Thursday, August 31, 2006

Daily Kos Idiots Are Lost as Always.

How I can barely contain from opening a comment account at the slime hole known as "Daily Kos". One has to think... do these people actually believe the anal sludge that is presented at this web site for the educationally challenged is actually true and has the same weight as facts? From what the comments show, I fear this to be the case in point. However, I love it when they attempt to pull out an essay of some other lefturd and use it as facts and "a must be truth" due to their location and "schooling". After all, we all know that it matters not what letters one has behind their name to see when there is BS being flung around.

Case in point is a recent entry entitled "
U.S Military in Paraguay, S. America: Your Tax Dollars at Work". With a link to "Paraguay Platform for Hemispheric Hegemony". Now first and foremost, we know that the Kosasses are all lefturds, and make sure that they use biased sources. Therefore, this does not come of any surprise to me to see this source, with its biasedness dripping from the monitor as I was reading this. Now to let you know, what initially hooked me into reading this was that I was interested to see what they were going to say about the military presence in this section of the world. In addition, to give you a quick reminder/hint, I am presently located in this part of the world being discussed. This being the case, I do have an uncanny knowledge for the feel and society as a whole in Latin America, if not in this particular region mentioned in the article. I reside in Argentina, and this shall be the only location that you will know of my where abouts.

Onward to dismantling the articles. First with the Kosass Tom47. He leads off with "Here is a recent thorough analysis of some of what the US military (and by extension, the Bush administration) has been up to in Paraguay, 'the heart of South America'. Read it and weep."

We instantly see the BDS coming out in the first sentence. He also forgets that assisting other countries battle terrorism and drugs is a helping hand to the security of U.S. as well. Then he proceeds to dub the unworthy title of Paraguay being the heart of South America. I know several people that would disagree with this statement for many reasons including Paraguayans to boot. What the major stink he has, is that the U.S. military is in South America to assist the host countries in training and provide some much needed humanitarian aide to the locals as well. However, Tom47 with his convoluted delusional state of mind is completely wrapped up into some sort conspiracy theory thinking the U.S. is wishing and or planning for in the future, some sort of militaristic strategic point for the southern part of the continent. C'mon, Paraguay??? Stop wiping you ass with your head, because the article cited is by far from being "thorough, and is not news at all as for what the military has been doing either.

The longer you read this author's anal sludge, the worse it gets. It is obvious that he has forgotten to take his meds for his published blog seems to become even more riddled with errors in grammar and spelling, much less formatting. Now mind you, I am not the best in any one of the above mentioned, but I at least attempt to make a sound argument to my case in point and make sure that at least the formatting is all the same if not only slightly off. Also even when my little pea brain can spot obvious errors the further the entry goes, well that just proves that his psychosis has kicked in. Quick someone get the Lithium, Haldol, something!!!

Now for the original material's author. A Uruguayan activist aligned firmly on the left of the center left. The typical elitists' hero of sorts. Educated, but not wise. After all, as I said in a comment elsewhere, wisdom is knowledge used properly. To be wise you have to use the knowledge in the correct manner in accordance with the facts. This author fails to do this. Now to be fair, I am unqualified to comment so much on the agriculture and business aspects of the article with the exception of just a few generic ones. They are: You ought not to blame a couple (mainly one) seed companies for the farmers not rotating crops. This will come back to bite them in the arse.

Onward to the meat of the article now. It is attempting to make a claim the poor little old Paraguay is this weak defenseless state where as big corporation and the evil imperialistic United States (damn all of us Yanquis) are passively aggressively working our claws into it to take it over due to its strategic position. Oh yes this tiny country infested with gangs of murderous thugs from FARC (do a Google search of Columbian drug cartels), others from Brazil, and of course those in Chile, Peru, and islamnofascists like Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Hamas is in the power hungry eyes of Bush and company. All this just because of its close proximity to energy rich lands adjacent to this country. If one is to ask the "peasant" (their term) populace what the U.S. is after they will say their water. Yes the ever valued H2O.

This article makes a huge streak mark in the skeevies of S.A. (South America) by asserting that we are helping in the militarization of the area. Well if helping to train a host country's military in anti-terrorist, anti-narcotic and basic military strategy is a bad thing, well then yes we are guilty. Shame on us for helping this weak country (one of the few statements that are true in the cited work). They are attempting to also aide this country in providing the poor and uneducated with some forms of basic and immediate medical assistance. Now this article cites that this is but and evil ploy to make the population desensitized to a military presence, and complains that they populace never sees the personnel again after they just give the "same medication to everyone regardless of the ailments". Now being a resident (legally I might add, yes I am a documented American adding to the society in which I live in) and knowing first hand the people and class warfare games these social movements play, I can assure you that this is what is going on. These people expect a nanny state. They want others to tend to them without them having to take responsibility for their own woes. They believe it is their right to be a squatter on someone else’s land, or property (we have a problem with people moving into unfinished buildings here). When they do not get what they want they disrupt the society with violence or cut the routes of prosperity (shipping lanes, main highways and rail lines, a quick reference to the recent happenings in Bolivia will give you an idea).

