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Afghanistan & NATO

Life in the cess-pool of the civilized world is going about as normal these past weeks. The glorious dreams and aspirations of those driven to hammer the irons of death are spreading throughout the region with the speed of a pathetic soul suffering from diarrhea. It looks to be the beginning of some sore times for the islamonazis in close proximity with Israel. I guess those pedofiles had not learned from the previous decades not to mess with the Jewish nation. Then again with all that bending over and having the blood rush to ones head must cause cerebral arterial damage.

As mentioned in my previous post, I had the chance to consume the hours visiting with my two brothers. Both in the military, as was I, but I shall refer to my oldest in this entry. During his tour of duty in Afghanistan he was mainly in the southern regions. He was a turret gunner in a Humvee. He spent time in Kandahar, around Ghazni, Kabul, and a butt load in the Jalalabad (J-bad). Many times he would said that even with all the strikes they had suffered, they always came out on top. He made mention time and again that the "Talis" et. al. were constantly running back and forth across the borders as well. Mainly in Pakistan. However, through the use of "terps" (interpreters) information was gathered saying that insurgents were also flowing in and building up in other countries to come in as well. These other countries all surrounding A-stan. Some even as far Egypt. This comes as no real surprise to me, nor had it be one to you as well.

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As you can see there are many willing accomplices surrounding this embattled desolate rock struggling for some decency we know as freedom. The poor bastards that replaced my brother's unit started to get hit a hell of a lot harder than what his unit ever had. Two reasons really: the influx of foreigners coming in as reinforcements to a dwindling combatant force *** AKA TERRORISTS ***, the unit replacements were going to be "tested by them " and the unit itself (according to my brother) was "ate up to hell". Even the afghanis that were attatched to his base said the same. A unit coming in looking, acting, and actually being weak when a strong and feared unit is leaving only spells trouble for the area. Needless to say they have suffered several losses, and not just some serious wounds, but deaths. You have heard/read the reports of this unit's track record in the news. I shall not say the name of it for reasons of security and present location. Noticed I had not named my brother's unit or their actual base location, but only a broad range of where they had been at. Unlike some of the leftist condom drippings the publish sensitive material during a time of war, I will not do this.

Now when a strong, and successful unit is replaced with a weaker and less effective one, troubles arise and the enemy takes a stronger root. The general populace loses faith in the forces that attempting to help them. In a nut shell, the deeds done are failing to as effective as once before, though still have a positive effect and moral rating with the average "Joe Ahmed" tending to his goats and whacking the stray "Tali" or other terrorist the may wander into his hands. With this knowledge, and a
AP story saying that NATO will be taking over the majority of operations in A-stan, why does this not boost my confidence in winning the assault on terrorism. If we as a civilized world lose the battle on front/area in the world, then we lose it in its entirety. Not one radical Muslim must be left alive to ensure the spread of this cancer known as Islam. Only those truly fighting for a reformation should be allowed to continue the privilidge of sucking in the air of the rest of the decent people of the terrestrial rock we inhabit.

The story starts off as usual, attempting to sound unbiased and proextermination of those bound by the allegiance of evil. Taking the segments of the report I shall show some of the flaws due the first-hand accounts related by my brother.

NATO brings a new strategy for dealing with the Taliban rebellion, establishing bases rather than adopting the coalition tactic of chasing down militants. It wants to bolster the weak government of President Hamid Karzai and win the support of local people by promoting much-needed development.

Ok, so according to NATO, the existing forces have not done this. To think, I thought the security for the elections and cooperation with the afghan security forces in helping to exert extreme prejudice against those wishing to disrupt the country's slight progress that is happening. Now I find it fascinating that the location that my brother was in was and still is a base. In fact it was the officer's quarters that the Russians had used when they were committing ACTUAL instances of genocide (whole villages, towns, and cities wiped off the map, only to leave behind barren land and a cemetery). This crap reporting also fails to recount the numerous efforts and deeds done by the coalition to help not only the federal afghan government, but also the regional, and local ones as well. Many times with "just wisdom", the troops on the ground would enlist the help of the local town elders to solve a crisis.

Richards said he hoped that within three to six months there would be signs of progress, creating secure zones in which aid workers could operate in a region mired in the drug trade and poverty.

Reconstruction would help people see "the fighting is worth something," Richards told a news conference in Kabul. "I hope people who now are often being intimidated into supporting the Taliban" would have the extra resolve to reject them.

Three to six months huh? Keep dreaming buddy, I have yet to see NATO do anything successful in this time span. As for secure zones, well the only thing the "Talis" and other pedophile Mullah followers understand is strength and the will, knowledge and effective ability to use it against them. This is what makes this region more secure. The drug trade was kicked in the nuts hard when the coalition forces were ordered to raze whole crops of poppies. They had some backlash, but many of the average G-I's helped the populace out by providing other crops for them to grow... like corn. Also the economy was bolstered by the U.S.'s presence there. Just for the simple fact of our troops there buying items on the local markets. There have been bonds formed between Afghans and Americans. Friendships that shall span a lifetime now. They know we are there to help, and in turn many times they choose to come alongside the troops and fight, even when they are not an actual part of the Afghan forces (military, police, etc.). This shows, in clarity, that there is something worth fighting for, after all they despise the "Talis" and their ilk just as much as we, the imperialistic pig Americans do. Those that are intimidated by the terrorists will not come over to help with a show of weakness, such as what NATO is proposing here.

He said NATO forces would be "really, really careful" to avoid civilian losses, but would be as tough in defending themselves as the coalition had been.

Civilian deaths during coalition military action — often involving air power and heavy weaponry — has complicated the NATO force's task of winning over a skeptical Pashtun tribal populace.

When they are being "really, really careful" of the civilians, I do suspect they will take the word of anyone saying they are not an aggressor. It is this attitude and political correctness that gets more people killed, civies and troops alike. If the terrorists would not cower behind civies, then there would be significant less deaths in relation to ordinance used to attack terrorists. Not to mention, the civilian deaths are quite low compared to the numbers of the actual terrorists that have been sent directly to hell via some hot lead. I urge you to look at the numbers of past wars and how they compare to the current ones now. Also look at the current wars, and death ratios from the coalition forces, and compare them to the ratios of the terrorist forces and you weill see without to much difficulty whom is the cautious one concerning innocents in warfare. Now to address the issue of a skeptical populace. This populace that is mentioned has always been skeptical, and shall continue in this way. However, they were slowly but surely coming around more to help in the fight against those dealers of death.

In short my readers, I look for a huge FUBAR to happen in A-stan due to NATO's take over in operations. But hey, what do I know? I'm just an uneducated redneck hick from the sticks.


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