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The World's View on The War on Terror.

What can I say folks, I am a sucker for those leftist sites. I thoroughly enjoy reading their incompetent efforts of mind numbing "thruthiness". Today a headline popped out at me from the all-honest all the time, anti-spin truth detectives from TRUTHOUT entitled "As Others See US- The 'War on Terror'". Well being the redneck politically uncorrect glutial scratchier that I am, I just had to look at what they had to say considering my unique position living abroad. Just to lay out some background, while I am residing here in South America I am attending classes to improve my abilities at communication in the native tongue. The dynamics of class consist of people from all over the world, Philippines, Japon, Poland, Holland, Brazil, Germany, Italy, UK; the list goes on and on inclusive of all ages. I must make known as well that I have contact with people from other countries too, and not just my current location's neighbors either. All know very well my nationality, and that I am prior service deeply entrenched with a military family spanning four generations.

Now, shall we get down to business?

Norman Solomon has failed to convince me in any way that his op ed piece has any merit. First of all he only provides quotes without giving the original source or even a link to hear the context that these quotes were taken from. Second, he uses widely known often times proven wrong sources. NPR and their spin offs have always been flawed and hardly accurate. This is in effect what PRI is. Then again, perhaps I ought not be so hard on them, after all they are swayed with the impecable judgement and authorty of the ever balanced and factual news of BBC. I think they should stick with their Dr. Who productions myself (yes, I am a proud fan of all the Doctors).

But there are exceptions. A recent one aired on "PRI's The World," a co-production of Public Radio International, WGBH in Boston and the BBC World Service. "We decided to check in with people in different parts of the globe to get their perspectives on the White House's war on terror," the anchor said on the September 5 broadcast.

NOrMAN Schloing, you're an idiot. Ok now that I have that off my half tattooed hairy chest (ask Mrs. Carnivore ;p), I am able to continue with my assertion to the flaws presented in this editorial in question. His first, and according him the most generous in praise is the honorable all knowing expert
"came from a senior manager with Ernst & Young Security and Integrity Services, based in the Netherlands". So Mr. Secret expert with no name, what pray tell do you have to enlighten us. Oh please do rain down your glorious words of unending knowledge and wisdom.

The Europeans are still somewhat confused about what the focus of the war is. They see a lack of clarity from the United States as to what the goals of this conflict are, as to what the strategy is, as to what the standards are that the US applies, and as to what the controls are that the US has placed on itself in waging this war.

Focus: Kill any and all terrorists and prevent any terrorist unknown at present time from killing us.

Instill in a local population that has been oppressed by true totalitarian regimes infested with terrorists a chance of freedom and democracy. This is but one step in providing for a more secure enviorment in the world. If any unruly brat terrorists should arise at this time while freedom is upon a locality, and democracy is flowering, then kill the terrorist.

Kill those bastard terrorists before they kill us while having our hands tied behind our backs and some liberal byproduct of a properly admistered enema rubs salt into our eyes so we may not be able to see them as clearly. All at the same time while having a full choir of drunken Ted and his buddies singing "goodness gracious, great balls of Bubba" in our ears so we are less likely to hear those evil wiretaps.

Being a conservative with some normal thoughts and common sense, the allowing of leftists freedom from the secret looney bins hidden away in the abandoned coalmines in Pendleton County W. Va. are enough constraints to keep the world assured that we have placed internal controls.

NOrMan continues with this little snippet.

By US media standards, that's about the extent of mainstream critiques of the "war on terror." But outside the United States, that's about the mildest criticism you're likely to find.

It's obvious that this man does not read any newspapers, watch any TV, listen to the radio, or even visit the BDS folks over at Truthdig, or Daily Kos, much less read his own fecal dribble. Now as I sit here scrapping off the road apples of pathetic minded words off of my well-worn cowboy boots, NOrMan has more surprises in store for us with his next installment of misguidedness.

Consider the assessment that aired on the radio program from Rohan Gunaratna, author of the widely praised book Inside al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror. Based in Singapore, he was principal investigator for the United Nations' Terrorism Prevention Branch.

In Asia, said Gunaratna, "the vast majority of the Muslims believe that President Bush's campaign against terrorism has in fact increased the threat of terrorism and extremism very significantly after 9/11. With regard to Iraq, what they're saying is that the terrorists have recruited more people, radicalized more people, and raised funds from Muslims just by projecting US invasion and occupation of Iraq as an attack against Islam and as an attack against the Muslims."

