbeing and productivity for the nation. We Also know that if allowed, there are sections of the populace that will abuse many of the "safety nets" of temporary assistance. We know that there are some that cannot tend to themselves and need permanent assistance. The conservative not only acknowledges these but expects those that receive this governmental charity to work to their fullest capacity to improve their situation so as not to rely upon this safety net. We understand the need to help, but expect those to help themselves in the process. We know that without these safety nets, the society would be in peril, and thus put the nation in peril as well, yet we also know having a "nanny state" only brings peril to a nation as well. We know that medical is needed, but that one should provide for their own needs first. We do not expect that others should pay for your medical needs. Full medical is not an entitlement, one has to work for this on their own.

The liberal feels that it is the job of the government to provide all social programs to everybody. They feel that all people are entitled to free medical care, free housing, free money to live on. If the people do not have them, then it is always the rich's fault and the evil people that are capitalists. They do not expect people to work on their own situation to improve themselves, however they feel that it is the problem of the government and that is why the poor are poor, and the downtrodden the way they are. The feel the only answer to this, is to spend money on these people.

The moderate sees both sides of the situation here. They take the best of both worlds and yet still tend to lean more to the conservative thought as they know that giving free hand outs is not the solution.

*** Basic Human Beliefs.

A conservative knows that if people are given the encouragement, they will succeed in their endeavors. They may have to continue to work at their dreams to see them become realities, but that is the key... Work. We know people have the ingrained value to become the best they can, and have a much better sense of whom they are when they accomplish goals on their own. This builds the country up in the sense of self-improvement and satisfaction. One of the pillars that the nation was founded on. We know that instilling in the hearts and minds of people that they can do, instead of you need help, is better for mankind. We know that being a victim is harmful, therefore we take responsibility for what happens in our life. We are not victims of society. We are overcomers of the obstacles in front of us.

The liberal feels all are victims of one thing or another. They feel all have been harmed and the only thing that can solve this is by a feel good program. They dwell on being a victim of this or that, and expect someone else to solve their own predictaments they may befall upon them. They place the blame of their situations on others instead of taking responsibility for them.

The moderate, They are confused many times with this issue. They tend to see both sides, yet never seem to really commit to one thought or another.

***Core Values.

Conservatives as a rule have a strong sense of faith in God. Regardless of the denomination or even if they are a "practicing" congregate in a church. The fact remain that due to our basic system of beliefs, we know that being held accountable for our actions is base for our lives. In this we have the tendency to relay these on to others. A prime example is that those that commit crimes deserve punishment, not rewards. They chose to do the crime, now they need to be punished for it. This is in direct correlation to sin. If you sin you will have some form punishment come to you, whether it is a weaker bond to a family member, or embarrassment in God's eyes. There is a punishment to each sin. The knowledge that a life is a precious thing. We know that even though it is proper to take a life of someone that has no sense of regret, or wishing harm on others, that life indeed is a gift. This is but just one foundation of the Anti-abortion movement. We know that even an unborn child is life, and that this life (many believe) starts at the conception. To clarify, when the sperm is allowed entrance to the egg. As soon as this happens, the two combine and form a new life. We do not refer to this as a "cell mass", but as a baby. Even science says that a zygote is a stage of baby regardless of what mammal it is from.

A liberal feel that no faith in a higher being, or God has any effect on what man should do. They do not have this in their makeup, though many profess this to be so. They look at the government as being the highest source of power and regulation on the lives of man. By this they make the government... God. The fail to understand that governments are made by man, and that man is flawed, therefore all governments are flawed. They do not have a faith that they follow in sincerity, or choose to ignore their faith entirely.

The moderate on these issue will usually lay in the crossroads waiting for the most convincing arguments to present itself.

Well readers, these are but a few thoughts off of the top of my head, not an indepth look, but only skimming the top. I am sure I am off base with some things, as we are all cut from a different section of the cloth, but others I am right on target. The main difference is that liberals feel this and that, while conservative think and know from facts and based on the grounded and proven faith that is in their hearts, and logical understanding of facts versus fiction. The liberals just flow with the times and react to what is happening today, rather than to plan for the future from the lessons learned from the past, much like the waves of the ocean eroding the sands of society's beaches. The moderates are always caught up in the middle not really sure of which way to go, but have been known to be a compass for us all to follow at times. By all means, give me your thoughts.


