Friday, February 20, 2009

What!, No Humor?

That's right folks, good ole Al and the lefty gang is all up in arms about the "horridly racist" chimp cartoon that was in the NYP. Let's be factual here for a sec, if you would induldge me in that. How many times have we seen such politcal toon representing other elected officials portrayed as animals. I'm sure we can all recall the Bush transformed into a Chimp as well. Hillary a a pig, Amadipwad from Iran as a Chimp... the list goes on and on.

Just because our current misplaced brain on drugs is of the dark skined percentage of the population does not mean that he was beinh degraded in the least little bit. The toon obviously shows just how ignorant and utterly failing the spedulis package really is, as if it were written, supported, and lobbed for by chimps. You know the critters with the lesser critical thinking skils than we humans. It is more of a dig on the entire governement and all the socilistic greed that is happening now than a dig against one certian person.

Come you lefturds, get your head out of your asses and see the truth.

Carn out!


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