Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Terrorist Activity in Latin America.

Now doesn't this come as a shock to those unwilling and unable to look at the facts here in this region commonly thought to be a third world environment. I am amazed at all the buzz in the more well-known blogs about the recent exposure of Hezbollah out in public view in Venezuela with the condolences from Hugo. To me it seems that the "Big Boys" had forgotten, or perhaps have just overlooked the terrorist activity in Latin America. Tis a shame that the only larger more well known blog, Frontpage, is the one (to my knowledge) that had exposed this prior to Michelle Malkin and the others (you know whom they are).

Yes I am bashing them today for the big "surprise news" that they are choosing to report. I do enjoy their blogs/reporting, but many of us wee tykes have reported about this activity numerous times before this breakthrough. I myself have not only written about here in Blogger, but also in the less than desirable MSN spaces as well. Some of my readers can attest to this fact such as Doghouse, Squiddy, Mrs. Carnivore, Caveman, and of course Megabrad, not to mention some of my regulars that I have picked up here as well.

What has put the burr under my saddle is simply that we, the wee ones, have been writing about such things for some time now. Not only in individual blog entries, but also in comments at other blogs. However, to me it seems that all of a sudden people are now aware of this threat that lay south of the U.S. border. This threat has been there long before the Hezzies moved in full force into Hugo's bed. A CNN report had clearly pointed this out (I must give some credit to the Hot Air vent for pointing this out). I am also amazed that folks are aghast about such bedfellows. Sheesh people, Hugo has been to Russia, China, the lands infested with to vermin commonly known as Islamofascists (Iran, Syria etc...) finalizing business deals of this type and that type. Why wouldn't a terrorist organization set up shop in his country? After all Hezbollah has been dealing with FARC for years out of the Tri-Border region and Hugo has provided aide on numerous occasions to them as well.

I think that the "Big Boys" ought to remove their collective heads from their arses and not only just monitor their normal news feeds, but cruise around for the wee ones writing breaking stories so as not to look like complete dufuses. But hey, this is just coming from a redneck sitting behind his third world made pc with black market hardware and pirated software.
What the hell would I know living amongst the people affected firsthand by such organizations and neighboring countries with those terrorists thriving within their borders? I think they had simply just fropped the ball, and it's about damn time they picked it up too!


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At 9/06/2006 9:28 PM, Anonymous caveman said...

Yea heard about this and dam I live close to the border

At 9/07/2006 12:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll attest!:)

I'm always surprised that people are surprised about things that happen. "What? Terrorists coming from the south of us? What's up with that?" So many people have their heads in the sand, or are so obsessed with Bush-bashing, or are, well, really stupid, that they can't see the obvious threats. "What? Hezbollah is rearming? What's up with that?"

In a way, 9/11 wasn't even a big deal for me. I wasn't surprised. I was just thinking, "Well, duh! If we let the bad guys do whatever they want for years and years, then something like this is going to happen. What did you expect, folks?" I can't even watch the mainstream media, they're so hilariously pathetic.

At 9/07/2006 1:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

El gato loco said...
All I have to say is if you want it done DO IT...If you let politics get it to it well then ur friggen screwed...
If we just bombed the friggen heck out of dang hezbollah well...we wouldnt have a problem....

At 9/07/2006 12:37 PM, Blogger Carnivore said...

I'm a bit closer than you.

I was not too suprised either, perhaps a bit shocked and I wnt around saying to folks that day, we are at war, we are being attacked and this will be war.
1 plane=oops
2 planes... terrorist
pentagon hit... undeniable act of war
4 all dead crash in a feild..

Poltics have always gotten int he way of the military doing its job. Once they give the control of the military completely in its hands, well then it will be more effective at erradicating our enimies.


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