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Israel's Fight on All Fronts, Have You Joined in?

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We all know of the media war being waged against Israel, but are we aware of just how much propaganda and how far it truly reaches? Just what is your stance, are you standing up with this just fight against the islamists that wish your death to arrive on your door step?

Last night prior to logging off and going to bed I had checked my e-mail. In it I received a power point presentation from a friend. This friend is a judge here in Argentina, and I must add a very good honorable man. One that has lived under the oppression and injustice of a dictatorship. A smart man, and loving sensitive one. Such a fella that many look up to as a role model to follow.

This is what he wrote:


este viernes no serà como los anteriores donde les mando algo para que se
relajen durante el fin de semana. Lamentablemente, sigue el horror de la guerra entre israelìes y palestinos, y son civiles los que mueren masacrados, o quedan invàlidos para toda la existencia.

Los medios de comunicación y las noticiosas "oficiales" no dicen la verdad ni muestran la verdad.

Es por eso que, pidiéndoles las disculpas del caso previamente, y advirtiéndoles que lo que se vé en los archivos adjuntos es terrorífico -pero real, no de Hollywood- será positivo que vean la cruel realidad de ésta historia idiota.Porque cuando hablamos decimos la palabra "guerra" tan fácilmente como decimos agua o buen día, pero en realidad es una tremenda mala palabra, sinónimo de muerte, de verguenza, de retroceso espiritual de los seres humanos en èste siglo. Una barbarie apoyada por tecnologìa moderna, que deja al circo de Roma a la altura de un juego de chicos.

E invita a reflexionar, creo, que por màs problemas que tengamos en latinoamírica, por favor VALOREMOS LA PAZ y HAGAMOS LO QUE HAY QUE HACER PARA MANETERLA DíA A DíŒA.

Buen fin de semana para todos.

Since it is in Castellano I will do my best to translate it for you without misrepresenting the context or changing the meaning.


Friends, this Friday will not be like the ones before where I send you something that you can reflect on during the weekend. Sadly, continues the war between the Israelis and Palestinians, and thmassacredcivilians masacred or stay invalid for all time.

The measures of communication and official "news" do not tell the truth nor show the truth.

It is for this tapologies youapologiesogises (I apologise to you) for the previous case, and advise you that what you see in the attatchment together is terrible - but real not from Hollywood- it will be positive the you see the cruel of this idiotic history. Because when we talk saying the word "war" so easily as saying water or good day, but in reality it is a tremsynonymousad word, synonvengeance death, of vengence, of spiritual retreat of being human in this age. A savage support for modern technology that stops at the circle of Rome and to the heights of a child's game.

And it invites to reflect, I think, that for most probleLatinamericaave in Latinamerica, please value peace, and let us make what tmaintain to make to mantain it day to day.

A good weekend for all.

Now my readers this is my response:

Lo siento, pero en el fin de esto presentación fue completamente en error. Es obvio que este es nada mas que propoganda de lost terroristas. Todos los dias son bombas suicidos, misiles, y otras formas de luchares contra Israel de Palestine y Lebino, sin algo palabra sobre Egypto, Siria, Iran, etc... Israle siempre habria sido pelando por su derecho de seguradad. Por muchos años no hace nada contra palestine excepto en su defenso. La Argentina podria lo mismo. Sin obstante, guerra es un horror en su distinto forma. Sin guerra contra aquillas personas o groupos malisimo, habria destrción total del mundo y la vida con liberdad y justicia. Podriamos vivir en caos. Hombres fuerte hacen violencia para los hombres debil en sus nombres por el beinestar por todo.

Saludos a todos, besos.

Sorry but the end of this presentation was completely in error. It is obvious that this is nothing more than propaganda from the terrorists. Every day they are suicide bombs, misilies, and other forms of blows against Israel from Palestine, Lebonon, without any word about Egypt, Syria, Iran, etc... Israel always has been fighting for its right of safety. For many years it had not Palestinehing against palestine except in its defense. Argentina would do the same. Nonetheless, war is a horror in its distinct form. With out war against those evil people or groups, there would be destruction for all the world and the life with freedom and justice. (an error on my part I meant to use "sin"-"without"). We would live in caos. Strong men do violence for the weak men in their names for the well-being of all.

Salutations to all, kisses.

And my wife's response to this as well.

Tampoco se si este mail dice la verdad. Los islamofascistas de Hezbolah se instalaron en el Libano y utilizan viviendas particulares, hospitales, escuelas etc para establecer sus bases lanza misiles, todo bajo la mirada complaciente del gobierno Libanes. Yo no me como solo la mitad de la historia.


Neither do I know if this mail says the truth. The islamofacists of Hezbollah installed in Lebonon and use certian houses, hospitols, schools etc for establishing their bases to launch misiles, all under the complacent look of the lebonese government. I do not believe half the story.

It shall be interesting to see his response to our mails to him. I shall update this post if/when he responds. Now here is the power point presentation in question. You decide, you know my thoughts.

Now in the comments on one my
previous posts in regards to Israel this is what one person had to say and my reponse as well.

At 8/12/2006 1:41 AM, Wadard said...