One has to be completely off the rocker to actually believe that the U.S. is so interested in Paraguay as a military point of offenssive/deffensive nature to believe the crap they are presenting to the gullible masses of dwindling grey mass. The article itself makes no true mention as about what the military is doing, but only cites a complaint from the populace without giving a name to the comment. This only leads one to suspect that this is a complete fabrication of propaganda by the leftist social movements largely aligned with communism and anarchism. Look at the cited movements and do a search on them. Look for the violence these movements have done in the good name of "progress". They make no true effort to show just how bad the gangs are in this area, and just how lawless this country is. Yet they are proposing that we, the evil, vile Americans are to blame for the sad state they are in. They do not take into account that they are in fact to blame entirely, if not at least partially for their own circumstances. Now I have trodden on the fertile earth that the article names. I have visited Iguazu, and the province of Misiones, I have seen the people, talked with them and understand their plight. I also have a very good friend that was born and raised in this area, yet she has not the same outlook as what this article portrays that the people of this region does. I have seen the military doing the border patrols, and know why they do them. It is not because of the U. S. military's presence, but due to the uncouth actions of certain leftist presidents like Evo Morales, and Hugo Chavez giving so much support to such organizations that only inflame and cause havoc in the area. For example, Hugo gladly supports both monetarily and politically FARC. FARC has strong ties with trade deals in Ciudad Del Este. A city riddled with terrorists.

This Tri-border area is violent and unstable, even during the most heavy-handed dictatorships could not control the area with any due success due to the terrain. It is thick hilling jungle with rock face cliffs. Swift running rivers and creeks infested with dangerous characters of all sorts. Not a place to go out visiting on your own. A guide is the only way. Even the locals stick to the traveled routes for their own safety. Yet we are being demonized for assisting the underdog here. The mention of Brazil moving a good portion of its military to the northern border due to the military presence is a crock of poo too. This is due to Evo Morales' action with nationalization of the petrol and the lack of control on his own homegrown terrorists... FARC. In fact, it was just published in a brief article in La Nation about three to four weeks ago that a C-130 had landed in Brazil with some 60 troops in Rio. This is in support of helping Brazil with the Tri-border patrols.

Nothing new here folks, even Argentina has U.S. military help for this region. These folks are just trying to pull a fast one you. Thankfully, you have a local redneck here to shed some light on the farce they are attempting. You may read an earlier entry I did about the Tri-border problems


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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Vermin Control The Redneck Way.

As I was wading through the mire and muck that is thought to be news and some blogs, I came across a little tid bit about an unlucky town that seems to have a coon problem. Yes the townspeople of Olympia Washington has a self induced coon infestation and are now in grieving due to many adorable kitty cats have been ravaged by the beasts they fed.... COONS.

This problem has become so bad they even had to hold a special town meeting to find some sort of resolve, however according to the
article it sounds more like it was nothing more than a hand wringing hug fest. They are completely oblivious as to what they must do to solve this infestation and are asking... no pleading for help from others to solve it for them. What a bunch of idiotic pussies!

Now being a former country boy, I will give them some clues as to how we deal with such vermin. Mind you, none of then cures to the ailments is ever a pleasant end for the vermin. We country folk know the dangers that coons, opossums, ground hogs....etc. present to humans, live stock, crops etc. thus we take their intrusion onto our property seriously and do not treat them as a friendly neighbor coming by for a cup of coffee.

The Olympians have stated that the vermin have worn paths in certain places; they also have them timed as to when they appear. Now if this does not make tending to the situation much easier than I know what would. All they simply must do now is wait for the appointed time, at the appointed place and start shooting. Simple as pie. If they wish not to use an actual firearm, there is a wide array of pellet and bb guns readily available for use in such matters. In fact, some of them pack just as much punch in close range as what "real" firearms do. I guarantee that the vermin will take notice to this new threat to their lives and will change their habits. Little do most know though, after several lead pellets being embedded under the skin or in the muscle of an animal, well this does after time tend to cause infection and the animal eventually will die due to it. At least in my own experience they will.

If you happen to be a lazy ass or can't hit the broad side of a barn from five feet away, then persue the venue of traps. Of course, the politically correct way is the live trap. This has not been very effective in Olympia though because the vermin have wizened up to this. Therefore, I suggest using a real trap. You know the type, the leg bones are crushed, there is blood etc.... What fun it is! On the other hand, if they were not such pussies, they could have an old-fashioned coon hunt! Nothing like drunken redneck with their hounds out running around in the middle of the night with loaded weapons chasing coons!

The fact of the matter is simple. The residents started feeding these vermin and now the vermin has grown to such a population that they are now a serious threat. They have no fear of humans; they are attacking cats, small dogs, and terrorizing the ignorant in the town. Next, they will be attacking the people and larger animals. What will they do then when some child is mangled due to a pissed off coon? Bring a lawsuit against the city council for not tending to the infestation sooner when the residents themselves instigated it? In this liberal whiney assed town, I can see this coming.

In closing, I say grow up you pathetic small-minded wankers. You are not in elementary school anymore but you are adults. You brought this pestilence upon yourselves now go out and kill some coons. Learn a little about wildlife and understand that it can, and often times will hurt/kill you if not tended to. After all a good environmentalist is one that tends to the land, not letting the land tend him (a lesson from my Grandpa, a farmer from the old school).

All advice given was taken into consideration that this situation is within the city limits of Olympia, thus the restraint of using more effective means of ridding the vermin ... that is ... by using real weapons to disperse these critters.


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Friday, August 25, 2006

Abortion, The Debate.

This picture pretty much says it all, however I am compelled to comment on this issue anyways. Here in Argentina there is an ongoing debate concerning abortion and even teaching sexual education in the schools now. One must be aware that this is a very catholic country. This has many times dictated the laws of the land. True, there is some separation of the church from the state, but the church has a heavy hand thrust into not only the very fiber of the legal system, but also the hearts and minds of the general populace.

