Sunday, August 27, 2006

Vermin Control The Redneck Way.

As I was wading through the mire and muck that is thought to be news and some blogs, I came across a little tid bit about an unlucky town that seems to have a coon problem. Yes the townspeople of Olympia Washington has a self induced coon infestation and are now in grieving due to many adorable kitty cats have been ravaged by the beasts they fed.... COONS.

This problem has become so bad they even had to hold a special town meeting to find some sort of resolve, however according to the
article it sounds more like it was nothing more than a hand wringing hug fest. They are completely oblivious as to what they must do to solve this infestation and are asking... no pleading for help from others to solve it for them. What a bunch of idiotic pussies!

Now being a former country boy, I will give them some clues as to how we deal with such vermin. Mind you, none of then cures to the ailments is ever a pleasant end for the vermin. We country folk know the dangers that coons, opossums, ground hogs....etc. present to humans, live stock, crops etc. thus we take their intrusion onto our property seriously and do not treat them as a friendly neighbor coming by for a cup of coffee.

The Olympians have stated that the vermin have worn paths in certain places; they also have them timed as to when they appear. Now if this does not make tending to the situation much easier than I know what would. All they simply must do now is wait for the appointed time, at the appointed place and start shooting. Simple as pie. If they wish not to use an actual firearm, there is a wide array of pellet and bb guns readily available for use in such matters. In fact, some of them pack just as much punch in close range as what "real" firearms do. I guarantee that the vermin will take notice to this new threat to their lives and will change their habits. Little do most know though, after several lead pellets being embedded under the skin or in the muscle of an animal, well this does after time tend to cause infection and the animal eventually will die due to it. At least in my own experience they will.

If you happen to be a lazy ass or can't hit the broad side of a barn from five feet away, then persue the venue of traps. Of course, the politically correct way is the live trap. This has not been very effective in Olympia though because the vermin have wizened up to this. Therefore, I suggest using a real trap. You know the type, the leg bones are crushed, there is blood etc.... What fun it is! On the other hand, if they were not such pussies, they could have an old-fashioned coon hunt! Nothing like drunken redneck with their hounds out running around in the middle of the night with loaded weapons chasing coons!

The fact of the matter is simple. The residents started feeding these vermin and now the vermin has grown to such a population that they are now a serious threat. They have no fear of humans; they are attacking cats, small dogs, and terrorizing the ignorant in the town. Next, they will be attacking the people and larger animals. What will they do then when some child is mangled due to a pissed off coon? Bring a lawsuit against the city council for not tending to the infestation sooner when the residents themselves instigated it? In this liberal whiney assed town, I can see this coming.

In closing, I say grow up you pathetic small-minded wankers. You are not in elementary school anymore but you are adults. You brought this pestilence upon yourselves now go out and kill some coons. Learn a little about wildlife and understand that it can, and often times will hurt/kill you if not tended to. After all a good environmentalist is one that tends to the land, not letting the land tend him (a lesson from my Grandpa, a farmer from the old school).

All advice given was taken into consideration that this situation is within the city limits of Olympia, thus the restraint of using more effective means of ridding the vermin ... that is ... by using real weapons to disperse these critters.


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At 8/28/2006 3:31 AM, Blogger Rastaman said...

Goddam right. Raccoons are NOT cute, they're bloodthirsty killers. Several times I had a coon chew its way past all the wire and get into the chicken yard and proceed to kill over 100 hens just for the sheer joy of it. It would then carry off only one for its dinner.

I shot them every time I could. I've killed more than I can recall. I set traps for them. Any way I could kill off a raccoon, I did. I run over them on the road. I hate the goddam things.

They stink so bad I can't imagine eating one. You'd have to be starving first. They're that bad. If every last raccoon were eradicated, I'm talking extinction here, we would all be way better off for it. Raccoons are like big rats, they compete with us for the available food supply, they take way more than their share and pack it away to just rot, and they defile what's left.

Screw the kiddie cartoons. Raccoons are NOT cute, they're nasty, dirty, vicious bastards and they get BIG, too, 50, 60 pound males aren't to be messed with.

Yes. Dirty. That food-washing bit? No. What the raccoon is actually doing is digging into the stream or pond bed and getting mud and stirring it into the water. Why? No clue, ask a raccoon. But I've seen them do it many times and all they do is make a mess of what was clean water moments before. Raccoons suck. Raccoons are Gods answer to the mammal version of flies.


At 8/28/2006 10:28 AM, Blogger Carnivore said...

You're right coons are a problem, they ar ejust as bad as pole cats and 'possums too. For a farmer a badger is horrid too. They along with the ground hogs have destroyed ponds before if left unchecked. This is one reason we country folk tend to the land (including the wildlife) and do not let the land tend to us.
We hunt, fish, and take out the critters that are dangerous. We will even kill one of our best sows, boars, bulls, cows..... if they start having mean tendencies in a heart beat. Town folk just don't understand this concept. If they really knew just how many critters we put down they would have aliberal shit fit for sure.

At 8/28/2006 6:42 PM, Blogger Squiddy said...

Yeah, save the racoons, but kill the unborn babies, eh!

At 8/28/2006 7:31 PM, Blogger Carnivore said...

nice tie in there Squiddy, always a joy to see and "ole neighbor" around here.

At 8/30/2006 12:41 PM, Blogger MEGABRAD said...

Heh heh,

Well well well. I see you have invaded "Blogger" as well my friend. Good! I do like the site here.

So, you are picking on the stupid commie town that is the CAPITAL of my state, eh? I like it. Really, you have no idea how bad it really is here, though you are close when you say,..."liberal whiney assed town,...". Hahaha...
I am surrounded by RETARDS up here man!! I am surrounded by hippies and liberals.
No need to send help though,.... I've got it covered!!

Heh heh heh...

Later man ;)

At 8/30/2006 8:31 PM, Anonymous Hurricane Ernesto said...

Some 'moderate' voices from Hell are the most popular... so, the muslim peoples themselves (Sunni and Shiite alike) is so 'moderate' as their 'heroes' and idols...

Nelson Ascher:

Leftists intellectuals (Chomsky, Hobsbawn, Vidal, Sontag) 'translate' Jihad statements:

When Bin Laden launches "jews, crusaders, christians", his words are translated as 'zionists, conservatives, capitalists'.

When a clerig makes sure "homossexuals, adulteress females, no-beard men and no-veil women deserves die by stoning", the unique interpretation to his sermon is 'a metaforic-metaphysic attack against Hollywood and George Bush'.

And that classic sentence which the Afgan mujaheedin Maulana Inyadullah said to a reporter "Americans like movies and Pepsi-Cola, but we really like death." means 'Proletarians worldwide, unite you!'

Nelson Ascher is a conservative Brazilian journalist, essayist and poet.

At 9/01/2006 4:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kill. Clean. Cook. Eat. Kill again. It's the circle of life.


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