Friday, June 30, 2006

A Reminder to The Liberals.

The video below contains some graphic images, so if you are a squeamish asskisser liberal, or easily offended, or even just a pussy, please do not view. Due to my generally pissed-off mood to the moonbats of world, and spineless asshats of society, I have decided to post this video so we can all be reminded of the distinct differences between the decent upright conservatives and scum of the earth killer liberals. If you have problems viewing the video, then see it here. Liberals suck ass!


Rancid Odors Today.

At first I thought I just had a serious case of indigestion compounded with irritable bowel syndrome, then I realized it was just all the crap that I was reading. I tell you folks, my delicate constitution is taking a beating today.

When I started seeing the news reports about the happenings in Gaza, I almost soiled myself. Can you believe the haters of a free and civilized world are saying the Islraelis kidknapped Hamas government members. Excuse me... but isn't there a military operation going on? Would this not be part of it. I mean come one folks.. the government and "military wing of Hamas" are in fact one in the same. Peaceful Muslims my hairy white dingle berry laden arse!

What are these morons thinking? The bleeding hearts obviously forgot that those filthy goat and camel sodomizers sent women and children to assist suicide bombers (those innocent prisoners they are asking for). Dare I mention the self proclaimed firing of a chemical tipped missile into Israel. Oh what the hell the whole region is Israel. There is no such thing called whineystine. Push them out into the seas, desert, or blow them apart, whichever is easiest and comes first. I guess that the leftists also fail to see the familiar techniques used by Hezbollah either in the kidknapping of the soldier (which BTW according to Michele Malkin, he may have been release or something like that). Dare I remind you of the ties they have together anyway? Of course not.

Next we come to the poor misunderstood Canadian grown terrorists. What the hell is with those frozen assed moose humpers? During my scavaging around for a scrumptious morsel of flesh to chew on, I spotted some report form the canuks's own left saying they ought to learn to be more acceptive of the Muslims. That, and in general, it is the West's view on Islam that causes these people to turn to violence. The was the basic spew of spittle that hit my LCD monitor bought with highly capitalized currency in an imperialistic society of wine swillers and beer guzzlers. I'm sorry, but I can't even remember any more of the vile nausea inducing penal dribble that was in the report. Much less even remembered to jot down the urls. I would not give them the honor of that here.

What just pushed me over the edge was what
Bill Roggio reported about the Iraqi Amnesty situation. Well all I can say... WTF. Surely they are not going to fall for all that crap. I mean who in the hell are they to make a counterproposal? Right now I am pretty much burned as hell, so that is all for the day. Damn it is a good thing there are laws agaisnt killing stupid people. I'll just have to find the closest dog to kick.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Magic 8-Ball

When I consulted this wonder of modern technology with the question, "Are liberals idiots?", the all knowing, all powerful response was.... Yes - definitely.



Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thoughts on Conservatism

Conservatism. When many people hear that you are a conservative they seem to automatically have you put into a certain "box" of whom you are. This too is the same for being a liberal. Many times both groups look at those that stand in the middle as weak and spineless for not having a solid set view on issues. Well today I shall attempt to explore some of the bases of these thoughts and values. Perhaps even make some obvious desires of all beliefs as well.

***Education. This is a subject dear to all of our hearts. Without a populace that is educated than we all know the country will be in ruins in but mere a generation or two. Where the problem arises is how to deal with the education question.

A conservative thinks that yes, we do need to have schools, and that the government should have a small hand in them by providing a basic monetary donation and providing for laws governing the years by which such an education is expected for its populace. In more simpler terms, we give a set amount of the wholes taxes (a charity to society) and make laws saying that a person of set age is required to attend the school. We also expect that the teachers teach, and do not inject their own beliefs into the class room. We know that only those willing to learn will take an advantage to this, and will pursue a higher education in the future. While others will only waste this chance of bettering themselves. We accept the fact that not all people we apply themselves to learn basic tools such as reading, and writing and obtaining basic mathematical skills to count change at the local marketplace. We expect more local control and community involvement over governmental involvement. We expect that the community will hold the school accountable for its shortcomings and that money spent is not the answer to fixing all the problems.

A liberal thinks that yes, we do need to have schools, and that the governments should have a controlling hand in what they teach fully subsidized to the hilt. That all people are entitled to not only a basic level of knowledge, but also a free higher education. They do not believe that some are unwilling and unable to learn for one reason or another, but feel that all can be reached and perform with the highest standards of the day. Even if these standards must be lowered than what they used to be for a basic reading, writing and mathematical level. They feel that spending more money and initiating new programs will fix all that ails the system.

A moderate, well they lay somewhere in between and many times seem to be a convoluted mixture of both ideals. Perhaps on some issues it is the moderate with the best plan of action depending on the issues and situation at hand.

***The military.

Conservatives strive for a strong, highly advanced and powerful military that has the capability to not only to crush any opposition, but also to protect the country in the event of any attack. We will gladly spend more money on the military than what we would on social programs because we know without a strong military those forces outside and inside our borders wish to kill the country. We know that if it were not for out military than we would not have a country to worry about having social programs. We revere our soldiers for their past, present and future sacrifices to this land we love and adore. We know that it is not just the troops doing the job, but those that give of their hearts as well are one in the same. This is the reason why we hold their families in our hearts too. We know that others in the world look and depend on us to help them in times of need, this call upon us as a nation has been answered time and again and shall be in the future. We understand that the military is in the business of killing and destroying, and that this sometimes means that innocents will dies along side our beloved troops and the hated evil doers. We understand that strength many times equals peace. We a people stand up to an evil aggressor this sends a message to others that the country will not allow encroachment into its safety. We attempt a diplomatic solution first, and warn those against us, but we never play "patty cake" and wait for them to harm us or our loved ones.

