Thursday, August 17, 2006

NPR, Always without a Clue.

NPR has an obvious lack of enthusiasm today in an article about those evil and vile words uttered by Bush. Islamofascist. Oh how terrible they are. Here is a suggestion for you fecal brained leftwads, Kiss my hairy redneck arse.


Day to Day, August 15, 2006· Last Thursday, as news was spreading around the world that British police had foiled a plot to blow up airplanes bound from London to the United States, President Bush referred to the suspects as "Islamic fascists."

And it was about damned time he had too.

The term has been described as an attempt by the White House to be more specific when describing an enemy that it has previously described simply as "terrorists."

Hmm, all extremist violent muslisms just happen to want only those that do not think and believe as they to be dead. Not to mention they wish for the world to be astheirr own ideal form of Islam, a totalirian form. Could it only be some type of a one in begizillion of a micro chance that these are also the same folks that ... hmmm bombed theColee, the trade center, the Marine base, numerousJewishh andChristiann facilities around the world, have kidnapped, tortured, slaughtered innocent people without regard to their sex or age all over the world, and of course the same pedaphiles that were responsible for 9-11. Terrorists and today's Islam and the term... hand in hand.

The term has angered many in the Muslim world, who see it as tarring their entire religion -- and everyone who practices it -- as fascists. I think it's despicable," Middle East expert Juan Cole says.

Who gives a shit what they think, besides, don't you think that many in the infidel world may be just a little pissed off about being attacked each time we walk out the door? Perhaps they ought to look at their pet names they give the mean horrid JOOS. As for tarring the religion, well hell, by them not standing up and stopping those that commit the acts of destruction, they tarr it themselves by non-action. You CAIR ass kissers.

"Linking Islam... with a pejorative term such as fascism is extremely unfair. In fact, it is a form of racism."

Juan Cole, If the show fits, and it certainly does, then wear it. Racism is against an actual race. Last I knew there black, white, brown, purple, orange and red muslims. If anything it would a bigoted statement due to it being one against an ideal.

And it reminds Cole of another inflammatory remark President Bush made, just after Sept. 11, 2001, when he characterized America's war against terrorism as a "crusade." Its implications of Christians going to war against Muslims alarmed a lot of people.

Ah the crusades, a time when the muslims attacked Christians, Jews, and non-believers. If going to war on a just and honorable cause against an enemy that attacked you first is not worthy of the label as "crusade" what exactly is. Oh I understand, you are on a crusade driven by BDS. As for it alarming people, it was only the puss assed liberals anMuslimsms.

This time, the president was more careful. Johns Hopkins Middle East Studies chair Fouad Adjami, a Shiite Muslim, says the White House actually consulted him.

"It was actually floated past me, I mean people asked me what I thought," Adiami said, adding that the people in question were from the White House. And, he says, he didn't see the harm in the term.

"I know people think it's offensive, but what's the offense here? There are people waiting to be offended. They want to be offended, they're eager to be offended."

Oh shit, you mean that this was actually tested out on Muslimim, in use by this racist administration conducting a crusade? Yet this person is not offended by the truth. The simplicity of it is that it is fact and a long standing history of the term to describe these child rapers, woman beating donkey molestinMuslimsms. Of course he hits the nail on the head, There are people waiting, begging, looking to be offended. I guess its better to be offended than killed by some savage animal called by the liberal press as a "freedom fighter" of "militant".

As you all can see that this article is nothing more than asswipe for us trulenlightenednd thinkers of society (we the people that had our asses kicked by our folks or others when we screwed up), if you so need to read thrubbishsh, by all means, go ahead.


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