Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Night Out.

Last night the Missus, her son, a co-worker and I went to the theatre here in the city in which we reside. It was a fenominal event. The preformers are a southern black gospel choir, gregory Hopkins' crew.

They had some of a showtune theme with some of the songs and of course the typical renditions of the good old back home feeling of the little churches on dusty back roads in the forgotten lands of the rural southern United States. I had a strange craving for som grits and collards watching and taking in this event with the glee of a baby suckling. They sang some new songs never before had I heard, and they old favorites we all know, such as "Oh Happy Day" and "Amazing Grace" in the style that only they can replicate.

These singers had their live band to accompany them. A bass guitar, piano, and typical set of drums was all they needed. Nothing more, nor nothing else would have been desired for this perfect evening enjoying in the celebration of life, and God's grace poured out upon us in this spiritual vocals of his message. Eventhough they had sung in English, most here know a good deal of it and can understand what the basic intent of the songs were. This being said, these people had obviously had some training to the ultimate perfection of their vocal abilities, for they can very easily sing opera. The last time I was at this theatre it was for an opera, and at times it was the same notes and clarity as what had been done then. In another comparision, during the opera, the house was only half, to be generous, three fourths full. This spectical had a full house, and not just one or two standing ovations like the opera, but there were at least eight of them.

The point of this post is not to show that I am living the "high and snobby life" but to show you the difference that a conservative will tend to spend the mney of some tickets to see and enjoy a wondeful concet of this calibre versus to waste it on some useless garbage that does not edify one's beliefs. For example, I profess a belief in God, and thus support the work to expand this belief in what ever means I may have. Yet those that say they believe, but are really false, and liberal would rather go to a peace ralley that has affiliations with those wishing to degrade all that is in relation to God. This was an evening enjoyed by all. Not only had we seen several members of the court system there, but teachers, students, and just about every financial level was represented in the audience. Here, Gregory Hopkins and his gospel choir are apreciated and sing to a full house each time.



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