Ok first let’s look at the beginning of the quote. It starts with a lower case "t". This leads the reader to some conclusions.
1) He made a typo. 2) It has been a chop job thus taking it out of context. 3) With the recent scandals in the media about intentional altering of images and printed works, this only makes this suspect to the same actions. Now for the statement itself. Just how do we know that this man has interviewed and or polled every single Muslim on the planet to come up with this broad-brush stroke as being fact? The more I read (personal blogs) and see in the media it is only those fanatic wack jobs that are in this colostomy bag of questionable reporting. Now in regards to the Iraq statement, just what is the major religigous belief....? Islam and thus being believers it would Muslims right. Duh!!!
If the Asshats would not have attacked us first and would have been decent civilized people, well then perhaps, they would not have seen the military might of the US, and the rest of the countries involved there. Now frankly, if say it were... oh I don't know.... Hindus that attacked Jewish institutions in Argentina, blew up people in markets, attacked military ships in ports, killed Russian kids in a school, attacked embassies, etc... I am sure that they would have the same feelings especially if they were concentrated in a particular country that have been proven by first person testimony and official documents to have helped, provided training, and sponsored terrorist that attacked the us which resulted in 3000 deaths.

But, what do I know I am not a highly educated scholar or psychiatrist. Therefore, what does a head doc. have to say about such issues?

Then came the assessment from Frank Njenga, a psychiatrist in Nairobi, who is president of the African Association of Psychiatrists and Allied Professionals. "The White House war on terrorism is generally viewed here in Kenya as a futile exercise that is exacerbating the insecurity across the world," Dr. Njenga said. "It is perceived from this end that the major perpetrators of terrorism in the world are the inequities that exist in the world - economic, social and political. Those people who believe that they are downtrodden will continue to perpetuate acts of terrorism."
Ok everyone now say... Dhimmi! This is straight out of that old and worthless argument that the big bad imperialist US is the root of all evil. I guess they think we (the US) ought to just give them all that we have so that there is no longer any inequality so that they will not feel downtrodden. Well guess what folks, look at what the basic structure of Islam as the mullahs, and imams preach... it is to subjugate you and keep you in a state of despair with out any individual thought or chance of improving your situation. This is what has and is continuing to oppress a large majority of the population in the world. Look at Iran, Saudi, Darfur, Somalia, etc... For a high and mighty shrink one would think he/she would the influence associated with the title and position to influence the African nations to stabilize the countries that neck of the woods instead of blaming those problems on the US. One must also note, here in South America there is a large section of the population that is just a poor and downtrodden, yet they do not become fanatic suicide bombers. Could it be in fact it is the religion itself then?

And, Dr. Njenga added, "It is generally perceived that America has a major role to play in this inequitable distribution of resources across the world. In fact, the general perception is that the average American has no understanding, has no intention, has no will to understand anything that happens outside of the United States - and for that reason their war on terrorism is a total misconception without any relevance to the real world where the majority of the people live."

Now in this section the kind doctor does have a valid point. Since I have lived here, I too have noticed this. Many Americans (in general terms) do not give a rat’s arse or even know what is happening in other places in the world. This is due solely to their own laziness and lack of obligation to educate themselves. They choose to become ignorant and take what they see on TV, in the papers, and hear on the radio and the golden facts; never questioning if they are in fact real, or just a manifestation of some biased group. Many do not even want to know what is happening beyond their payroll and the Friday night barhopping. After all just look at the various videos of the protestors talking about what cause they are marching for. Most do not even have a clue what it is they are protesting about. You can always find a full bar, but rarely find a full library. Now does this make the war on terror a misconception and irrelevant, No of course not. This is a just and needed war. The US finally stood up to it, and perhaps if more do the same then there will be an end to it sooner. Even if it does take two, three, four, five, ... generations to finally wipe this current form of terror... islamofacism off the face of the earth.

Of course these are very inflamatory words, especially if one from perhaps the middle east were to happen upon them.

What about the predominant view from the Middle East? Rami G. Khouri is director of the Issam Fares Institute at the American University of Beirut and editor-at-large at the Daily Star newspaper, which is published throughout the region. On the radio segment, he said: "The American war on terror is perceived in Lebanon and much of the Middle East as a sign of the combination of arrogance and confusion that is driving American policy, not only in the Middle East but I think in much of the world."