The problem arises though when a woman has been raped and ends up pregnant. This, like in many other countries, is a tradgedy that is all too common place. There are many that are forced to carry a child from a violation of ones body, mind, and soul. Each day knowing that this child they are carrying is product of violent and hainess crime in the belt notch of the sick bastard/s that prey upon the innocent.

As it stands now, it is illegal to have an abortion unless the courts are pleaded with to allow such an occurrence to come about. Even the debate about sexual education is a hot topic floating around the court houses and legislative halls in this Latin American country. People here are at a cross roads just as the United States was and still is at with these issues. The question is, should abortion be allowed to all, or just a few select that have swayed the minds of a panel of judges to allow a rape victim to kill an unwanted by product of violence. I can not really say which is worse, forcing a woman or girl to carry a child born out of rape, or to kill this child? What would you do? I would be torn myself as to have to face this decision. What I do know is that all to often abortion is being used as a form of birth control.

This is the debate. Is sexual education the key to prevent unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, or will abortion still be used as a form of birth control. Would there be a decline in rape victim pregnancies if sexual education is instilled, thus providing the knowledge of contraceptives. Would the populace agree to the use of such contraceptives such a hormones that prevent the implantation of the embryo into the uterine wall. Is this also not a form of abortion as well?

As for abortion in general, it is inconcievable to me to understand why someone would ever consider to use this as a contraceptive deivce. To me, many just look at this a fail safe due to their own negligence in prior preparation. In regards to abortion due to a rape, well I can understand the reason and considerations ... to a certain extent, but can I truly support a decision 100% about killing a baby that had not asked to be brought into the world, much less in the manner it was conceived. I think I can not support this. Should we as a society, that we as humans support such actions and claim to be a moral race? I don't think we can. It is after all killing an innocent human due to the irresponsible actions of another.

You see once fetilization has been accomplished, the human begins. It is the same as an undeveloped baby, this is in fact an embryo in the human genome. The embryo of a cat, dog, chicken and human are all the same, an undeveloped off spirng of said species. Now considering we humans are the only species on this rock that has a moral compass commonly referred to as a consicous, well we need to stand up against killing babies, regardless of what stage of development they be in.

Just the ethical question ought to be enough to lay this issue to rest, not to mention the mental and physical damage done as a result of an abortion. Many times the woman has had severe "female" problems as a direct result from the procedure of killing the child. Infertility, physical anatomical damage, irregualr menstruel cylcals, a higher accurance of gender specific cancers are just a few of the physical problems related to this. One can only imagine the mental issues due to this. However they too have been well documented.

Is Sexual education the answer? Or is there a need for a social revolution? I say the revolution. That is to mean that we as society take more intrest and responsiblity for our own sexual health. If there are predators (and there are), we ought to punish them with zeal. I say death. If the victim of the rape ends up with child, we ought to allow her (or him, men can be raped too) to have the option of terminating the pregnancy. Should it be allowed as birth control ... obviously not. This change needs to take place over several generations where it becomes the norm to abstain from the fruits of sexual pleasure until marraige. This will help with the decline in unwanted pregnancies and the spread of diseases that are now "new and improved to screw you life up". It must be instilled into we feable minded creatures that if one fails to abstain, then to use all the preventive measures that we have access to. Yes folks that means to wrap that rascal. It is much easier for the guy to prevent than what it is a woman.

So in closing folks, yes this rests mainly on the shoulders of those that contain external organs. We the carriers of higher amounts of testosteron must take charge and answer the call of our responsiblities. Cover it, and stand up for the women/girls/babies in you life.


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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Truth Dig, You Suck Too!

Let me now hammer on these wanna be thinkers. and it now begins...

Iraq Violence Reaches New Milestone
posted on Aug 17, 2006

More roadside bombs were planted in July than any other month during the Iraq war, indicating a sharp rise in violence as the country moves toward all-out civil war. According to data obtained by “the New York Times,” 2,625 devices either exploded or were discovered in July, compared to 1,454 such bombs in January.

Ahh yes the ever truthful New Yorkie Slimes. Is it just me or are they missing some stats from other months. Also just where is this ordinance coming from.... Iran maybe? Now just because they explodeded, does that mean that it was not the coalitionon forces that found these due to tips from the Iraqi population? Lots of information missing in just the opening.

New York Times:

The bomb statistics — compiled by American military authorities in Baghdad and made available at the request of The New York Times — are part of a growing body of data and intelligence analysis about the violence in Iraq that has produced somber public assessments from military commanders, administration officials and lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Start naming names... or are you just making this up. According to recent reports, the violence is dropping.

"'The insurgency has gotten worse by almost all measures, with insurgent attacks at historically high levels, ...said a senior Defense Department official who agreed to discuss the issue only on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak for attribution. "The insurgency has more public support and is demonstrably more capable in numbers of people active and in its ability to direct violence than at any point in time.'"”

Oh I see now, you are protecting your source. Or perhaps this really is not a true source but your own imagination hard at work. Last I knew too, there was not an insurgency, but a group of rag head ass muncher muslims killing innocent people and holding them hostage as human sheilds to do their dastardly deeds.

A separate, classified report by the Defense Intelligence Agency, dated Aug. 3, details worsening security conditions inside the country and describes how Iraq risks sliding toward civil war, according to several officials who have read the document or who have received a briefing on its contents.

