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Abortion, The Debate.

This picture pretty much says it all, however I am compelled to comment on this issue anyways. Here in Argentina there is an ongoing debate concerning abortion and even teaching sexual education in the schools now. One must be aware that this is a very catholic country. This has many times dictated the laws of the land. True, there is some separation of the church from the state, but the church has a heavy hand thrust into not only the very fiber of the legal system, but also the hearts and minds of the general populace.

The problem arises though when a woman has been raped and ends up pregnant. This, like in many other countries, is a tradgedy that is all too common place. There are many that are forced to carry a child from a violation of ones body, mind, and soul. Each day knowing that this child they are carrying is product of violent and hainess crime in the belt notch of the sick bastard/s that prey upon the innocent.

As it stands now, it is illegal to have an abortion unless the courts are pleaded with to allow such an occurrence to come about. Even the debate about sexual education is a hot topic floating around the court houses and legislative halls in this Latin American country. People here are at a cross roads just as the United States was and still is at with these issues. The question is, should abortion be allowed to all, or just a few select that have swayed the minds of a panel of judges to allow a rape victim to kill an unwanted by product of violence. I can not really say which is worse, forcing a woman or girl to carry a child born out of rape, or to kill this child? What would you do? I would be torn myself as to have to face this decision. What I do know is that all to often abortion is being used as a form of birth control.

This is the debate. Is sexual education the key to prevent unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, or will abortion still be used as a form of birth control. Would there be a decline in rape victim pregnancies if sexual education is instilled, thus providing the knowledge of contraceptives. Would the populace agree to the use of such contraceptives such a hormones that prevent the implantation of the embryo into the uterine wall. Is this also not a form of abortion as well?

As for abortion in general, it is inconcievable to me to understand why someone would ever consider to use this as a contraceptive deivce. To me, many just look at this a fail safe due to their own negligence in prior preparation. In regards to abortion due to a rape, well I can understand the reason and considerations ... to a certain extent, but can I truly support a decision 100% about killing a baby that had not asked to be brought into the world, much less in the manner it was conceived. I think I can not support this. Should we as a society, that we as humans support such actions and claim to be a moral race? I don't think we can. It is after all killing an innocent human due to the irresponsible actions of another.

You see once fetilization has been accomplished, the human begins. It is the same as an undeveloped baby, this is in fact an embryo in the human genome. The embryo of a cat, dog, chicken and human are all the same, an undeveloped off spirng of said species. Now considering we humans are the only species on this rock that has a moral compass commonly referred to as a consicous, well we need to stand up against killing babies, regardless of what stage of development they be in.

Just the ethical question ought to be enough to lay this issue to rest, not to mention the mental and physical damage done as a result of an abortion. Many times the woman has had severe "female" problems as a direct result from the procedure of killing the child. Infertility, physical anatomical damage, irregualr menstruel cylcals, a higher accurance of gender specific cancers are just a few of the physical problems related to this. One can only imagine the mental issues due to this. However they too have been well documented.

Is Sexual education the answer? Or is there a need for a social revolution? I say the revolution. That is to mean that we as society take more intrest and responsiblity for our own sexual health. If there are predators (and there are), we ought to punish them with zeal. I say death. If the victim of the rape ends up with child, we ought to allow her (or him, men can be raped too) to have the option of terminating the pregnancy. Should it be allowed as birth control ... obviously not. This change needs to take place over several generations where it becomes the norm to abstain from the fruits of sexual pleasure until marraige. This will help with the decline in unwanted pregnancies and the spread of diseases that are now "new and improved to screw you life up". It must be instilled into we feable minded creatures that if one fails to abstain, then to use all the preventive measures that we have access to. Yes folks that means to wrap that rascal. It is much easier for the guy to prevent than what it is a woman.

So in closing folks, yes this rests mainly on the shoulders of those that contain external organs. We the carriers of higher amounts of testosteron must take charge and answer the call of our responsiblities. Cover it, and stand up for the women/girls/babies in you life.


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At 8/27/2006 12:46 PM, Blogger Rastaman said...

To begin with, you are placing human life on a godly pedestal. Human life is not sacred. Sperm and eggs are not sacred before or after they're joined together. If human life is sacred than why do we tolerate so much genocide, starvation and war, even among Catholic society?
The Catholic Church wants lots of people to be born because that makes for lots more Catholics to support the church. Sorry but that's how it is. Power is in control of the people and the more people the greater the power.

Abortion on demand will never be allowed in Argentina and to speculate on whether a law should be passed for it is pointless to begin with. However, to disallow abortion for rape victims is heartless. Likewise when a pregnancy threatens the life of the woman, or when an underage girl is pregnant. You have to draw a line on that one. Would you insist that a 17-year-old must carry the baby? How about at 16? 14? What about a 12 year old child who had sex forced on her? What about victims of incest?

There are many very good and valid reasons why some women should never be forced to carry a child. Men have no business whatever having a single word to say about what a woman does with her body. Otherwise, women are being held in bondage in Argentina and treated as lesser beings.