Arrogance eh? What about Hezbollah firing rockets into civilians, kidnappings, and such? Then whine about an army of vile JOOS stomping your dingle dangle in the dirt? That seems pretty arrogant to me, if not just slightly ignorant. I do get the two words mixed up sometimes. As for the confusion of foreign policy, I can safety say that it is only the leftists that are confused. They are in a constant state of confusion. Therefore, Mr. Khouri, start educating yourself in some conservative propaganda like the up-coming ABC Clintonista embarrassment. However, since you are a think about such important issue like American foreign policy around the world, you may just be sharp enough not to have to indoctrinate your advanced brain in the propaganda put forth by the evil warmongers on the right. After all, the timing is questionable considering the elections and all.

What Khouri had to say, few American pundits seem to want to hear: "While there's agreement that terror is a problem that must be fought - and we have suffered from it much more than the United States has, we in this region in the Middle East - there's also a sense that the United States has mis-diagnosed the nature of the terror problem, exaggerated its threat, confused hopelessly a whole range of different groups - some of which are terrorists, some of which are doing legitimate resistance to occupation - and basically tried to come up with a new formula that substitutes for the Cold War."

Now the meds have worn off this pitiful subject of experimentation gone awry. No shit Sherlock there is terrorism, however, you have failed to understand that any and all groups that aide, or allow their presence in them are considered to be a terrorist. Now since the Palestones (they all have to be "burnt/baked") think that they are not terrorists for sending kids, women, rockets etc... to kill civilians is not terrorism, than what is? Oh yeah that's right they are Freedom fighters. As in mis-diagnosing some terrorists, well sir you do have a point there. CAIR has yet to be shut down with prejudice, and of course, we have not had any executions for certain congresspeople due to their treason either. After all, if the cold war were still going on, as you seem to think we are longing for, then perhaps this would have happened. Oh, yes the days of just fighting the commies. Oh wait, we still are, and they are your allies, just look north to Russia and China.

Lest there be any misunderstanding, Khouri added: "The United States calls 'terrorists' anybody that it doesn't like or that Israel doesn't like, because people like Hezbollah and Hamas who are fighting a war of resistance against Israeli occupation are labeled as 'terrorists,' while most of the world sees them as legitimate resistance fighters when they're fighting the Israeli army."

Ok so not the Anti-Semitic thing comes out. Oh yes we are controlled the evil Zionists, the Joos... argh quick someone help me. Last I knew Israel pulled out of disputed lands and gave them back, yet still attacks have killed not only Israeli Jews, but Arabs too. You are correct to say that the Middle East is more aware of terrorism, because you, the residents of these lands are the ones causing at least 99.9999999999999999999999999% of it. Oh wait, I may be just exaggerating that figure though. Control yourselves you whiney assed bedwetters.

Such views are routinely expressed in news media almost everywhere in the world. But in the United States, our media insulation about the "war on terror" is extreme - and dangerously self-deluding.

Self-deluding, great choice of words. It fits you to a "T" NOrMan. It is obvious as I stated above, you have not being paying attention, something the progressives, liberals, leftists, etc. always say they do. As for them being expressed worldwide, I think not. I rarely see an article stating anything of this sort here. I do see reprints from the AP wires and that sort of thing though. Now as for the worldview on this war, my fellow classmates are all in agreence with me. Even though we come from very distinctly different backgrounds, cultures, and are only together to learn a second language, well all have one thing common. The knowledge that Islamofacism is deadly and cannot be tolerated or appeased. I do believe the class has better overview of the world that what these four people do. Only shear brute force and cunning intelligence with some creative measures at stopping it will work. Giving trees big hugs and flowers in gun barrels will only embolden the terrorists, and get more people killed.


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At 9/09/2006 10:51 AM, Blogger CarpiJugulum said...

What a sham. The biggest misconception is the myth that President Bush has created more terrorist. This is not so. What he has done is brought them out from underneth their rocks and out of their caves to where the world can see them plotting.

For those in Africa to talk about how they are morally superior and much more in tune with the world is not only a poor joke buut an insult to humanity. With every other year Africa going through a racial cleansing and religious wars. Look at the Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. Nothing being done by the "brother Africans" for their fellows man.

Power hungry apoloists and dictators hiding under the guise of enlightened thinking are making the war on terror harder. By coming up with utopian excuses for these isamofacist they are propagating their numbers.

I have been saying this for months now, South America will be the next and I feel most bloody front in this war. When the Catholic church finally wakes up and sees the subjegation of its parishineers in Latin America by the likes of Hugo Chavez, and the established marxist and Islamofacists that operate there now. It will get nasty.

Sombre Negra


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