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At 6/28/2006 8:13 PM, Blogger Doghouse said...

I think you've summed it up pretty well!

I would probably differ a bit on your description of a moderate, though. Everyone I've ever seen that calls himself or herself a moderate is either too scared or not smart enough to pick a side. :)

At 6/28/2006 8:34 PM, Blogger Squiddy said...

I have used Barry Goldwater's Conscience of a Conservative as my basic how-to-be-conservative guideline. He'd actually (as would I) argue for zero government involvement in education and social programs. Kinda too late now to fix that in our country, but I like the idea. But yeah, you hit the nail on the head!

At 6/28/2006 8:55 PM, Blogger Carnivore said...

Dog, Leeann,
Thanks for coming by and chewing on a steak with me. I always enjoy the company.
Dog, well as for a moderate, They are hard to figure out because they really do not fit in one place or another. Now I consider myself a "conservative moderate" due to my soft side on some of the social issues. Which brings me to Leeann and the education issue. I see no problem with the government providing a basic service to its populace in the form of primary educational needs. This serves as a good basis for the greater good of the country. An educated person is more productive and willing to provide and tend to his/her own needs than one that is not educated. It is in a country's own best intrest to make the means of obtaining the basic tools to suceedin the world, otherwise the society will only crumble and fall. Ignorace is the death of a society.
Some of my views also stem from the many years of caring for those incapable of caring forthemselves. Thus showing a little more of my more liberals tendencies, even with these I am still a fairly conservative thinker in most areas of life. As for patterning my life after someone else's (leeann) I would not dream of such a thing. I live my life as I do, and know what is right and why, not so much from reading a book, or listening to a speech, or even learning these values so much from school in history classes and such, but from living in areas affected by nazis, and communism, talking and interacting with the people, touching the scars, tattoos and such from these people. This is what has made me the person I am, andmy values so staunchly intact. A person just knows right from wrong when they see these things during their formative years. I shall never forget my first visit to Dakua (sp), and then my second one as an adult training overseas with my former National Guard Unit.

Thanks for the comments.

At 6/29/2006 12:01 AM, Blogger HonestAbe said...

I think I'll have to just say Amen.

At 6/29/2006 1:33 PM, Blogger Squiddy said...

Hey Carnivore, I do see your point on why some government involvement in education could be beneficial to the whole community. I'm not fond of the public educational system in the US today, and we're hoping to either homeschool or find a decent and inexpensive private or charter school so our son doesn't get so much liberal indoctrination.

I also agree that you shouldn't pattern your life after anyone else's (except Christ, of course). I like a lot of the foundational concepts in Goldwater's book, but as you say, experience can be a much better teacher.

At 6/29/2006 5:55 PM, Blogger Carnivore said...

Agreeing with the concepts due to your own belief and see the sensibiliteis in them is honorable. Taking the lessons from such material can help a person in conservative life. The fact remains though, it is what you hold true to your heart. As you stated, it tends to be the persons faith that grounds us in conservatism. Without getting "preachy" for most of us it is Christ that keeps us on an even keel. thanks for dropping by again.

At 6/30/2006 1:44 AM, Blogger Doghouse said...

I was joking a little about moderates, but there do seem to be a lot who are like that.

I don't have a big problem with limited government involvement in education if it is kept local, specifically at the city or county level. Maybe at the state level. And that's a BIG maybe. But NO federal involvement. The more local the more likely it is to succeed.

At 6/30/2006 9:05 AM, Blogger Carnivore said...

Dog, I agree I perfer the local involvement. It is the best way for the school systems. When you get too much federal money then you run into the blackmailing effect of how the DOT is in. You keep this law the way it is or we will not get the money next year thing.. a total crick. Also you see idiotic spending for programs in the schools. If they do not spend what they have in "this year" the funds will be cut for the next year. This only encourages stupid spending which is a waste. The same goes for the labeling situation. Each kid they get labeled as ADD they get more money... more for the "special Ed" programs. Granted some of the folks that are in them are actuallyhelped... but most are just dumbed down... by the government.


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