The liberal sees the need for a military, but does not understand its worth in the larger picture. They feel it is more of a hindrance to peace than what it is a help. The feelings of despise are overwhelming from them to the military as a rule. They feel diplomacy is the answer to the troubles of the world and if we are to act upon each strife with this, all shall work out. They fail to see the evils for what they are, forces bound on the destruction of their view. They feel that a strong capable military only provokes sentiments of anger and discontent towards our nation, thus they have this towards the military. They fail to hold the past, present and future soldiers and those that support them in their hearts. Instead they look at them with a form of disgust. They would rather use the military as baby sitters and false puppets with their hands tied, then to let them actually do their job as a military was designed to do. They fight against the armed forces with their words, actions, and open denial of any good that the troops have done, are doing, and will do. They are unable to understand that things are destroyed and people hurt and killed when the military is doing their job, yet expect them to overcome every obstacle in a perfect "tip toeing through the tulips" form.

The moderate often times in this area will fall more towards the conservative side in regards to the military. They are more logical and knowledgeable in the understanding of what this service is about. They however, are less willing to expend as many resources on its function than what its more conservative counterparts are though. They will also be more willing to apply more baby sitting missions to the armed forces, yet hold them in the same regard in their hearts as what a conservative does.

***Taxes. The word we all love to hate.

Conservatives know that these are necessary, yet have become punitive over the numerous years. We know that less taxes on the top 2/3 of the base will improve the economy and spur the growth in the Job-market. We understand that when companies are taxed heavily that they will not invent and expand the enterprise thus reducing the amount of available jobs. We do not agree with taxing the dead. We also know that when people have more of their own money, they will use it to their own best benefit. We have faith that the individual knows how best to use their own money better than what the government does.

Liberals feel that those on top 2/3 are not taxed enough and that they are oppressors of the bottom tax brackets. They feel that all the "rich" should pay more than anyone else because they "stole" the money in the first place. They feel that only government knows how best to use the money, therefore not allowing the individual to have the say in how to spend it. Their action from their beliefs tells the populace that you are too ignorant to handle your own money, so we will manage it for you. They view large companies and businesses as vile serpents waiting to strike at the poor and need to be punished.

The moderate, they are somewhere in between and I really cannot say where they stand on this; as a rule (in my lifetime) they have bounced back and forth to much to lay an accurate point of where they stand.

***Social Programs.

The conservative knows that these are important supports them... to a point. We know that they are needed for the wellbeing and productivity for the nation. We Also know that if allowed, there are sections of the populace that will abuse many of the "safety nets" of temporary assistance. We know that there are some that cannot tend to themselves and need permanent assistance. The conservative not only acknowledges these but expects those that receive this governmental charity to work to their fullest capacity to improve their situation so as not to rely upon this safety net. We understand the need to help, but expect those to help themselves in the process. We know that without these safety nets, the society would be in peril, and thus put the nation in peril as well, yet we also know having a "nanny state" only brings peril to a nation as well. We know that medical is needed, but that one should provide for their own needs first. We do not expect that others should pay for your medical needs. Full medical is not an entitlement, one has to work for this on their own.

The liberal feels that it is the job of the government to provide all social programs to everybody. They feel that all people are entitled to free medical care, free housing, free money to live on. If the people do not have them, then it is always the rich's fault and the evil people that are capitalists. They do not expect people to work on their own situation to improve themselves, however they feel that it is the problem of the government and that is why the poor are poor, and the downtrodden the way they are. The feel the only answer to this, is to spend money on these people.

The moderate sees both sides of the situation here. They take the best of both worlds and yet still tend to lean more to the conservative thought as they know that giving free hand outs is not the solution.

*** Basic Human Beliefs.

A conservative knows that if people are given the encouragement, they will succeed in their endeavors. They may have to continue to work at their dreams to see them become realities, but that is the key... Work. We know people have the ingrained value to become the best they can, and have a much better sense of whom they are when they accomplish goals on their own. This builds the country up in the sense of self-improvement and satisfaction. One of the pillars that the nation was founded on. We know that instilling in the hearts and minds of people that they can do, instead of you need help, is better for mankind. We know that being a victim is harmful, therefore we take responsibility for what happens in our life. We are not victims of society. We are overcomers of the obstacles in front of us.

The liberal feels all are victims of one thing or another. They feel all have been harmed and the only thing that can solve this is by a feel good program. They dwell on being a victim of this or that, and expect someone else to solve their own predictaments they may befall upon them. They place the blame of their situations on others instead of taking responsibility for them.

The moderate, They are confused many times with this issue. They tend to see both sides, yet never seem to really commit to one thought or another.

***Core Values.

Conservatives as a rule have a strong sense of faith in God. Regardless of the denomination or even if they are a "practicing" congregate in a church. The fact remain that due to our basic system of beliefs, we know that being held accountable for our actions is base for our lives. In this we have the tendency to relay these on to others. A prime example is that those that commit crimes deserve punishment, not rewards. They chose to do the crime, now they need to be punished for it. This is in direct correlation to sin. If you sin you will have some form punishment come to you, whether it is a weaker bond to a family member, or embarrassment in God's eyes. There is a punishment to each sin. The knowledge that a life is a precious thing. We know that even though it is proper to take a life of someone that has no sense of regret, or wishing harm on others, that life indeed is a gift. This is but just one foundation of the Anti-abortion movement. We know that even an unborn child is life, and that this life (many believe) starts at the conception. To clarify, when the sperm is allowed entrance to the egg. As soon as this happens, the two combine and form a new life. We do not refer to this as a "cell mass", but as a baby. Even science says that a zygote is a stage of baby regardless of what mammal it is from.

A liberal feel that no faith in a higher being, or God has any effect on what man should do. They do not have this in their makeup, though many profess this to be so. They look at the government as being the highest source of power and regulation on the lives of man. By this they make the government... God. The fail to understand that governments are made by man, and that man is flawed, therefore all governments are flawed. They do not have a faith that they follow in sincerity, or choose to ignore their faith entirely.

