Thursday, August 31, 2006

Daily Kos Idiots Are Lost as Always.

How I can barely contain from opening a comment account at the slime hole known as "Daily Kos". One has to think... do these people actually believe the anal sludge that is presented at this web site for the educationally challenged is actually true and has the same weight as facts? From what the comments show, I fear this to be the case in point. However, I love it when they attempt to pull out an essay of some other lefturd and use it as facts and "a must be truth" due to their location and "schooling". After all, we all know that it matters not what letters one has behind their name to see when there is BS being flung around.

Case in point is a recent entry entitled "
U.S Military in Paraguay, S. America: Your Tax Dollars at Work". With a link to "Paraguay Platform for Hemispheric Hegemony". Now first and foremost, we know that the Kosasses are all lefturds, and make sure that they use biased sources. Therefore, this does not come of any surprise to me to see this source, with its biasedness dripping from the monitor as I was reading this. Now to let you know, what initially hooked me into reading this was that I was interested to see what they were going to say about the military presence in this section of the world. In addition, to give you a quick reminder/hint, I am presently located in this part of the world being discussed. This being the case, I do have an uncanny knowledge for the feel and society as a whole in Latin America, if not in this particular region mentioned in the article. I reside in Argentina, and this shall be the only location that you will know of my where abouts.

Onward to dismantling the articles. First with the Kosass Tom47. He leads off with "Here is a recent thorough analysis of some of what the US military (and by extension, the Bush administration) has been up to in Paraguay, 'the heart of South America'. Read it and weep."

We instantly see the BDS coming out in the first sentence. He also forgets that assisting other countries battle terrorism and drugs is a helping hand to the security of U.S. as well. Then he proceeds to dub the unworthy title of Paraguay being the heart of South America. I know several people that would disagree with this statement for many reasons including Paraguayans to boot. What the major stink he has, is that the U.S. military is in South America to assist the host countries in training and provide some much needed humanitarian aide to the locals as well. However, Tom47 with his convoluted delusional state of mind is completely wrapped up into some sort conspiracy theory thinking the U.S. is wishing and or planning for in the future, some sort of militaristic strategic point for the southern part of the continent. C'mon, Paraguay??? Stop wiping you ass with your head, because the article cited is by far from being "thorough, and is not news at all as for what the military has been doing either.

The longer you read this author's anal sludge, the worse it gets. It is obvious that he has forgotten to take his meds for his published blog seems to become even more riddled with errors in grammar and spelling, much less formatting. Now mind you, I am not the best in any one of the above mentioned, but I at least attempt to make a sound argument to my case in point and make sure that at least the formatting is all the same if not only slightly off. Also even when my little pea brain can spot obvious errors the further the entry goes, well that just proves that his psychosis has kicked in. Quick someone get the Lithium, Haldol, something!!!

Now for the original material's author. A Uruguayan activist aligned firmly on the left of the center left. The typical elitists' hero of sorts. Educated, but not wise. After all, as I said in a comment elsewhere, wisdom is knowledge used properly. To be wise you have to use the knowledge in the correct manner in accordance with the facts. This author fails to do this. Now to be fair, I am unqualified to comment so much on the agriculture and business aspects of the article with the exception of just a few generic ones. They are: You ought not to blame a couple (mainly one) seed companies for the farmers not rotating crops. This will come back to bite them in the arse.

Onward to the meat of the article now. It is attempting to make a claim the poor little old Paraguay is this weak defenseless state where as big corporation and the evil imperialistic United States (damn all of us Yanquis) are passively aggressively working our claws into it to take it over due to its strategic position. Oh yes this tiny country infested with gangs of murderous thugs from FARC (do a Google search of Columbian drug cartels), others from Brazil, and of course those in Chile, Peru, and islamnofascists like Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Hamas is in the power hungry eyes of Bush and company. All this just because of its close proximity to energy rich lands adjacent to this country. If one is to ask the "peasant" (their term) populace what the U.S. is after they will say their water. Yes the ever valued H2O.

