Tuesday, August 15, 2006

All Islam, What a Butt Load of S@*T

Well another day, another festive delight for the leftists' defense of the poor misunderstood Muslims in this rock we call home. Those of us in the real world, that is those that do not suffer from BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome), or cerebral-rectal interference, or perhaps those of us just plain paying attention to the facts presented understand that Islam is nothing more than that one horrid clogged toilet in a garage on the "seedy side" of town. Yes there it is you can picture it, Allah's head looking out at you, his stench invading your olfactory senses, and of course his followers buzzing around looking to suck at his arse. This is Islam on a good day, but hey, I am being nice.

I wish to remind you of the Muslim attack at the school in Russia. Beslan. The children were innocent targets of Chechen Islamic fascists. Numerous people lost their life, and this single act shocked the world. But the left forget this attack and many of the others that have occurred, not only since 9-11, but the years prior to it as well.
Esquire has an impressionable article of memory jarring pain for us to read. Just to tempt you a little bit here is an excerpt:

On the first day of school in 2004, a Chechen terrorist group struck the Russian town of Beslan. Targeting children, they took more than eleven hundred hostages. The attack represented a horrifying innovation in human brutality. Here, an extraordinary accounting of the experience of terror in the age of terrorism.

SEPTEMBER 1. AFTERNOON. THE GYM. Kazbek Misikov stared at the bomb hanging above his family. It was a simple device, a plastic bucket packed with explosive paste, nails, and small metal balls. It weighed perhaps eight pounds. The existence of this bomb had become a central focus of his life. If it exploded, Kazbek knew, it would blast shrapnel into the heads of his wife and two sons, and into him as well, killing them all.

Now with the last thwarted terrorist attack (kudos to the tea and crumpet crowd et. al.) our Cowboy in Chief finally grabbed his balls and called the dangerous Islamic movement by what it really is: Islamic Fascism. We have heard from other terrorist supporters (the Saudis, and of course the abnormal thinkers of the human genome) point their elitist finger and shake their heads in liberal disgust over such a true statement as this. The wackos over at News Hounds
have even dedicated a misguided if not a failed attempt at swaying the unthinkers' minds to their point of view. I had not even decided to even read the comments for already laughing at the ignorance of the presented article. Now one might wonder just what others have to say about this. Stephen Morris seems to agree with the correct label according to what The Australian says: "Instead, a small but potent minority of this second generation has embraced a totalitarian temptation that George W. Bush, following numerous liberal Western analysts, has correctly identified as Islamic fascism." Ok, ok, I know that is a biased source since it is but just another "westerner type" voice. Well then perhaps you would be more willing to hear Abd Al-Rahman agree with the President's just deserved label upon those wishing us mutilated from a bomb blast. Not only does this man agree, but he also bashes the protestors and parents of the terrorists as well. Go give it a read.

Does this come to you as any surprise that there are actually some Muslims speaking out against the ignorance of leftists and terrorists? Could it be that there are "respectable Muslims? Well of course there are. We all have heard/read of or been a consumer of their works here online.
Sandmonkey comes to mind, and there are several links over at Islamic Evil as well. One must wonder than, why is there such a dramatic divide between them then. Well The American Thinker has a clue as to why. The Corruption of Faith perhaps is the answer; a calling for reformation perhaps? With corruption comes the influence of strong more "important" leaders of any organization/faith/whatever.

This is evident in the latest news in Middle East. This of course is in relation to Hezbollah/Iran/Syria connections. Of course the genetic waste known as liberals fail to see this, but we stealthy eyed hawks see this as presented in a
Time to Fight the Real War. Even the Arabic Neighborhood is all a buzz about such things. More evidence comes out of Iran's hand (besides dead Iranian troops found on the battlefield) in the recent ongoing conflict (it's not over yet) that Israel is conducting in the form of TRACEABLE weapons funneled from Iran and Syria. The ties to the other partners in crime are interesting as well. With Iran flexing it's nuclear muscles it seems that we ought to be looking a bit closer at Syria too. Is it not to be reasonable considering all the common ties they have?

Hey with all this doom and gloom at least we can have faith that even destructive totalarian theocracies like Iran can still have a good sense of humor. They must have it according to their recent editions of
cartoons. I have yet to see any of them, but I am certain they are in the same usual taste as their average hate filled propaganda filled rubbish is. I can expect no Iranian embassies to be burnt or riots from the Jewish population either.

It looks like the
stock markets in the Arabic world are in trouble. They are now looking at foreign investors to come in and help out. Well with financial instability there is always and uprise in tensions. Combine this with the events of terrorists, well it is just but time before a war will consume the region. I am not the only one with this view as well. I have stated before that in the next two to six weeks I expect the region to be in a massive outbreak of violence more so than what is considered "normal" for the area. But hey, what else can we expect; It's Islam after all. So in closing, this is my response to Islamo Fascists:


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