Ok, so now you are quoting a classified document from "hidden" and "secretive" sources. Get a real job, even the monkeys at the local zoo wanking their bananas can do a better job than this. For example referring to my own works here the facts say something much different from a news release on July 25 that there in fact is less violence in Iraq according to what the boots on the ground relay to Rummy. They also fail to think about such recent events always spurr more wanker savage activity from the sudo arms of Iran and Syria.... like say a conflict between Hezbollah and Israel.

So in closing, I will say again, Truth Dig and New Yorkie Slimes, YOU SUCK, and here's your sign...


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NPR, Always without a Clue.

NPR has an obvious lack of enthusiasm today in an article about those evil and vile words uttered by Bush. Islamofascist. Oh how terrible they are. Here is a suggestion for you fecal brained leftwads, Kiss my hairy redneck arse.


Day to Day, August 15, 2006· Last Thursday, as news was spreading around the world that British police had foiled a plot to blow up airplanes bound from London to the United States, President Bush referred to the suspects as "Islamic fascists."

And it was about damned time he had too.

The term has been described as an attempt by the White House to be more specific when describing an enemy that it has previously described simply as "terrorists."

Hmm, all extremist violent muslisms just happen to want only those that do not think and believe as they to be dead. Not to mention they wish for the world to be astheirr own ideal form of Islam, a totalirian form. Could it only be some type of a one in begizillion of a micro chance that these are also the same folks that ... hmmm bombed theColee, the trade center, the Marine base, numerousJewishh andChristiann facilities around the world, have kidnapped, tortured, slaughtered innocent people without regard to their sex or age all over the world, and of course the same pedaphiles that were responsible for 9-11. Terrorists and today's Islam and the term... hand in hand.

The term has angered many in the Muslim world, who see it as tarring their entire religion -- and everyone who practices it -- as fascists. I think it's despicable," Middle East expert Juan Cole says.

Who gives a shit what they think, besides, don't you think that many in the infidel world may be just a little pissed off about being attacked each time we walk out the door? Perhaps they ought to look at their pet names they give the mean horrid JOOS. As for tarring the religion, well hell, by them not standing up and stopping those that commit the acts of destruction, they tarr it themselves by non-action. You CAIR ass kissers.

"Linking Islam... with a pejorative term such as fascism is extremely unfair. In fact, it is a form of racism."

Juan Cole, If the show fits, and it certainly does, then wear it. Racism is against an actual race. Last I knew there black, white, brown, purple, orange and red muslims. If anything it would a bigoted statement due to it being one against an ideal.

And it reminds Cole of another inflammatory remark President Bush made, just after Sept. 11, 2001, when he characterized America's war against terrorism as a "crusade." Its implications of Christians going to war against Muslims alarmed a lot of people.

Ah the crusades, a time when the muslims attacked Christians, Jews, and non-believers. If going to war on a just and honorable cause against an enemy that attacked you first is not worthy of the label as "crusade" what exactly is. Oh I understand, you are on a crusade driven by BDS. As for it alarming people, it was only the puss assed liberals anMuslimsms.

This time, the president was more careful. Johns Hopkins Middle East Studies chair Fouad Adjami, a Shiite Muslim, says the White House actually consulted him.

"It was actually floated past me, I mean people asked me what I thought," Adiami said, adding that the people in question were from the White House. And, he says, he didn't see the harm in the term.

"I know people think it's offensive, but what's the offense here? There are people waiting to be offended. They want to be offended, they're eager to be offended."

Oh shit, you mean that this was actually tested out on Muslimim, in use by this racist administration conducting a crusade? Yet this person is not offended by the truth. The simplicity of it is that it is fact and a long standing history of the term to describe these child rapers, woman beating donkey molestinMuslimsms. Of course he hits the nail on the head, There are people waiting, begging, looking to be offended. I guess its better to be offended than killed by some savage animal called by the liberal press as a "freedom fighter" of "militant".

As you all can see that this article is nothing more than asswipe for us trulenlightenednd thinkers of society (we the people that had our asses kicked by our folks or others when we screwed up), if you so need to read thrubbishsh, by all means, go ahead.


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Kirchner, You Pussy!

Well it has been decided that the Argetine military will not be a part of the UN forces in an attempt to provide a buffer zone of peace in Lebanon. What is most surprising (not really) to me is how this leftist ass kisser of Chavez and Fidel feels that this is the correct action to take. It is obvious to me that he too has forgotten the terrorist attacks in the 90's directly from Hezbollah.

Por decisión de Kirchner no se enviarán tropas argentinas a la región

Una decisión "a nivel presidencial" motivó que la Argentina se abstuviera de participar de la fuerza de paz de las Naciones Unidas que se desplegará en el sur del Líbano tras el cese del fuego entre Israel y Hezbolá.

Read the rest at El Dia. Not surprising that only the liberal assclowns forget these sort of things. Yet he sends troop under thHaiti to Hati?WTF?


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The Woes of California Pet Shops.

The San Francisco Chronicle runs a deplorable story of the plight in the retail small animal industry today. One may think that their livelihood is at stake here, but others seem to disagree, yet also plainly state it is their goal to see the sale of animals as pets shut done. You may be asking yourself now whom is responsible for attempting to stop you from buying your little Johnny or Jane that cute little kitty or hamster from your local pet shop. The answer is: Animal Protection Institute (Google Cache), an animal rights activist group. Animals have rights? That's news to me.