This article makes a huge streak mark in the skeevies of S.A. (South America) by asserting that we are helping in the militarization of the area. Well if helping to train a host country's military in anti-terrorist, anti-narcotic and basic military strategy is a bad thing, well then yes we are guilty. Shame on us for helping this weak country (one of the few statements that are true in the cited work). They are attempting to also aide this country in providing the poor and uneducated with some forms of basic and immediate medical assistance. Now this article cites that this is but and evil ploy to make the population desensitized to a military presence, and complains that they populace never sees the personnel again after they just give the "same medication to everyone regardless of the ailments". Now being a resident (legally I might add, yes I am a documented American adding to the society in which I live in) and knowing first hand the people and class warfare games these social movements play, I can assure you that this is what is going on. These people expect a nanny state. They want others to tend to them without them having to take responsibility for their own woes. They believe it is their right to be a squatter on someone else’s land, or property (we have a problem with people moving into unfinished buildings here). When they do not get what they want they disrupt the society with violence or cut the routes of prosperity (shipping lanes, main highways and rail lines, a quick reference to the recent happenings in Bolivia will give you an idea).

One has to be completely off the rocker to actually believe that the U.S. is so interested in Paraguay as a military point of offenssive/deffensive nature to believe the crap they are presenting to the gullible masses of dwindling grey mass. The article itself makes no true mention as about what the military is doing, but only cites a complaint from the populace without giving a name to the comment. This only leads one to suspect that this is a complete fabrication of propaganda by the leftist social movements largely aligned with communism and anarchism. Look at the cited movements and do a search on them. Look for the violence these movements have done in the good name of "progress". They make no true effort to show just how bad the gangs are in this area, and just how lawless this country is. Yet they are proposing that we, the evil, vile Americans are to blame for the sad state they are in. They do not take into account that they are in fact to blame entirely, if not at least partially for their own circumstances. Now I have trodden on the fertile earth that the article names. I have visited Iguazu, and the province of Misiones, I have seen the people, talked with them and understand their plight. I also have a very good friend that was born and raised in this area, yet she has not the same outlook as what this article portrays that the people of this region does. I have seen the military doing the border patrols, and know why they do them. It is not because of the U. S. military's presence, but due to the uncouth actions of certain leftist presidents like Evo Morales, and Hugo Chavez giving so much support to such organizations that only inflame and cause havoc in the area. For example, Hugo gladly supports both monetarily and politically FARC. FARC has strong ties with trade deals in Ciudad Del Este. A city riddled with terrorists.

This Tri-border area is violent and unstable, even during the most heavy-handed dictatorships could not control the area with any due success due to the terrain. It is thick hilling jungle with rock face cliffs. Swift running rivers and creeks infested with dangerous characters of all sorts. Not a place to go out visiting on your own. A guide is the only way. Even the locals stick to the traveled routes for their own safety. Yet we are being demonized for assisting the underdog here. The mention of Brazil moving a good portion of its military to the northern border due to the military presence is a crock of poo too. This is due to Evo Morales' action with nationalization of the petrol and the lack of control on his own homegrown terrorists... FARC. In fact, it was just published in a brief article in La Nation about three to four weeks ago that a C-130 had landed in Brazil with some 60 troops in Rio. This is in support of helping Brazil with the Tri-border patrols.

Nothing new here folks, even Argentina has U.S. military help for this region. These folks are just trying to pull a fast one you. Thankfully, you have a local redneck here to shed some light on the farce they are attempting. You may read an earlier entry I did about the Tri-border problems


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At 9/01/2006 4:22 AM, Blogger Doghouse said...

Daily Kos is pretty much just a source of entertainment for people who like to laugh at the mentally retarded. The left is so completely unhinged and disconnected from reality, that I'm amazed they haven't spun off into space yet. They're not just wrong. They're absolutely, foaming-at-the-mouth-ranting-and-raving crazy.

At 9/01/2006 12:57 PM, Blogger Squiddy said...

Carnivore, I admire that you have the stomach to wade through the lefturd crap! I'm often curious and want to read those blogs just to see if they ever have a point other than evil propaganda, but it's easier to read your digest of their insanity. I like that you have so much knowledge of what's going on there down south. I'm just waiting for the next big Commie attack from Hugo and his buds.

It's always the same story with Commies -- take advantage of the poor and convince them they can't do anything for themselves, that they need to be violent and demand it from the evil capitalists.

At 9/10/2006 10:48 PM, Anonymous El gato loco said...

Terrorists suck and Commies suck

At 5/08/2008 6:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daily Kos are truly idiots. Even most Dems think they are nuts.


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