The moderate on these issue will usually lay in the crossroads waiting for the most convincing arguments to present itself.

Well readers, these are but a few thoughts off of the top of my head, not an indepth look, but only skimming the top. I am sure I am off base with some things, as we are all cut from a different section of the cloth, but others I am right on target. The main difference is that liberals feel this and that, while conservative think and know from facts and based on the grounded and proven faith that is in their hearts, and logical understanding of facts versus fiction. The liberals just flow with the times and react to what is happening today, rather than to plan for the future from the lessons learned from the past, much like the waves of the ocean eroding the sands of society's beaches. The moderates are always caught up in the middle not really sure of which way to go, but have been known to be a compass for us all to follow at times. By all means, give me your thoughts.


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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Being Sensitive to Islam Today.

Today is a rare day for me indeed. After reading, and finally understanding the true message and indignation that my actions and words have caused to the poor plighted Muslims around this globe, I have decided to make a tribute fitting of their religion.

I beg forgiveness to those in CAIR that I may have upset. I do understand just how frail your esteem is.

Oh the horror of it all. This is the true abuse and torture in Gitmo.

Yes my dear readers, even those of the faith are coming to an understanding that we infidels already knew.

I would say that most have this opinion about Islam and of course the pedophilia expert himself. Do forgive me though, after all I am just a lowly .....

However, if you choose not to forgive me, then kiss my .......

A cocktail sausage tossed to: Islamic Evil for many of the pics, and the rest are just random off of the net.


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Monday, June 26, 2006

Hugo Chávez, La Puta!

Now comes for my favorite and definitely the infamous Hugo Chávez report of idiocities abounding gleefully. Now for my english readers, feel free to use a translation program. This entry will be using text from Latin American papers.

Our heroe of socialistic/communistic/dictatorship is at it once more in regards to messing with elections. For some strange reason his country has more
voters than what it does inhabitants. Could this be true voter fraud? The following is from today's edition of INFOBAE online. Now one would think to hear the leftitsts talk that this man is always on the "up and up", well according to an audit this is not the case.

Auditoría demostró que en Venezuela hay más votantes que habitantes

Expertos en informática y estadística aseguraron que la "inconsistencia evidente" de las cifras de votantes "permite poner en duda la confiabilidad del Registro Electoral”, que creció en casi tres millones de personas en los últimos tres años y pasó de los 12 a los 15 millones de integrantes.

Un detallado estudio realizado por expertos en informática y estadística reveló que en Venezuela habría más votantes que habitantes.

La auditoría permitiría a la oposición confirmar las sospechas acerca de la fiabilidad del padrón electoral.

El diario El Nacional, de ese país publicó datos del informe que demostró que hay más votantes que habitantes entre los mayores de 45 años en el padrón electoral de Venezuela.

El estudio lo realizó un grupo académico e indica que en el Registro Electoral Permanente (REP) figuran 5.884.053 votantes mayores de 45 años, contra una población de 5.576.135 de "personas vivas" en esas edades reportadas por el Instituto Nacional de

Estadísticas (INE).

In the basic essence, the stats versus people and locations of the study show that the ballot box had been stuffed by Hugo and his flock of fowl. I encourage you to read more on this article it is worth it considering he supposedly won the election by such tremendous landslide. If this was so, they why is there sucha growing opposition to this man.

Next item of Hugo goodness.

The traveling man is up to no good it seems. With his ties to Iran and his wonderful outwardly support for sucha dangerous regime, he decides to go to North Korea. His excuse, to talk about technology exchanges. Well considering this time of crisis, and his well known affection to the United States, and we must not forget his love weapons (the russian deal with AK-47's), we are only left to assume but the very worse of technological exchange to happen. Mind you I am not the only one that thinks this. INFOBAE makes the same to similar
conclusions as well.

I am so glad that he is so trustworthy. Well if you were in his country, you best proclaim your unabridged devotion and trust to him, otherwise, well as Guns and Roses said, "
welcome to the jungle", you know it's torture living there.

"La tortura es una práctica instalada en Venezuela"

Lo aseguró una ONG en un informe, en el que sostiene que hay más de 300 casos no resueltos en ese país y que ''son los funcionarios policiales o militares quienes la practican amparándose en la impunidad de la que gozan''

Red de Apoyo por la Justicia y la Paz es la ONG venezolana que denunció que hay casos de tortura irresueltos en ese país.

La ONG de defensa de los derechos humanos aseguró en su informe de este año que son 336 los casos que no fueron resueltos en Venezuela por parte de agentes del Estado, a pesar de que fueron denunciados ante ellos entre 1995 y el 2005.

Ah the comforts of communism rear its head once more. But hey, he calls the US facist and imperialistic. I guess we ought to be glad we are not a "Little Lap Bitch"/"Little Lapdog" (perrito faldero), he only reserves those pet names for Peru. Quite a humerous read of a man drifting farther and farther from reality here in Latin America. As a result of his meddeling ways of course Peru does not wish for any relations with this man. You know, we really can't blame them either.

The whole region (Latin America) is becoming less tolerant of this many as each day passes. The majority do not like Fidel Castro, and are disliking Hugo Chávez just as much. The next few years shall be interesting ones to come. He has really only one allie that he can somewhat rely upon, and that is Bolivia. Even with this, they are only tolerant of him due to the fincancial dealings that are happening for the benefit of Bolovia. This may change in the near future depending on how Evo is treated by Hugo. Knowing his track record, Evo will give him the boot soon enough. The only caution would be that Venezuela is building up their military and seems to be looking for some very dangerous weapons technology (including nuclear in origen).


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The Iraqi Amnesty Plan.