On to the story. A recent investigation spearheaded by API has convinced a certain democrap (Mark Ridley-Thomas) to introduce the bill to make the industry more regulated than what it already is. As much as I am against the larger pet shops like Petco and PetSmart, they have somewhat saved the little fella with their successful lobbying.

Some of the questions raised and issues needing to be dealt with is basic care and husbandry of these critters. For example, adequate space, cleanliness, medical assistance for the ill and injured and of course proper stimulation for the creatures. However this bills would have made it so that each and every critter will have its own page of documentation. The items that were to be documented were such things as breed, origin, color, sex, age, etc... The same type of things that only breeders would pay attention too.

Now shall we look into just how extensive the investigation from API was. According to the publication cited above, the group visited pet shops in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. It further states that only Four shops were under the scrutinizing glare of the organization in San Francisco. Does this not lead one to be skeptical about their findings considering it is an extremely large city. Not to mention the article fails to state just how many establishments they visited in the other cities.

You may be wondering why I am presenting this information to you. Well I am no stranger to the small animal industry. I used to not only own and operate a pet shop, but also for many years was a producer of small animals as well. Everything from mice, rats, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, coati mundis, hand fed birds (keets and other larger parrots), dogs and cats just to name a few. Some of the complaints and issues raised on both sides are warranted.

For example some of the issues raised are simply common sense. Providing adequate space, "chew" toys, exercise wheels and clean water is in the proprietors best interest in sales and marketing. The public sees these things and will ask you why they are there, and why they are needed. Thus it shows the public that you tend to the needs of the critters and they ought to do the same. More sales are made in the accessories than what the actual critter costs. This is the blunt facts. As for the feeder market, if your critters are comfortable then they will be better feeders. That is they will be healthier and proved a better quality of food for the carnivorous pets out there that the customers have. I myself had generated a market in a small southern Iowan town for such a need. As for the issue of the ill and injured, well this is a no brainer too. Of course the injured and ill are always segergated from the mainstream population. You never have them out in the open if possible. many times I would also treat all new critters as a preventive measure when have new stock come in. Not to mention the bi-weekly treatments.

Perhaps I am being a bit crass with this issue since I was always doing such things as they wish to install into law in California via the misguided yet well intended organization, but I seriously doubt it though. My records had much more information that what was ever needed by law and the codes provided by law (local, state, and federal). My records were perhaps a force of habit due to being a producer/wholesaler. Nonetheless, the industry is heavily regulated. Perhpas more so than what the food industry is. Not only do we have to meet and often times exceed the building and zoning codes just for the establishment, but we must meet the DNR codes too. The FDA also has its hands in the business too. Check it out for yourself.

In short this is just another ploy by the activists to shut down a free market that is already heavily regulated. It is, for lack of a better term, another liberal form of terrorism against the average joe trying to make a living. Government once mroe interferring with the personal lives of its people. Should we be surprised or outraged? I for one am pretty miffed that once more the elected are swayed with a biased incomplete report to initiat another uneeded regulation unpon a struggling market that will only stimy the growth of the economy thus helping to insure a lack of growth in the community which inturn affects the nation as a whole.

So the lefturd award of the day goes to API And the Californian legislators.


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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This One's Too Small, This One's Too Large, Ahhhh Just Right!

We are all knowledgeable with the infamous tale of Goldielocks and the three bears. A story world reknown and told in variety of forms. It is but one of those memories from childhood that make one almost taste the cookies that Ma made.

As we all know she tasted the poraige and tried the chairs and of course the beds. Well I have a sneaky suspicion that the Islamic have their own flare for the story in connection of some of their wack job laws. Sure we westerners have wack job laws too, like allowing illeagals to receive goods a services stolen form working Americans in the form of public education and welfare programs.

I think the picture speaks for itself. Click picture for best viewing.


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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

All Islam, What a Butt Load of S@*T

Well another day, another festive delight for the leftists' defense of the poor misunderstood Muslims in this rock we call home. Those of us in the real world, that is those that do not suffer from BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome), or cerebral-rectal interference, or perhaps those of us just plain paying attention to the facts presented understand that Islam is nothing more than that one horrid clogged toilet in a garage on the "seedy side" of town. Yes there it is you can picture it, Allah's head looking out at you, his stench invading your olfactory senses, and of course his followers buzzing around looking to suck at his arse. This is Islam on a good day, but hey, I am being nice.

I wish to remind you of the Muslim attack at the school in Russia. Beslan. The children were innocent targets of Chechen Islamic fascists. Numerous people lost their life, and this single act shocked the world. But the left forget this attack and many of the others that have occurred, not only since 9-11, but the years prior to it as well.
Esquire has an impressionable article of memory jarring pain for us to read. Just to tempt you a little bit here is an excerpt:

On the first day of school in 2004, a Chechen terrorist group struck the Russian town of Beslan. Targeting children, they took more than eleven hundred hostages. The attack represented a horrifying innovation in human brutality. Here, an extraordinary accounting of the experience of terror in the age of terrorism.

SEPTEMBER 1. AFTERNOON. THE GYM. Kazbek Misikov stared at the bomb hanging above his family. It was a simple device, a plastic bucket packed with explosive paste, nails, and small metal balls. It weighed perhaps eight pounds. The existence of this bomb had become a central focus of his life. If it exploded, Kazbek knew, it would blast shrapnel into the heads of his wife and two sons, and into him as well, killing them all.