I must say I a super impressed with Hezbollahs conduct in this war. They are acting with restraint, and only threatening missile rocket strikes in response to each of Israels escalations. Whenever Olmert says "we have cleaned out all their infrastructure", Hesbollah send a recond number over. When there was that unilateral ceasefire called - Hesbollah stopped, then then only reumed after Israel stopped. This remarkable discipline in the face of Israels disproportionate attack on the entire Leanese nation is showing the world that they are a resistance group, not a terrorist group.

I am impressed. Good on them. Watch them bring Israel to the negotiating table with more chips to play with than even before. I love middle-east politics. Always something going on.

At 8/12/2006 1:42 AM, Wadard said...

"then only reumed after Israel stopped" = then only resumed after Israel did

At 8/12/2006 10:07 AM, Carnivore said...


Thanks for your comments. First your position is completely in the wrong. Let me remind you that Hezbollah is not a freedom fighting force but simply and only nothing more than a terrorist organization. It was them that are responsible for many terrorist acts around the world. Two in Argentina, a nation that is definantly not a "world leader" was attacked. Two jewish buildings (a synogoge and community center) were destroyed for nothing more than just being jewish. Not to mention those attacks mentioned were unprevoked. This is the norm for terrorists. They (hezbollah) attacked Israel prior to Israel making a military operation against them. They are being backed by syria (transporting arms to the front lines) and also Iran (iran's military found dead with some of the terrorists).

Israel gave peace a chance, and all it got her was suicide bombed, kidnappings, murders, rocket attacks etc... after she pulled out of Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebonon. They started this war, and Israel is winning it eventhough she is in fact fighting not just against a terrorist organization, but in reality against two other countries as well.
Hezbolah= hide amongst civilians for protection. Israel= fighting for her life amongst other wishing her death.

Ahh, good stuff huh. I am not too surprised that he (Assuming the person is male) has this particular position considering the names of his blogs. Go look for yourself. I am certian the Aussies are looking for this fella due to his support of terrorists. Never in my life would I ever side with such people. This only emboldens them to cause more mayhem and destruction only for you to be on the end of the blade in their hands eventually.


The response from my friend is in. This is what he says and my response as well.

Es exacto lo que decìs. Me preocupan los civiles que mueren y que quedan reventados de ambos lados. Un abrazo my friend.


It is exactly as you say. The dead, burnt, and blown up civilians of both sides worry me. A hug my friend.

Sí, es así.
Sin embargo, no es simplemente la guerra, pero es la causa por el muerte en esto tiempo hablamos sobre. Es la idealogía de Islam que cambier la gente. Recuerdás los ataques in BSAS, y todo del mundo, la mayoria de aquilloas son los acciones de Islamicas. En el pasado 20+ años, tuvo las islamicas que hacieron cosas de horror sin respecto de pais, u origen de la persona culpla.

Te doy un link por un vidio. Mira al destruido gente por los palestinos.
(Copia y pegar) It is a Large file (12 mbs) allow time for it to download. Thanks Beth for the heads up on the file.
Unico cuando las fanaticos tiene corazones sueves será paz. Es igual por algo parte de la vida para humanos.



Yes , it is like this.
However, it is not simply the war, but is the cause of the death in this time we talk about. It is the ideology of Islam that changes the people. Remember the attacks in Buenos Aires (BSAS) and all the world, the majority of those are the actions of islamics. In the past 20+ years it has been the islamics that did the things of horror without respect of the country or origen of the guilty person.

I give you a link for a video. Look at the destroyed people by the Palestines. Only when the fanatics have soft hearts will there be peace. It is the same for any part of the life for humans.

So what do you, my readers think?


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At 8/12/2006 11:11 PM, Blogger Beth said...

The video link only shows a 5 second ad to Filelodge, and I can't find the video there! :-(

Do you have it on YouTube or something too?

At 8/13/2006 6:43 PM, Blogger Rastaman said...

The problem is that fundamental Islam teaches a love of death instead of a celebration of life. This is how they are able to send their own little children to their deaths and to blow themselves up. They actually think there is a God who rewards such behavior.

Islam is an insane doctrine. This is an inescapable truth.


At 8/14/2006 5:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hezbollah acting with restraint?!?!?!
Wow, drugs must be even more popular than I thought!

I'm really disappointed with this whole U.N. resolution thing. (They're always a failure, obviously.) I thought that finally something real was being done about the terrorists, and then they stop it right when it's working.

Like I wrote on my blog, the only ceasefire that will work is the ceasefire that happens when the terrorists are all dead.

At 8/15/2006 8:50 AM, Anonymous Descrente said...


WATCH NOW in YouTube: (subtitled in English)

This is a Palestinian video, teaching an incitament to mass murder (GENOCIDE), broadcasted in Palestine TV, showing Kindergarten kids in uniform, with guns and speaking their hate doutrination, just ready to preach Nazis slogans.

Totalitarian Nazist State had the Hitlerist Youth. The Hamas & Hezbollah State in the State has the dentro do Estado do tem o Hitlerist Kindergarten.

The ultimate corruption of human being, since craddle as scum.

Islam terrorism makes Nazist Party looks like a scootter club.


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