Oh where shall I begin? This is definitely a sticky situation. Where is one to stand on this. As I stated in a previous post, if this does work and the country is able to come together in unity to stand self sufficient, well then it is a good thing in the long run. That is for the perspective of the country itself. Now looking at it from the other angle, a prior service American, well this chaps my hide for this means those that have, or if thee is not evidence, could have killed/maimed my brethren in arms, well that just reeks of a skunks arse.

Headline 1:
Insurgent amnesty proposed in Iraq

BAGHDAD - Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki called Sunday for amnesty for some insurgents as part of a national reconciliation plan and said lawmakers should set a timeline for Iraqi forces to take control of security.

Al-Maliki did not mention a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S.-led forces.

Senate Democrats in Washington blasted Republicans after a New York Times
report that the Bush administration plans to sharply reduce U.S. troops by the end of 2007. According to the report, as many as 7,000 of the 127,000 U.S. troops in Iraq would leave by September, two months before the 2006 midterm elections.

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., said the Times
report raised questions about why Senate Republicans voted last week against Democratic proposals to begin pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq this year. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., and other GOP leaders called such proposals "cutting and running."

Here we see the Senate Demolibs throwing a hissy fit because there is plan to bring some troops home. Well they just can not be pleased with any good news now can they. Before they whined about them not being home, now they whine because some are coming home. Here is a lesson for you losers. The Iraqi forces are doing more and more each day in terms of security and military operations. In fact, if you remember the Zakwad letter confiscated after he was blown to hell and back, it stated that the effectiveness of the Iraqi forces was hampering the terrorists work in invoking harm to the US troops. Also if you had a brain, the more the Iraqis take responsibility and control over their own country, part by part, then this means more of the troops will be coming home. One last thing on this subject... it is only 7,000, that means there will still be 120,000 left. Just another sign that Iraq IS improving and not declining as popular defeatists would wish us to believe.

Sen. Barbie girl, you being a civilian, I understand that you fail to comprehend the way the military works. The Republican side of the isle stated very clearly they were not going to allow civilian intervention in dictating the outcome. Why the hell would a General listen to the civilian that wishes him to lose, on how to fight a battle? Now, we conservatives think this: Do not leave until the job is done. This is a timetable dictated by the progress in Iraq. The sooner they can become self sufficient and stable enough, we will only have a contingent based at the Embassy. This is normal in all countries.

Headline 2:
Senators wary of 'amnesty' in Iraq plan

Iraqi PM's reconciliation strategy draws praise, raises concerns
(CNN) -- U.S. senators on Sunday called

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's national reconciliation plan a

positive step but expressed concerns about its "amnesty" provision.

Al-Maliki's plan, announced earlier in the day, would extend an

olive branch to some Iraqi militants and grant the phased release of

2,500 detainees from Iraqi prisons.

Part of the strategy spells
out "amnesty for all prisoners who were not involved in any terrorist activity, war crimes or crimes against humanity."

This could leave the door open to freeing someone who might have
killed an American service member in battle. And that possibility was deemed troubling by U.S. lawmakers asked about amnesty in Sunday talk-show interviews.

"No, I don't think granting amnesty to
people who killed Americans is acceptable, and I don't believe that's what the Iraqi government intends to do," said Sen. Mitch McConnell, a
Kentucky Republican, on ABC Sunday.

Sen. John Warner, a Virginia
Republican, said on "Fox News Sunday" that he thinks the plan is a "very positive step forward" by the fledgling government.

Either way you look at this, no one knows exactly what will become of this proposal. As it stands now, there are no certainties stated as to how or what is going to happen except that some prisoners are going to be released. It is known that both governments are in contact with each other and that we are being consulted on this matter in the best way to progress. How everything will turn out, well roll the dice is all I can say. Should we support their decision, Yes by all means we ought to back them up. The question is, what about those proven to have been aggressors against the coalition forces in which resulted deaths. Well depending how this turns out, and our response to this, we may be able to pursue those people in the diplomatic arena to bring them to justice. I will still stand by my earlier statements. If this brings unity and closure to Iraq so we may withdraw our men, then we ought to support them. Now does this diminish the deaths of those fallen, I do not believe this.

The reason is simple for me. We support this process and then go after them in the diplomatic arena. Also chances are, we will have killed many of those already responsible for many of the deaths anyway. One other thing to look at, these men and woman that have given their lives done this so that Iraq could be free. So that it could build itself up. Now is this not what Iraq is doing now? So if we continue to help this government, and in some ways be assured that they will continue to be supportive of us, then this is honoring those that have fallen. I do think there needs to be a clause that states those proven to have caused harm to the coalition forces need to be brought to justice. Nonetheless, this proposal is in its infancy, and much will be done to this yet. Only time will tell.

The real interesting part of this is the different reactions from the two sides of the political spectrum here. Some are very supportive, while others are just having school girl hissy fits about it. We just need to bide our time and not rush to harsh judgment and look at the long run. The Iraqis know that we are opposed to letting the terrorist go free, and in the long they know that this is not conducive to their own wellbeing either, so being optimistic, I think it is fair to say there will be some provisions to deal with this, but I still have this nagging feeling that we are about to get a visit from a large handed proctologist.


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Some News, New & Old Alike.

First off the top of the list is something some soldiers say in regards to the naysayers republic of Leftinstan. The great county espousing the ideals of liberalism.

I received this comment from a former OIF troop over at my other blog at MSN in regards to the new documentation that was recently declassified. "I knew it was over there somewhere, one of the bunkers we stayed in tested positive for traces of serin gas. So we knew the stuff was moved at some point!!" Published By Mr_Sandman - 6/25/2006 5:01 AM.

This is but just one more of our heroes that have been wounded. You can not so much see his wounds in the physical manner, but mentally his is all but broken fighting to keep his life in order. He Suffers from PTSD. He is not a mind numb robot of either side but just says what he saw (mostly in poetry never in harsh details) and what his struggles are. Go over and tell "Hi!" if you get the chance.

