Monday, September 11, 2006

In Remembrance.

September 11, 2001, the day that shook the world. Not a single nation has been left unscathed due to this day. Every corner knows of the events, and many countries have been touched by these events. This day is remembered for those that lost their lives in a tragic and violent manner all across the world. We weep for those people, and we raise our fists in eternal anger at the people responsible for their deaths. In every news outlet, that I have looked in today there is some mention of the horrendous acts, thus only proving that we have not forgotten what had transpired on this dreadful day. From the North, South, East and West, people remember. The scars are fresh, and not fully healed, and with these, we continue to fight on in the war. A war that is not soon to be finished, but one that must be fought.

On this day five years ago, I had just gotten home from dropping my son off at school. I was working night shift in those days, so when I flipped on the tele I was thinking that I had perhaps misunderstood the sights before my eyes due to lack of sleep. It was then watching these live images that the second plane had hit the towers. Then I knew that this was no accident. A few minutes passed and one hit the Pentagon. I immediately called the lady I was courting at the time and told her that we (the country) was at war. I knew that this was an act of war, but did not know at the time the name of enemy, though I had my suspicions as to whom it was. As it turns out, I was correct.

On this day, as we honor those that fallen under the weight of hate-laden deeds by those wishing to destroy us, let us not forget the reason why we are at war.
May God bless those lost and the ones fighting.



At 9/11/2006 1:09 PM, Blogger Squiddy said...

Amen, brother!


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