Friday, January 09, 2009

Surprise, Surprise

Well didn't this last bit from the UN come as a shocker to us all. Oh my they placed a resolution for a cease fire to happen in regards to Isreal kicking some deraged, death for allah, give me my virgens skunk asses (I apologise to all the respectful skunks).

Of course all the libtards, headchoppers, and apoligetics of the world are condemning Isreal's right to self defense and to squash any threat to her. This being aid, many of this lowlife scums are members of the UN that have been some of the loudest voices screaming like a newly produced barrow (look it up if you don't know what a barrow is). I mean How dare they decide to launch an overwhelming show of force against a constant threat that has in the past, and continues to terrorize her [Israel] with rocket atacks, suicide bombers and the such. Of course the rest of the woman hating, pedofiles an decency loathing bastards from the other lovely vacation spot in Jordan has decided to help out their vermin brothers with some rockets of their own.

All this being said, we all know that our friendly neighborhood Ahi'mshitdad from Iran has his dirty little rat paws in the mess too. I mean come on folks, what did you expect Israel to do? Just sit there and allow attacks to continue while in Gaza and other like-minded communities it is openly preached in the schools, mosques, news programs, newspapers, 'round the local beheading arena that Israel is a plague and ought to be destroyed along with every other county and religion and nation that is not Islamic.

Oh those poor young people and babies and toddlers and such that have been killed. I say, tough shit. There are valid recordings showing 3 year olds on up with posioned minds wishing death to all non-muslims, and especially Jews. I saw they just killed off terrorists that haven't had the chance to be deployed yet. A form of a pre-emptive strike to streagthen security. Tis a good thing they have taken out a school too. After all, I've yet to hear that they are reciting any Dr. Sues type stories. That is unless it's the kind where they include AK's, and explosives to kill non-mooslims.

Such as life.

Carn out.


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