The next piece is
talks about all the defeatism that the left spews forth in every military we undertake as a nation. This troop tells it how it was and still remains to this day how the left see things. This expert is just a teaser for you to read more.
A Marine sees what defeatists don't
By Ben Connable
"This is my third deployment with the 1st Marine Division to the Middle East. This is the third time I've heard the quavering cries of the talking heads predicting failure and calling for withdrawal."
Clearly one can see from this Marine's words that things are quite different than what the biased media says they are there. He recounts fewer losses in the initial phases that what he experienced with Desert Storm. "But war is never clean and simple. Mourning our losses quietly, the Marines drove to Baghdad, then to Tikrit, liberating the Iraqi people while losing fewer men than were lost in Desert Storm." This man's words say much in what little he write to USA Today. Got take a gander at it, for whatever I may write would only diminish his words.


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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Is There a Link to Iran & The Terrorists in Iraq?

According to the Telegraph there certainly seems to be. However in earlier reports from the Iraqi security services, they have said that many of the "insurgents" (lets call them what they really are:Terrorists) are coming from Iran. This particular mine is a very sophisticated one that has had some expertise in its making dealing with munitions. Now tell me kind readers, does this sound like the work of a few rag tag bumbling rag-heads to you, or does it sound like they are getting support from some other established country?

The mine pictured, has been machined. That means it is a precise weapon. Its force is directed towards the vehicles that utterly destroys the amour. Now from day one, the terrorists have been using devices to take out the vehicles that the troops have been using. Many on the Left have complained that troops died due the lack of amour. Well not even this armor is being rendered almost useless due to the upgrading of such killing devices. As in every age of war-fare, thee has always been the search for better protection against ballistics. First there were shields against arrows. Then came body armor to repel these in the form of leathers and metal amour. Now we use composite material to protect the fighting men. As always, amour protection is always in the rear when compared to the forces designed to breach this amour. This is in effect what we see here.

The question remains, do we honestly believe that the terrorists do not have any ties to other nations? I say if you believe that other nations such as, Iran are not helping them in Iraq and A-stan, then you are an idiot. This is just such of an example of this. This military hardware can not be produced by the terrorists themselves. They need a workshop that is stable to make such items. Now with the flow of the willing members of the Iranian population into Iraq, and the tension between the West and Iran, could we not make an educated assumption that this is in fact a reality? It is well known and accepted that most of the terrorists that fighting and killing not only the coalition forces, but the innocent Iraqi civilians are from other countries, so why would they not bring in with them such technologically more advanced items to help them in the spread of their disease commonly referred to as Jihad?

Point being, the war against terror is not just in Iraq, but all over the globe, and it is being fueled by countries like Iran, Egypt, Syria, Saudi, Turkey...... the list goes on and on. Now I wonder if the American press will pick up on this story?


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Some News: Generalized Islamic Nastiness

Today's episode of the meat-chewer's blog will be based all on Islam today. Following each section shall be a short commentary from yours truly.

Osama’s former sex slave writes for TV

Kola Boof, the former sex slave of Al Qaeda leader, Osama
bin Laden, is writing for the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives.

The TV network is already trying to distance itself from the new
hire, according to reports by The show’s executive
producer Stephen Wyman says: “Yes, Kola Boof has had writing
assignments from Days of Our Lives since May. However, she does not
hold a staff position with our writing team.”

In 2003, Boof had to pull her son out of school after rumours were
spreading that bin Laden was his father. Boof claims that she was held
prisoner and was forced to have sex with bin Laden in 1996 when she was
pursuing an acting career in North Africa. She adds that he raped her
and forced her to live with him for four months at a hotel in Morocco.
She escaped to Spain and in 1998 bin Laden threatened to kill her after
reading her book of poetry, which was critical of Islam. She has also
been marked for death by the Sudanese-based National Islamic Front in
response to her writings condemning slavery in Sudan and the
ill-treatment of African women.

With the Left's oh so touchy feely sensibilities, why are they not making this a big deal. One would think with all the feminists in the left's ranks they would. One would think we would hear "We Saved This Poor Wretched Soul From The Devil's Grasp", or something like this. But nooooo, instead they choose to hide this woman instead of propping her up as one that was in the claws of death and escaped with her life. I say she has more balls that any one of those head haunchos at that network. Here she is living with death hanging over her head while they and the rest of MSM gleefully pander to the terrorists. One word fits them.... Lefturds!

Is ‘Muslim blood flowing everywhere’? — Khaled Ahmed’s Review of the Urdu press

The latest dominant trait of the Muslims is victimhood. They think they
are being persecuted and killed everywhere in the world. They want the
world to take notice of this while the Muslims as a rule feel nothing
about those outside the umma who suffer. The feeling of victimhood has
something to do with the expatriate Muslims’ inability to integrate
among host societies and their dissatisfaction with their own states.

I really have profound sense of sympathy for them. Honestly I do. They are victims. Victims of their own doing. More often than not, they kill each other more than they kill a non-muslim. They bring upon themselves more hate and discontent from their own deeds than what there has been every some sort of prejudice placed upon them. They say and do the exact opposite of whatever culture them may intend to migrate to. Then when they "feel" rejected they wonder why. Perhaps the best thing for these suffering Muslims is that they return to their backwards countries and live there where they are openly accepted for their nastiness they bring. After all, the West is civilized.

Come to Londonistan, our refuge for poor misunderstood Islamist victims

ACCORDING TO REMARKS attributed in the past few days to security
sources, no fewer than 1,200 Islamist terrorists are biding their time
within British suburbs. Yet does Britain even now fully understand the
nature of the threat it is facing, let alone have the will to deal with

The recent report by the Commons Intelligence Committee on last July’s
London bombings barely scratched the surface of the failure by the
security establishment. It failed to note, for example, Britain’s dirty
little secret: that from the 1990s, Islamist radicals had been
given free rein in Britain in a “gentlemen’s agreement” that if they
were left alone, they would not turn on the country that was so
generously nurturing them. The result was “Londonistan”, as Britain became the hub of al-Qaeda in Europe.


