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Israel, The US, and Muslim Wankers.

The war is on. This is obvious. Now am I referring to the boots and bombs, or possible the media and minds? I refer to the media and minds for this entry this evening. Reading and hearing all the viciousness and blantant antijewish/west reports these past weeks is really become almost a humorous activity for me. The lefturd BDS people never fail let me down when it comes a sloppy and pathetic story for me to chuckle at. It not for the seriousness of the undermining reporting and aiding the enemies of civilization I would be thoroughly enjoying the spectacle of the humor. However, I am forced to speak out against the falseness of such repugnancy spewed out of the lefturds' bodies in what is supposed to be "news".

The "News".

It never fails that the Marxists band together with others that despise decency in humanity. A.N.S.W.E.R. and the N. C. A. have come together to protest Israel's right to defend herself and take the trash out of the world in its neighborhood. World Net Daily has the dirt on the situation. As always Israel is in a fight to the finish, and against the clock as well. For she is well aware of the mounting forces against her to try and stop the military action. So she must act not only swiftly, but fiercely too. It seems that the Aussies are still against Hezbollah even with those that support them are rallying to their aide. Good for them! With these groups attempting to win the media war for Hezbollah, Israel is fighting back in media as well. They make their case naming names and making a list of most favored of Hezzy supporters. The BBC is biggest of them all. Even here in Argentina these sick lefturds are trying to make a place for themselves. Good thing there are others sticking up for our Jewish sister and countering those cult followers. Pretty bad when even a fairly left leaning country sees the attack against Israel in the media saying that it has been "demonized". The news accounts of the recent "massacre" are now coming out to have been falsified. We thinking ones in the world had already figured this out, but now it is being reported in the "other media" (outside of the blogesphere). Israel National News has the scoop. True to the media's nature, they oft times rush to false, and many times intentionally incorrect reporting. Such as the rumors that the "civil war" in Iraq is happening, and that the war against Hezbollah and Hamas (an off shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood founded in Egypt). Curtesy of CNS News:

A vast majority of Americans say they expect the current sectarian violence in Iraq to become a full-scale civil war, but U.S. military data compiled in Iraq indicates that over a two-month period ending on July 21, most of the violence happened in just four of Iraq's 18 provinces.

U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, when asked on July 25 whether he believed a civil war was inevitable in Iraq, told reporters that such a conclusion was wrong. "If you think of civil wars in other countries, this is really quite different," he said.

Oh darn, now doesn't that piss on the lefties wheaties?

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At 8/05/2006 1:58 PM, Blogger Rastaman said...

Good post. From my personal, American perspective, Donald Rumsfeld has made a mess of the war in Iraq. 8 of our generals quit their careers rather than continue to do things his way. This is not well publicized, of course. He's a brilliant man who is totally unqualified for his current position. Pres. Bush has finally accepted this and turned the job over to the remaining generals. Rumsfeld is a figurehead now and is no longer in charge. I'm grateful.

I think your view of the position of the Israelis is correct. The only nation that can pressure Israel to stop fighting is the US, and they are fighing our enemy for us so of course we don't want them to stop and we won't make that request until big enough threats are made against us economically. This are the forces you speak of.

What I hope for is an actual attack on Tel Aviv by rockets. That would lead at least to an Israeli counter attack on Syria and send all those miserable diplomats back to their smelly rooms. I would love to see this become a full blown Mid-East war with Iran getting hard hit. It needs to happen and is going to anyway. Sooner is better for us.

I see you gave my blog a link, and I'll be happy to reciprocate. Keep on keeping on.


At 8/05/2006 9:51 PM, Blogger Carnivore said...

Will do Rasta, I've had you linked for some time now, here and over at MSN too. Yet i rarely blog over there due to the format they have shoved upon us.

At 8/06/2006 7:39 PM, Blogger CarpiJugulum said...