Now with the last thwarted terrorist attack (kudos to the tea and crumpet crowd et. al.) our Cowboy in Chief finally grabbed his balls and called the dangerous Islamic movement by what it really is: Islamic Fascism. We have heard from other terrorist supporters (the Saudis, and of course the abnormal thinkers of the human genome) point their elitist finger and shake their heads in liberal disgust over such a true statement as this. The wackos over at News Hounds
have even dedicated a misguided if not a failed attempt at swaying the unthinkers' minds to their point of view. I had not even decided to even read the comments for already laughing at the ignorance of the presented article. Now one might wonder just what others have to say about this. Stephen Morris seems to agree with the correct label according to what The Australian says: "Instead, a small but potent minority of this second generation has embraced a totalitarian temptation that George W. Bush, following numerous liberal Western analysts, has correctly identified as Islamic fascism." Ok, ok, I know that is a biased source since it is but just another "westerner type" voice. Well then perhaps you would be more willing to hear Abd Al-Rahman agree with the President's just deserved label upon those wishing us mutilated from a bomb blast. Not only does this man agree, but he also bashes the protestors and parents of the terrorists as well. Go give it a read.

Does this come to you as any surprise that there are actually some Muslims speaking out against the ignorance of leftists and terrorists? Could it be that there are "respectable Muslims? Well of course there are. We all have heard/read of or been a consumer of their works here online.
Sandmonkey comes to mind, and there are several links over at Islamic Evil as well. One must wonder than, why is there such a dramatic divide between them then. Well The American Thinker has a clue as to why. The Corruption of Faith perhaps is the answer; a calling for reformation perhaps? With corruption comes the influence of strong more "important" leaders of any organization/faith/whatever.

This is evident in the latest news in Middle East. This of course is in relation to Hezbollah/Iran/Syria connections. Of course the genetic waste known as liberals fail to see this, but we stealthy eyed hawks see this as presented in a
Time to Fight the Real War. Even the Arabic Neighborhood is all a buzz about such things. More evidence comes out of Iran's hand (besides dead Iranian troops found on the battlefield) in the recent ongoing conflict (it's not over yet) that Israel is conducting in the form of TRACEABLE weapons funneled from Iran and Syria. The ties to the other partners in crime are interesting as well. With Iran flexing it's nuclear muscles it seems that we ought to be looking a bit closer at Syria too. Is it not to be reasonable considering all the common ties they have?

Hey with all this doom and gloom at least we can have faith that even destructive totalarian theocracies like Iran can still have a good sense of humor. They must have it according to their recent editions of
cartoons. I have yet to see any of them, but I am certain they are in the same usual taste as their average hate filled propaganda filled rubbish is. I can expect no Iranian embassies to be burnt or riots from the Jewish population either.

It looks like the
stock markets in the Arabic world are in trouble. They are now looking at foreign investors to come in and help out. Well with financial instability there is always and uprise in tensions. Combine this with the events of terrorists, well it is just but time before a war will consume the region. I am not the only one with this view as well. I have stated before that in the next two to six weeks I expect the region to be in a massive outbreak of violence more so than what is considered "normal" for the area. But hey, what else can we expect; It's Islam after all. So in closing, this is my response to Islamo Fascists:


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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Israel's Fight on All Fronts, Have You Joined in?

UPDATED: Scroll down.

We all know of the media war being waged against Israel, but are we aware of just how much propaganda and how far it truly reaches? Just what is your stance, are you standing up with this just fight against the islamists that wish your death to arrive on your door step?

Last night prior to logging off and going to bed I had checked my e-mail. In it I received a power point presentation from a friend. This friend is a judge here in Argentina, and I must add a very good honorable man. One that has lived under the oppression and injustice of a dictatorship. A smart man, and loving sensitive one. Such a fella that many look up to as a role model to follow.

This is what he wrote:


este viernes no serà como los anteriores donde les mando algo para que se
relajen durante el fin de semana. Lamentablemente, sigue el horror de la guerra entre israelìes y palestinos, y son civiles los que mueren masacrados, o quedan invàlidos para toda la existencia.

Los medios de comunicación y las noticiosas "oficiales" no dicen la verdad ni muestran la verdad.

Es por eso que, pidiéndoles las disculpas del caso previamente, y advirtiéndoles que lo que se vé en los archivos adjuntos es terrorífico -pero real, no de Hollywood- será positivo que vean la cruel realidad de ésta historia idiota.Porque cuando hablamos decimos la palabra "guerra" tan fácilmente como decimos agua o buen día, pero en realidad es una tremenda mala palabra, sinónimo de muerte, de verguenza, de retroceso espiritual de los seres humanos en èste siglo. Una barbarie apoyada por tecnologìa moderna, que deja al circo de Roma a la altura de un juego de chicos.

E invita a reflexionar, creo, que por màs problemas que tengamos en latinoamírica, por favor VALOREMOS LA PAZ y HAGAMOS LO QUE HAY QUE HACER PARA MANETERLA DíA A DíŒA.

Buen fin de semana para todos.

Since it is in Castellano I will do my best to translate it for you without misrepresenting the context or changing the meaning.


Friends, this Friday will not be like the ones before where I send you something that you can reflect on during the weekend. Sadly, continues the war between the Israelis and Palestinians, and thmassacredcivilians masacred or stay invalid for all time.