The problem lies in a refusal to acknowledge that Islamist extremism is rooted in religion. Instead, ministers and security officials prefer to think of it as a
protest movement against grievances such as Iraq or Palestine, or
“Islamophobia”. They simply ignore the statements and signs that show
unequivocally that the aim is to Islamicise the West.

In large measure, this is the outcome of a profound loss of cultural
nerve. The doctrines of multiculturalism and minority rights,
themselves the outcome of a systematic onslaught by the British elite
against the country’s own identity and values, have paralysed the
establishment, which accordingly shies away from criticising any
minority for fear of being labelled as bigoted.
London is but just one of the places in Eurabia that has felt and is feeling the oppression of Islam. Yet the muslims are Feeling mistreated and abused. Should we cry for them? I certianly will not! Throughout its history Islam, has not been peaceful, why should we believe it is peaceful now? Sorry, this "ole boy" didn't fall off the "tater Truck" yesterday. Onward to more dasterdly deeds by Muslims and the countries that support them.


The Swedish elite don’t come out and say that rape by foreigners is all
right. They just ignore the rapes by foreigners and in that they are
saying all is well in Sweden. However, that is not fact.
Further, the police have sided in with the Swedish elite in acting as
if there is normalcy in Sweden when in truth Muslim hoodlums are taking
over the country.
"The official explanation given by Swedish authorities to this increase
is that much of it is a ‘technical’ increase due to the fact that more
victims of rape now report this crime to the police. There is not a
hint of evidence for this explanation. On the contrary, intimidation of
people reporting any kind of crime to the police has rapidly worsened
in Sweden during the same time period.
"Threats against witnesses in Swedish court cases quadrupled between
2000 and 2003 alone. Besides, there is a lack of trust among the
general public in the efficiency of their police force. Street violence
of all kinds is soaring on a national level.
Now if this doesn't just PISS YOU OFF, than not much will. This is but just another reason why Liberalism does not work. It also adds weight to the imigration problems. What is really troublesome for me to wrap my mind around is... why the hell is the government siding with the criminals? Do I hear a call a call for vigilantism coming? I know if that was my daughter, sister, freind, wife, lover, neighbor.... whatever, I would be hunting those bastards down with a vengence. Of course this only exasperbates the general lawlessness that is increasing.


Attacked by her own family, one Muslim’s decision to convert to
Christianity highlights the precarious situation of Muslims in Pakistan
who leave their faith.
Sehar Muhammad Shafi, 24, has fled her home city of Karachi with her
husband and two young daughters after being attacked and raped for
changing her faith.
With help from the Center for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement, the
Christian couple has relocated to another city. But as long as Shafi
and her family remain in Pakistan, they must hide the truth of Shafi’s
Well they are being nice to this woman. They usually just KILL those that leave the faith. Sounds more like the Mafia instead of a "peaceful religion".

EXCLUSIVE: Shall we stand up to defend our culture?

Growing up in Eastern Europe during the 1980s was an unforgettable
experience. Every day ominous voices of people on the street and a
stern man in the TV set tirelessly talked about the swift and merciless
advance of the American Culture, which – as sure as the Judgment Day
coming – was going to swallow up the Slavic traditions and transform us
into burger-loving coach potatoes listening to Michael Jackson,
watching soap operas, and discussing the latest news brought to us by
the tabloids from the nearest newsstand.

Some twenty years have passed, the Soviet Bloc broke up into newly
indepdendent states with varying degrees of rights, freedoms and
democratic development. We have indeed adopted some of the Western
traits and values, for, as it turned out, not only were they remarkably
simliar to our own ones, but they served as great means of personal
emancipation and development.


Unfortunately, the answer seems to become more and more obvious with
every passing day. Not only don’t the Western Nations – and this is
especially true of the European Union – attempt to fight the cultural
invasion facilitated by millions of Muslim immigrants that has flooded
their countries after WWII, but they actually seem to exhibit enviable
enthusiasm and willingness, when it comes to helping Islamics expand
their cultural and religious influence in the Dar Al-Harb.

Tariq Ramadan, the inventor and active pursuer of the doctrine of the
‘quiet takeover’ – according to which Islam will be established in
Europe by making it an integral part of everyday European (or, rather,
Eurabian) life – couldn’t be happier. He can relax in his cozy
professor’s chair behind the walls of the Oxford University in England
and watch how the European governments together with the mainstream
media will do his job for him.

Now if this article will not make you think about what the MSM and such groups like CAIR are doing the in US then you are without a doubt... braindead. This little essay shows just some of the dangers that being too trusting and welcoming of other cultures into your homeland can do.

As with all my links that I present in a blog entry, I strongly urge you to follow them to the source and read the full text.


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Saturday, June 24, 2006

And The Award Goes to.....

Well this is a hard one to decide as to whom the prestigious award of "Dumbassery" ought to be placed. Should it be the "honorable" Murtha, the gerneral stupidity of the leftist bloggers, or even perhaps the wonderful msm.

To help me break this down... I looked at each of the three and made my decision. Let me start with Murtha today.
, the lovechild of the liberals. The anti-war movements' political orgasm in House. Yes he is highly regarded as having moral standing and honor due to his military experience. Or at least in the liberals' eyes. However, many do not know, or perhaps a more accurate statement is, many do not care and willingly overlook his checkered past. Oh but he is not the only one, it seems even 's family gets the fruits of his labors.
In early 2004, according to Roll Call, Mr. Murtha "reportedly leaned on U.S. Navy officials to sign a contract to transfer the Hunters Point Shipyard to the city of San Francisco." Laurence Pelosi, nephew of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, at the time was an executive of the company which owned the rights to the land. The same article also reported how Mr. Murtha has been behind millions of dollars worth of earmarks in defense appropriations bills that went to companies owned by the children of fellow Pennsylvania Democrat, Rep. Paul Kanjorski. Meanwhile, the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan campaign-finance watchdog group, lists Mr. Murtha as the top recipient of defense industry dollars in the current 2006 election cycle.
Oh please fellow readers, do not be in too much shock... after all it is the Democrats party that is the "moral and ethical" guidance for the United States. See more of his wondrous works all publicized, but well forgotten by the media, in this essay.