Argentinians may never allow abortion on demand but they should at least come into the light of reality far enough to see the clear need for some abortions and the inalienable right of those women to have them. If it were men who got pregnant, you bet abortion would be allowed.

I'm a man, by the way.


At 8/27/2006 5:09 PM, Blogger Carnivore said...

you have hit on many of the same question that have been runing through my mind too. Your statement about human being put on a pedestal, well here i need to disagree. The fact that we are apalled about such thing as you mentioned shows just this, that human life is in somewhat of a godley position. This by no means make we (man) god like, or even near holy, but it does show that we inertly know that this is wrong. It only depends on how hardened our hearts are at such things. One place we can start is in our own house, our own mind to see the horror and act in what ever means we may to help stop or at the very least to curd this.

As for Argentina ever having Abortion on deman, well I foresee this coming in the future. There are cases (becoming more often) where the courts have permitted the abortions to be carried out. Often times these are due to rapes (girls and women), and if my memory serves me correctly one was due to the mothers health. Like I said before, I can understand the reasoning behind, but I can't stand up for the action 100%. I shall dread the day when and or if I am forced to face this in my personal life. The same goes for many subjects we all discuss.

At 8/27/2006 11:01 PM, Blogger Green Fertility Marie said...


(should warn you in advance, I'm an eco green and liberal, but think tinfoil is toxic...) hope you'll check out GreenFertility (click on the Washington Post article on the sidebar), where I wrote about how my experience at Planned Parenthood (and being a mom) made things even more complicated. I'm still pro-choice though (cute baby pic!)


At 8/28/2006 9:56 AM, Blogger Carnivore said...

Thanks for your comment. The WAPO was interesting. However, having a D&C is much different than an abortion. In fact is normal protocol for a D&C to be adminstered after such an event. This should have been done after the miscarriage. The fact that PP often is pushy with abortions is not the way to go either. Like I had previously stated, I can certianly undertand (to a certain extent) the reasons behind one under the above mentioned circumstances, however i cannot in my heart nor mind condone them fully especially when they are used more as a from of birth control. You last thoughts in your article present the issue that I was bringing up, these are lost babies... unwanted or unviable (a miscarriage) and we as a society ought to keep in mind that. The procedure is not removing a tissue mass, but it is a human that is being destroyed. Therefore this explains the totem poles you mentioned.
You also made mention of the traumatic events surrounding the particular clinic you visited. The protesters are just as vile as destroying a person. This is evident in the later reaction you observed in the various patients that were in the facility. The mental health after this procedure. This is only intensified by the hateful protesters. The fact remains is that many abortions are still the last resort of a failed planning in prevention of an unwanted pregnancy. This is, in and of itself, is the problem that is underlying that actual act. It is at least more so than then the rapes that happen.

Also as I had mentioned in the entry, people forgot that men can be, and have been raped as well that ends up with an unwanted/planned child.... with the laws today, the man is responsible for this child. Is this correct for him to be responsible for a child that he wa forced to father as a result of violence? Would/should he also not have a say into this? What about the woman that uses Abortion as a threat against a man. This happens often as well. I know this for a fact in my own first hand knowledge. Women have and do use this as a twisted form of control over a man.

As my point was and continues to be, it is a societal revolution that needs to come to head before this issue can be laid to rest. It starts at home, one person at a time, mainly resting on the man's shoulders, but like every good man, there is always an excellent woman behind them supporting.

At 8/28/2006 6:48 PM, Blogger Squiddy said...

I think it comes down to culture -- we do whatever is taught as the norm. My religious culture has kept me pretty safe in this area, as long as I've followed it. Personally, if I were raped and got pregnant I'd give the baby up for adoption. There are many lonely, childless couples out there.

At 9/07/2006 7:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

can't woman after rape get a D and C which cleanses them and therefor no seed can fertalize the egg. This is a procedure many woman have for a cleansing perpose other then rape but i know in the US after a female has been raped and they did a rape kit on her the drs then do a D and C so she will not get pregnant.

At 9/07/2006 7:23 PM, Blogger Carnivore said...

A D&C is sometimes effective at helping to prevent implantation, yes. However, this does not prevetn a pregnancy from occuring after a rape. Often times, if requested/accepted by the victim they are given implantation prevention drugs so a child is not concieved (implantion of the embryo is sucessful), These drugs are also now available on demand if my memory is correct. Also it has also be known to "carpet bomb" the victims system with hormones that prevent viable implantation into the uteriun wall. Fertilization takes plce int he Phelopium tubes and then the embryo travels down and finally implants into the uteriun wall. This takes place ofer a matter of days. Some basic Anatomy and Physiology will explain this to you much better than what I can here and now since I have forgotten much of the more technical parts of it.

But only if the rape is reported later can this actual prevent the implantation of a viable embyro with the application of a D&C. This process is basically just scraping the lining free of "debris" thus scooping out cells and the majority of the seminal pool that has formed in the vagina and uterus. This is it in a nut shell, and like the variation of fingerprints, each body and person is different, adding on with my shady memory, well do please look these up and get better information.


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