Interesting assertion but I think false. Donald Rumsfield is the man for the job. Why, he is the closet friend the militaery has. He is the buffer between the desk jockies who want to claim they run the war and those that do. As for Generals retireing you have to look at careers and politics as to who and why they are leaving. To say it is because of Rumsfield is a leftist propaganda tactic. Most are leaving do to time in service requirements. Unable to be promioted to a higher star or postion they have nothing left to do but to retire and become military analists for the media.
As to the possibility of civil war. A favorite topic of the left who so much want America to fail and look bad, possibley even end up as servants .... those who survive and kowtow to Islamofacism. As stated peace sits in 14 of 18 provinces. It is only in the hot area around the green zone and the denser more democratic leading areas of Iraq we see sectarian violance being lead by outside influences. AKA IRAN. Though the possibility of a larger regional civil war may be in the brewing as a leading Iman in Saudi has called Hezbollah the party of the devil and spoken out against those who would support these thugs and murders. The story of this Iman can be found on trhe a.p. It is worth reading and also reading the reactions of Hezbollah supporters. This definately puts Saudi at odds with Iran. Egypt as well is split in its support of Hezbollah. With the outlawed brotherhood supporting Hezbollah and officially the government not.
Isreal is spearheading the way in this war and deserves as much support from America and the west as it can get.
We as people of democracy and Christianity are already under siege by those who kowtow to Islamofacism. Rights are being denied in the name of political correctness. We see censorship in the work place. England ... a woman has to remove piglet from her work cubiale because it is offensive to a muslim. In America any story about the hatred spewed by CAIR or any Masque is defended by the ACLU calling forth racial charges.
One can only hope a civil war errupts between one side of Islamofacism and thew other side of oppression.

At 8/08/2006 1:37 PM, Blogger Squiddy said...

I like all your comments and of course this entry. It just amazes me how so many people are against Israel and give the benefit of the doubt to Hezbollah, etc. Terrorists have feelings too... blah blah.

At 8/09/2006 11:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But it is a civil war, and a quagmire! It must be, since the stinky hippies on campus here keep saying that it is. A stinky hippy would never lie, right? :)

At 8/12/2006 1:41 AM, Blogger Wadard said...

I must say I a super impressed with Hezbollahs conduct in this war. They are acting with restraint, and only threatening missile rocket strikes in response to each of Israels escalations. Whenever Olmert says "we have cleaned out all their infrastructure", Hesbollah send a recond number over. When there was that unilateral ceasefire called - Hesbollah stopped, then then only reumed after Israel stopped. This remarkable discipline in the face of Israels disproportionate attack on the entire Leanese nation is showing the world that they are a resistance group, not a terrorist group.

I am impressed. Good on them. Watch them bring Israel to the negotiating table with more chips to play with than even before. I love middle-east politics. Always something going on.

At 8/12/2006 1:42 AM, Blogger Wadard said...

"then only reumed after Israel stopped" = then only resumed after Israel did

At 8/12/2006 10:07 AM, Blogger Carnivore said...

Thanks for your comments. First your position is completely in the wrong. Let me remind you that Hezbollah is not a freedom fighting force but simply and only nothing more than a terrorist organization. It was them that are responsible for many terrorist acts around the world. Two in Argentina, a nation that is definantly not a "world leader" was attacked. Two jewish buildings (a synogoge and community center) were destroyed for nothing more than just being jewish. Not to mention those attacks mentioned were unprevoked. This is the norm for terrorists. They (hezbollah) attacked Israel prior to Israel making a military operation against them. They are being backed by syria (transporting arms to the front lines) and also Iran (iran's military found dead with some of the terrorists).
Israel gave peace a chance, and all it got her was suicide bombed, kidnappings, murders, rocket attacks etc... after she pulled out of Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebonon. They started this war, and Israel is winning it eventhough she is in fact fighting not just against a terrorist organization, but in reality against two other countries as well.
Hezbolah= hide amongst civilians for protection. Israel= fighting for her life amongst other wishing her death.

At 8/12/2006 11:23 PM, Blogger Beth said...

Wadard, "disproportionate attack" is a complete fallacy. Furthermore, the only reason it APPEARS to you to be a "disproportionate attack" is because Hezbollah is fighting from civilian neigborhoods, virtually holding civilians hostage as human shields. It's all part of the media war, and you would be wise to see exactly how they are waging that aspect of war.
Israel has only been targeting Hezbollah-controlled areas of Lebanon--southern Lebanon, and the dahiyeh (suburbs) on the south side of Beirut. It's an established well-known fact that these are Hezbollah-controlled areas, all of them. Israel showed "incredible restraint" in pleading (!) for civilians to evacuate the area, and those who left had plenty of assistance in doing so. Those who didn't leave? They either didn't want to because they consider themselves (and their children!) "Hezbollah" too, or Hezbollah fighters (terrorists) would not ALLOW them to leave. They know that because CIVILIZED people around the world abhor the deaths of innocents, they would win the public relations battle by maximizing civilian deaths on their own side.
THAT is what you call "restraint?"

And that's to say nothing of the barrage of Hezbollah bombings into Israel! They weren't targeting IDF forces, they just lob that shit in the air to land where ever there are human beings! THAT is "restraint?" It's only because they are incompetent that they weren't able to kill more--if not ALL--Israelis! That's why you think it's "disproportionate," because that's PRECISELY what Hezbollah and their puppeteers in Iran and Syria WANT you to believe.

You, Wadard, have been had. I suspect willingly.


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