Next, the general stupidity of the leftist bloggers. Well we all have ran across them saying this and that and everything else. But what is the most outragerous is that some are actually blaming the deaths of the two troops recently on the just killing of Al-Zarsucknut. Then they go on to say that this of course is all Bush's fault, and those is just a political ploy and they are useless for anything but a paper weight of sorts. Well we all know this same type of jargon that spews forth from their feed troughs of disinformation and down right lies, not to mention the idiotic delusional thoughts and hate syndromdom that they suffer from. So we expect this.

Next the media. Well what I can say. The place blame on Bush for the troops' death, run stories about junk science and bury real ones such as proof about WMDs. Then they try to make a big deal about a legal oversighted investigative program against terrorism that has been documented years ago. They act like this is something so new and that it is harmful to the US. What a bunch of wanktards. According to
Victor Comras they are just showing their dim witted arses again.

These forms of anti-terrorism tools have been in the works for along time. Yet oh no.... since some good came out from Iraq that they could not squelch they had to make this story seem to be the worse threat to US citizens than anything else. What really surprises me, is that many in the bloggersphere have reacted in the same way. Many people, some even that I visit often reacted like this was some kind of massively hidden secret.
I say, come on folks pull your heads out of your arses. What do you think means by the phrase "cutting the financial ties to terrorism" means? Would this not mean to look at records like what has been done? Here is your big Duh sign! Go read the Counterterrorism blog for more info.

In closing my Dumbass award would have to go to... *insert suspensful drumroll *



Friday, June 23, 2006

Ché, The Latin American Opinion.

Today as I was hard at work in my studies of Castellano, the topic of Ché Guevera came up in class. As a result, the ideology of liberalism. As I have stated many times in my other blogs (in other locations in this virtual world), Latin America contrary to popular belief is more conservative than what most "Yanquis", Americans think.

The exercise we were discussing was the verb form of thePreteríto. In this, the example was a poem by Augusto Monterroso about "The Black Sheep" (La Oveja Negra). I shall not recite the work as it really has no bearing on this blog entry's discussion. However during the course of the class, we were asked by the professor about the "Black Sheep" of our respective countries. To give you the dynamics of the class the break down is: Japanesese (2 young male adults), 1 Austrian (female young adult), Brazilians (2 young male adults), 1 Brit (young adult female), 1 American (myself, 30 something redneck), and our professor 40+ female Argentine. Now to set the record straight, the US is, as a rule the most conservative country in this list concerning most matters. Given the ages of those present in today's class, one would think there would have been quite a lively conversation and differing opinions. However this was not the case. In fact those that had expressed their thoughts all were agreeing with each other. The only ones whom had not voiced themselves were the Japanese, for they knew not of the subject in question (Ché).

Sadly, we all have come to the same conclusion about many in today's society, regardless of the location, when it comes to the knowledge about Ché, they do not understand this man. That is those that profess their love and adoration to him .... in all honesty do not know this man's deeds. They know not of who he is or was, much less what he had stood for. All they know is that he is somewhat related to "REVOLUTION". What this revolution was about they know not. Mind you the majority of these folks are all in their late teens and early to mid twenties. Guillermina (bless her heart) my ever so patient linguistics master, and I are the elders of this group, therefore having a much different view on life than the other participants. Yet to my surprise, and delightful it was, those of the younger generation from the countries of the more left leaning governments are becoming more and more conservative. Yes my fellow parasites on this rock, there is a flame flickering its light of hope upon the future.

I thought that I was going to get blasted when I said that when Ché's adventures started out they were honorable. This in relation to his humanitarian medical aide in other countries. Yet later in his career of exploration in the world's wonders of civilization, he truned into a power hungry leech on the world. I even referred to him as "Hijo de *%$&" in class. Excluding the vulger word of course as I had here. No one objected to this assertation of the pest known as Ché. In fact they added to this statement by recounting how people all over only look to him as a "Pop Icon". That and only destructive movements use his image as an expression of dissent, such as the anarchists.

So fear not people, although I am far from my beloved United States, and living in a land chock full of Lefturds, they are a new crop of conservatives joining the current ranks of us, the older generations of the decent and moral thinking. This younger generation spanning the globe is a welcoming sign of the times that is showing the misguided generation of the hate and discontent of the left is rapidly failing in its search for new recruits. If any one person that is known to the left as an icon it's Ché. When even these yong people do not like him, then that is a good sign and productive in the correct movement against the left.

Remeber folks, just like the image says, he is dead. He got what every terrorist deserves... death! This is just one more of history's examples of how to deal with a terrorist.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hillary Clinton & Global Warming

Well that's got to chap the hide a bit.



Muslims Pissing and Moaning at The UN.

Oh poor Iran and the rest of the Muslim world.

We must not have "Defamation of religions, particularly the divine message of Islam, should be rejected" and then we are obligated to have
"Action on this should be part of the rights standards set by the Council and pursued through 'implementation at the international level.' "
Oh this article is a hoot! Talk about nutcase awards being passed out.