The measures of communication and official "news" do not tell the truth nor show the truth.

It is for this tapologies youapologiesogises (I apologise to you) for the previous case, and advise you that what you see in the attatchment together is terrible - but real not from Hollywood- it will be positive the you see the cruel of this idiotic history. Because when we talk saying the word "war" so easily as saying water or good day, but in reality it is a tremsynonymousad word, synonvengeance death, of vengence, of spiritual retreat of being human in this age. A savage support for modern technology that stops at the circle of Rome and to the heights of a child's game.

And it invites to reflect, I think, that for most probleLatinamericaave in Latinamerica, please value peace, and let us make what tmaintain to make to mantain it day to day.

A good weekend for all.

Now my readers this is my response:

Lo siento, pero en el fin de esto presentación fue completamente en error. Es obvio que este es nada mas que propoganda de lost terroristas. Todos los dias son bombas suicidos, misiles, y otras formas de luchares contra Israel de Palestine y Lebino, sin algo palabra sobre Egypto, Siria, Iran, etc... Israle siempre habria sido pelando por su derecho de seguradad. Por muchos años no hace nada contra palestine excepto en su defenso. La Argentina podria lo mismo. Sin obstante, guerra es un horror en su distinto forma. Sin guerra contra aquillas personas o groupos malisimo, habria destrción total del mundo y la vida con liberdad y justicia. Podriamos vivir en caos. Hombres fuerte hacen violencia para los hombres debil en sus nombres por el beinestar por todo.

Saludos a todos, besos.

Sorry but the end of this presentation was completely in error. It is obvious that this is nothing more than propaganda from the terrorists. Every day they are suicide bombs, misilies, and other forms of blows against Israel from Palestine, Lebonon, without any word about Egypt, Syria, Iran, etc... Israel always has been fighting for its right of safety. For many years it had not Palestinehing against palestine except in its defense. Argentina would do the same. Nonetheless, war is a horror in its distinct form. With out war against those evil people or groups, there would be destruction for all the world and the life with freedom and justice. (an error on my part I meant to use "sin"-"without"). We would live in caos. Strong men do violence for the weak men in their names for the well-being of all.

Salutations to all, kisses.

And my wife's response to this as well.

Tampoco se si este mail dice la verdad. Los islamofascistas de Hezbolah se instalaron en el Libano y utilizan viviendas particulares, hospitales, escuelas etc para establecer sus bases lanza misiles, todo bajo la mirada complaciente del gobierno Libanes. Yo no me como solo la mitad de la historia.


Neither do I know if this mail says the truth. The islamofacists of Hezbollah installed in Lebonon and use certian houses, hospitols, schools etc for establishing their bases to launch misiles, all under the complacent look of the lebonese government. I do not believe half the story.

It shall be interesting to see his response to our mails to him. I shall update this post if/when he responds. Now here is the power point presentation in question. You decide, you know my thoughts.

Now in the comments on one my
previous posts in regards to Israel this is what one person had to say and my reponse as well.

At 8/12/2006 1:41 AM, Wadard said...

I must say I a super impressed with Hezbollahs conduct in this war. They are acting with restraint, and only threatening missile rocket strikes in response to each of Israels escalations. Whenever Olmert says "we have cleaned out all their infrastructure", Hesbollah send a recond number over. When there was that unilateral ceasefire called - Hesbollah stopped, then then only reumed after Israel stopped. This remarkable discipline in the face of Israels disproportionate attack on the entire Leanese nation is showing the world that they are a resistance group, not a terrorist group.

I am impressed. Good on them. Watch them bring Israel to the negotiating table with more chips to play with than even before. I love middle-east politics. Always something going on.

At 8/12/2006 1:42 AM, Wadard said...

"then only reumed after Israel stopped" = then only resumed after Israel did

At 8/12/2006 10:07 AM, Carnivore said...


Thanks for your comments. First your position is completely in the wrong. Let me remind you that Hezbollah is not a freedom fighting force but simply and only nothing more than a terrorist organization. It was them that are responsible for many terrorist acts around the world. Two in Argentina, a nation that is definantly not a "world leader" was attacked. Two jewish buildings (a synogoge and community center) were destroyed for nothing more than just being jewish. Not to mention those attacks mentioned were unprevoked. This is the norm for terrorists. They (hezbollah) attacked Israel prior to Israel making a military operation against them. They are being backed by syria (transporting arms to the front lines) and also Iran (iran's military found dead with some of the terrorists).

Israel gave peace a chance, and all it got her was suicide bombed, kidnappings, murders, rocket attacks etc... after she pulled out of Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebonon. They started this war, and Israel is winning it eventhough she is in fact fighting not just against a terrorist organization, but in reality against two other countries as well.
Hezbolah= hide amongst civilians for protection. Israel= fighting for her life amongst other wishing her death.

Ahh, good stuff huh. I am not too surprised that he (Assuming the person is male) has this particular position considering the names of his blogs. Go look for yourself. I am certian the Aussies are looking for this fella due to his support of terrorists. Never in my life would I ever side with such people. This only emboldens them to cause more mayhem and destruction only for you to be on the end of the blade in their hands eventually.


The response from my friend is in. This is what he says and my response as well.

Es exacto lo que decìs. Me preocupan los civiles que mueren y que quedan reventados de ambos lados. Un abrazo my friend.


It is exactly as you say. The dead, burnt, and blown up civilians of both sides worry me. A hug my friend.

