Friday, September 15, 2006

Rosie & The Radicals.

Once more the ever enlightened, self-serving, all-knowing, all-ingnorant all of the time, super lesbian Rosie has made herself out to be the fool of fools. On a recent edition of the View she spouted off that Christian radicals are just as much of a threat as Islamic radicals. I guess she has never heard Carmen's song "Radically Saved" then.

Last time I checked I have not seen a group of BJU's heading to the airport to highjack a plane and run it into any buildings. Nor have I even seen any of the righteous southern Baptist choir groups go on a holy crusade with explosives strapped to their chests intent on killing all infidels. Where is the local churches preaching that homosexuals are to be hanged for the crime against God? UH oh, we better watch them Amish and Mennonites then. After all they should be considered to be the most RADICAL of all the Christians.

How one can be so confused with a few nut cases like the jonesBURRO church, and the normal Christian faiths, I have no idea. But this is common thinking amongst those on the left. What is just as disturbing is that the radical islamisits firmly believe it is their duty to wipe out any sort of freedom that allows this person's right to spout off idiotic comments, much less to be gay.

Perhaps she ought to look at how radical the rainbow movement is and then think twice about her misguided biasedness. I would have to say that the reason she makes this compression is because she has the guilty feelings for her life being what she is. She wishes not to be told by the Christian faith that she has chosen a lifestyle deemed to be perverse. So in turn she makes outrageous remarks without thinking about where the true threat lay. That is of course, Islam.

It is obvious that she fails to realize that she herself is considered to be a radical. I can safely assert that those within my "inner cirlce" agree with this, as do the aquaintences I have as well. For her to be what is considered "progressive" and tolerant of others' views, she certianly fails miserably in this area of their supossed ideologies. When in fact the progressive movement is not progressive at all, but rather just a movement filled with fascism. They say they are open, but when you or any one else depicts and idea other than what they think is right, they wish to sqaush this. A recent example is the ABC docudrama. It is fair game for op ed movies like Porky Moorehamburgers please, but not for the more balanced view.

They spout that what most hold near and dear to their hearts as core values as being bigots, narrow minded and in gerneral just plain wrong. They use labels such as BLAH-phobia, warmongers, riechwing, etc.... Yet they fail to see the base roots of the organizations they align themselves with that support the very peopl wishing to take their lives. Thus the term useful idiots.

As the term has been aptly put.... they are truly Godless. Thier religion is anything but from a holy inspiration and will continue to falter as it is proven to be defunct of deceny and common sense. So Rosie, when you see some grade school kids getting on a bus with their crosses hanging around their necks, and their WWJD bookmarks and bracelets, do you think they are going to blow it up saying "God is Great"? In islam kids are trained for such things. But that is ok, they love you too. We Christians love you even if you do choose to be perverse. We hate your choice, but still have the pity, sorrow, and hope that some day you shall change your ways. We won't force you to convert with the threat of death, we just say if you do not come to Christ, then you will be in enternal torment.... we give YOU the choice.



At 9/15/2006 11:35 PM, Blogger CarpiJugulum said...

Dead on Blog! It is amazing how Rosie can be so self rightous. Her and the other elitists from holliewierd. Sean Penn talking about facism, Rosie about radical Christianity. One has to wonder if they put more then floride in their water.

I saw the video clip of her perfomance and what is scary was the audiance that applauded her assine statment. I was also shocked by her fellow hosts who got on her for her statement.

When these idiots make their grand tours of foriegn lands maybe instead of taking the red carpet tour, hosted by dictators they should try to see what really is happeneing in these countries.

At 9/16/2006 4:10 AM, Blogger Rastaman said...

Rosie being homosexual, naturally she would be rightwingChristianophobic. :)

At 9/16/2006 11:45 AM, Blogger Carnivore said...

Carpi. Rasta,

You are both right in what you say. Even my wife (one of dem dere feriners) says the same about her lunacy. We never run out of material to write about with the wacked out left so obviously blind to the happenings and realities of the world.

Its a nasty place, sometimes we have to be nastier than our foes to survive for the wellbeing of mankind.

At 9/16/2006 1:27 PM, Blogger Squiddy said...

Yeah, Rosie is part of the big lefty movement to create a myth that the US is full of evil, violent Christians. Place her among a group of Christians and she'll still be treated as a child of God, as one who has the right to make her own choices. Place her among radical Islamists and she'll be slaughtered like a pig.

At 9/19/2006 8:11 AM, Blogger CarpiJugulum said...

Holy Rollers Batman, Rosie an extremist? Say it isn't so.
What is sad about Rosie and her stupidity is that she honestly thiinks she is main stream in her thinking. All those so far to the left think they are main stream thinkers. It has come to be so status quo to dog on anything that is Christian. Rosie and her ilk spread their lies and hate. They are no better then Joe Raghead who hand picks what he wants to hear and what he doesn't. Remember when she was all over Tom Sellek for his pro gun stance? Then we find out Rosie insisted that the body guard for her child be armed. The left like Islamofacist have a double standard. A common theme among radicals in the left.

At 9/29/2006 10:59 AM, Anonymous Ernesto Ribeiro said...

CIA, FBI and other agencies were investigating candidate Clinton's illegal apropriation given by China's army. The advisor that Clinton assigned for cover the channels of communication between the Service of Intelligence called itself Jamie Gorelick. Who is she? Well, between the favors lent by the government Clinton to the Chinese one in reward of the help of campaign, favors that the organs of Intelligence fairly were investigating, was the given permission to a subsidiary of the General Electric for sell the Chinese army equipment that, second was revealed afterwards, served for the making of intercontinental missiles directed to the American territory.

Jamie Gorelick was a lawyer of that subsidiary. But in 2003 she was a representative in the Inquiry Parliamentarian Commission whose main occupation was stifle the responsibility of the Congress by the statement of war based in inexact information and play fault of everything in George W. Bush.

Or it be: the maker of the general blockade that paralyzed the service of security and enabled the attack of 11 of September was in charge of investigate the same faults of security that enabled the attack of 11 of September. What she did? An important article is the disappearance of a DOSSIE file that, a year before of the 11 of September, revealed the presence in American territory of a cell of the Al-Qaeda led by the terrorist one Mohammed Atta, one of the mentors of the attack to the World Trade Center. In the epoch, the investigator of the Department of Defense that be following that trail, the lieutenant-colonel Tony Shaffer, simply was prevented from pass the information to the FBI, that could not dismantle the cell.

The lieutenant-colonel Tony Shaffer denounced all the filth, with the support of the representative Curt Weldon. To big media stifled the history until do it disappear completely. But Weldon said in the CNN that the secretary Rumsfeld is for liberate the Shaffer's testimony.

Weldon and Shaffer are two rottweilers maintained in the collar by the hand of Donald Rumsfeld. The secretary is measuring the size of the trouble that to double is going to arm when he loosen them in the Democrat chicken-run. And it looks that he is beginning to like the idea.


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