It goes on to say: "Although some diplomats say the drive reflects Muslim anger over cartoons published in the West last year depicting the Prophet Mohammad, others see it as part of a longer-term effort to counter criticism of the rights records of many OIC states." The OIC, in case you do not know is: Organization of Islamic States.
During this meeting of the Human Rights Commission, Mottaki (Iran) whined about countries that actually do respect women's and human rights. He mainly focused his vile words towards the West. His delusional term "uniculturalism" is meant to show that we, the people in the countries that are not under the weight and subjugation of Islam are attempting to undermine what they feel is human rights.
How dare we think that their "values and cultures" of what human rights are, is the dog poo stuck to the bottom of civilization's shoe.

Go ahead and read the rest of
the article.

"The insidious cancer that is terrorism is all pervasive. No matter where we live, no matter our nationality, it touches us all in varying degrees of tragedy."
Got your attention yet?
This quote from the
National Post pretty much says it all, however, as one reads the article more they find gems worth keeping, such as: "Dave S. Hayer is a Member of the B.C. Legislative Assembly, and Parliamentary Secretary for Multiculturalism and Immigration. I BELIEVED 'WE WERE SAFE' ", and this one,"I guess that like most Canadians, I had lived with the assumption that terror was essentially a foreign problem -- a problem that occasionally and only inadvertently seeped into our lives over here."
You may be wondering why I tie these in together with one post. Well think about it, the UN, terrorism on the rise, and by whom are the suspects as a rule.... Muslims.

The previously cited work in Canada just shows a brief history of some terrorism, not including the spoiled plot by the most recent schnapps. Now if the OIC has its way, well just think of what will happen then. I bet you dollars to doughnuts that if it does happen then you best learn to stick you arse in the air and pray to the east.


Hamas Says US & Britain Will be Conquered

According to a recently released Hamas video," 'We will rule the nations, by Allah's will, the USA will be conquered, Israel will be conquered, Rome and Britain will be conquered' " Read more @ Israpundit.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

WMDs found in Iraq!!

As reported in two different blogs now there has been 500 munitions filled with mustard agent. This is nasty stuff folks... but oh wait, we just went in because of OIL right? I am still searching/waiting for confirmed links to sources on this.

Tossing Cocktail Sausages to:
Pajama's Media and Iowa Voice, great job folks!

More to come on this I am sure.

As CarpiJugulum related in the comments, there are now documents released. I looked over at Fox this morning and they have this reported as well. You can see the PDF file of the faxed documents to the House of Representitives.

What will the wussy leftists say to this now? Is it still a war for oil, is it still illegal, or are we just enforcing the world's will (referring to the UN sanctions) and helping to build a free nation through our support? The worst part about this report is there some definite possibilities that many of said weapons have traveled outside of the country. In an essay written over at Frontpage (IT IS A "MUST READ") they have traced some strong ties to Russia helping in this dispersal of weapons. Do you still think they are our allies? The average Joe may be, but certainly not the government!

Beth over at MVRWC has more!

If you are unable to see the video, watch it here.

Look here for more proof, out of the mouth of a former Iraqi General. If you are unable to see the video watch it here.

Remember the ties from Frontpage's article?


Another outstanding post by tgs

Once more his efforts are a tribute. He has always been exposing the left's love of the protesters, and has shown ties to these groups HELPING the terrorists Financially.

You over and
pay him a visit. You will not be disappointed!


Brazil and the "Free" Distribution of the Koran

Islam in South America. Is it a Threat? You tell me.

Read what Faith Freedom has to say about giving away free Korans in Brazil. When you are done I refer you back to my previous work on the subject. You can view it here.


Where Are The US Headlines?

A British paratrooper disregards his own safety to rescue injured American Troops in Afghanistan.
A Paratrooper who ran to the aid of a wounded American soldier while under heavy fire could be among the first British troops to be awarded a gallantry medal in Afghanistan.

Pte Peter McKinley has been praised by his commanders for a "massive display of bravery" after saving the life of the US sergeant in one of the most intense battles 3 Bn the Parachute Regiment has experienced during its deployment to Helmand province.
Read more here. I Wonder where the headlines like this are in the American papers. We have heros too.



Thought for the day: Murtha, the didcated congressman and his "duty" to expose atrocities.

"When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty."

George Bernard Shaw

John Murtha denounced the Republicans' "stay the course" actions in the House as a political stunt. Which in turn means his fellow Democrats, Jim Marshall (D-Ga.), John Barrow (D-Ga.), Leonard Boswell (D-Iowa), Melissa Bean (D-Ill.), John Spratt (D-S.C.) are pulling a political stunt as well. So tell me with these fourty-two (42) fellow Dems, is there an air of embarrassment in the House of Representitives on the Dems' side of the ilse. I just wonder if they have the guts to criticize Murtha in the broad scrutinizing eyes of the public.

Hey Johnny boy... go run to your suedo Arabs for some bribe cash why don't you.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Islam=Peace My Hairy White Ass!!

After my day visiting my local Embassy and noticing all the security measures in place, I can not help to wonder what the hell is going through the minds of the asshats in society. Yes this morning as I rousted myself out of the comforts of the bed I listened to the morning radio program. Even amongst the joy of this nations fútbol team doing so well in the World Cup with more anticipation of another victory later in the day could not diminish the sorrow related in the voices of the announcers about two fallen beloved heros fighting against the plague of Islam in Iraq.

Two of our finest sacrificed their lives in hopes of a brighter future for the world. I can hear the fatalistic leftist camel ball lickers now..... PULL OUT! Even in the region of the world were the liberal governments are the rule... there is a noticeable sorrow in the tone that relates to these two men. All here are sending their prayers and condolences to the families of the slaughtered. They were mutilated to such an extent that their remains have to be sent back for DNA testing for positive identification. To think people say Islam is peaceful. That's right keep following CAIR's lies.

The truth about Islam: Cocktail Sausage tossed to
Islamic Evil.

The future of the Asshats if they continue their ignoring. Cocktail Sausage tossed to Islamic Evil.

Doesn't get much clearer than that, now does it?