Sí, es así.
Sin embargo, no es simplemente la guerra, pero es la causa por el muerte en esto tiempo hablamos sobre. Es la idealogía de Islam que cambier la gente. Recuerdás los ataques in BSAS, y todo del mundo, la mayoria de aquilloas son los acciones de Islamicas. En el pasado 20+ años, tuvo las islamicas que hacieron cosas de horror sin respecto de pais, u origen de la persona culpla.

Te doy un link por un vidio. Mira al destruido gente por los palestinos.
(Copia y pegar) It is a Large file (12 mbs) allow time for it to download. Thanks Beth for the heads up on the file.
Unico cuando las fanaticos tiene corazones sueves será paz. Es igual por algo parte de la vida para humanos.



Yes , it is like this.
However, it is not simply the war, but is the cause of the death in this time we talk about. It is the ideology of Islam that changes the people. Remember the attacks in Buenos Aires (BSAS) and all the world, the majority of those are the actions of islamics. In the past 20+ years it has been the islamics that did the things of horror without respect of the country or origen of the guilty person.

I give you a link for a video. Look at the destroyed people by the Palestines. Only when the fanatics have soft hearts will there be peace. It is the same for any part of the life for humans.

So what do you, my readers think?


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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Leftuds Cindy and Hugo

Today as I rummaged around the local recycling bins I was able to come across some wonderful trash today. That is trash fitting to put forth to my whole three or four readers that happen across my little outhouse in the woods. As I was scratching myself in the best neanderthal of ways, low and behold had I seen over at shallow minded watering hole known to many as the "Daily Kos" just how well Cindy is doing on her "Rolling Fast for Peace". Here is what was said direct from the comments on her latest blog entry "Hearts Connect: Camp Casey Day".

I didn't realize you were still fasting -
how many days has it been? We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country. Fellow-citizens, we cannot escape history. - Abraham Lincoln

by Buffalo Girl on Mon Aug 07, 2006 at 07:05:57 AM PDT

34 days

by CindySheehan on Mon Aug 07, 2006 at 07:12:53 AM PDT

Can I be a scared, wet blanket for a sec?
You do drink water right? And do you get anything in your system to keep you from getting sick? I applaud what you are doing, and I have fasted myself, I just worry about you in the heat. Be well, and we send our love to you and all of the attendees at Camp Casey! :)

by phriendlyjaime on Mon Aug 07, 2006 at 07:28:04 AM PDT

She is drinking juice

by gypsy on Mon Aug 07, 2006 at 07:28:47 AM PDT

Good to hear, thanks! n/t

by phriendlyjaime on Mon Aug 07, 2006 at 08:18:40 AM PDT

but i did get sick yesterday...
plus i flew 20 hours from amman to get there...
i feel great today i do juice and clear broth with a protein smoothie everyday...usually, i feel great with tons of energy!

by CindySheehan on Mon Aug 07, 2006 at 10:11:44 AM PDT

I appluad your persistance!
and the wisdom of giving your body at least some of what it needs...
I've been water fasting two days a week in solidarity with you... Wednesday and sundays..
It is amazing how that hunger focuses the will...

"Let us not be conservative with compassion. Be generous with compassion."

by ilyana on Mon Aug 07, 2006 at 11:34:40 AM PDT

thank you for the support!
it is very amazing...and solid food is overrated!
with all of the travel i do, i don't think i would have lasted very long on a water fast!

by CindySheehan on Mon Aug 07, 2006 at 03:30:29 PM PDT

Now please my well informed and highly intelligent readers, is this farce of a motivated activist smearing her son's deeds and name actually in the process of a water fast, much less an actual fast. Did you notice that even some of her "fans" were surprised that she was still "fasting". Even they did not hink she would do it, not that she really is anyway. To give you some background on me, I have over 16 years in the long term care industry. Many of my residents (I do not call or refer to them as patients, there is a difference) were on liquid diets. This consists of almost the exact same diet minus the high nutrient drinks under and malnourished people get, that Cindy is now on. Would this not also explain the recent pictures of her seen in the media that presents her body being just as pudgy as ever? She is making a mockery out all the previous individuals that have actually done a true fast for a cause. May the suffragettes be rolling in their graves and raising their fists in anger!

With one piece of slime tended to, now its time for the next. Of course Cindy's boy toy. According to La Cronica, Hugo is now implementing his typical facist communist mix of education into the school systems.

El régimen chavista está formando “brigadas revolucionarias infantiles”, y el plan se inscribe dentro del proceso de reforma a la educación en Venezuela. El propio Aristóbulo Istúriz, ministro de Educación declaraba el 28 de julio: “Sí estoy politizando la educación, y que?”. En el marco del III Congreso Pedagógico Nacional, el funcionario declaraba ante miles de educadores que “para cambiar el actual modelo de educación es necesario tener un piso ideológico y político, pues sin política no hay pedagogía y sin ellas no hay educación”.
El Proyecto Nacional de Educación, alentado por Chávez y ejecutado por Istúriz, pretende adoctrinar a las nuevas generaciones sobre la revolución bolivariana, sobre la fórmula de unificar a Sudamérica como un bloque comunista que luche contra el “imperialismo”.

Nothing like starting the lil tykes off early into you personal flare of government sponsered brainwashing. Oh but he doesn't stop there with his thugish actions, he is content with being the true rectal drainage for the world to see in a recent discussion with Al-Jazeera. MEMRI has the rundown of this.



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